Home Again

Welcome to my personal home page. My name is Jules and I'm an Apple-loving graphic designer and electronic prepress specialist in Atlanta, Georgia. My capacity includes, but is not limited to, resumes, business cards, flyers, logos, letterhead, maps, t-shirt design, photography, illustration, brochures, reports, digtal pre-press servicing, web site design and Macintosh consultance. I'm also known for my freelance photography and the manifestations of an unending arts education. Click here for my resume
Jules as a child My interests are good coffee, music, and art. In certain circles I'm known as the Weremonkey. Stay tuned for related web pages, portfolio samples, and other favorite links. Please feel free to transmit a synapse, so that I may monitor the results of these modest endeavors. If you are in the market for graphic design, would like to swap home page addresses for links, or simply want to drop me a note, e-mail me at jules@mindspring.com

Earthlink isn't playing nice this week, so my portfolio page is down. You can upload an Acrobat file of my porfolio here at http://www.mindspring.com/~jules/portfolio/JPerry_portfolio.pdf.

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