Some Of My Favorite Places






Atlanta Humane Society Little 5 Points The Masquerade The Mutaytor Babette's Cafe
Access Atlanta East Atlanta Village The Star Bar Das Bunker Euclid Avenue Yacht Club
Botanical Garden Midtown Atlanta The Red Light Cafe 99X Radio The Varsity
Creative Loafing Virginia Highlands The Variety Playhouse Envie Flying Biscuit Cafe
Georgia Natural Gas Buckhead The EARL Kelly Hogan Sweet Grass Dairy
Vote! Yahoo Atlanta Eddie's Attic Hope for a Golden Summer Sun In My Belly
MARTA Northcrest The Fox Theatre Little Jack Melody Kurt’s Bistro
Georgia Power Castleberry Hill Smith’s Olde Bar Earthshaking
Arden's Garden
City of Atlanta Candler Park Starlight Drive-in Music at Emory Doc Chey's
Center for
Puppetry Arts
Decatur Dad’s Garage OK Productions Alons Bakery
Atlanta Beltline Kirkwood Kavarna Andy Browne Pallookaville






Phil Scroggs Bastard Nation Homestar Runner Buzzi Space Coffee Critic
T. Panagou Not A Monster's Daughter Adbusters abbadabba's About Coffee
Chaz Lounge Adoptee Internet
Mailing List
Red Tango Good Vibrations Coffee-holics
Thomas Hoomes Adoptee Resources Virtual
Voodoo Doll
Peach Berserk Coffee Geek
Stephanie Kaskel Genetic Testing Big Bad Chinese Mama! Archie McPhee Coffee Kid
Carrie Gale SunFlower
Mad Housers Sock Dreams Too Much Coffee Man
John Avila Hicks Babies Atlanta Gothic Eco-Mall Coffee Glossary
Stan Woodard Adoption Main Pylon Earth Solutions Imbibe
Grateful Gluttons Top Ten Burt's Farm epitomegirl Peet's Coffee
Alan Wilson Famous Adoptees Deep Roy Heliotrope Top Ten
Maurice Sabloff Adoptee Search Dragon Con Real Goods Drip Cafe
John Stephens DNA art Whimble Dream Kitty Aurora Coffee
Adria and her Tractor Adopted 48 Hour Film Kambriel The Blue Cup






Art Center
Stomp and Stammer Planned Parenthood A M U G Adobe
Marcia Wood Gallery Bust Richard Elfman Apple Computers Firefox
Eyedrum Disgruntled Housewife Werebeasts Webring MacWorld QuarkXPress
Railroad Earth Swoon Car Talk Mac Fixit Cold Hard Flash
Public Domain Smile & Act Nice Death Test MacMall The XPresso Bar
Woodruff Arts Center GirlBomb Bastard MacDownload Blogger
Solomon Projects Angry Coffee WABE OSX Tribe Webmonkey
B Complex Flagpole Choice! MacHome Stats 4 All
Al Davison Lilith WRAS 1984 Online Peachpit Press

Blogs I like:

Neil Gaiman Slaughterhouse Studios  GlennLog Dim Views
Mid-Century Monster Mighty Girl Blissful Glutton Memoirs Of A Misanthrope
 Caitlin R. Kiernan Book of Joe Dogwood Girl Wry Epicures
Dirty South Wine Sweet Juniper! David Byrne Michael Zulli
Apartment Therapy Running With Twizzers Moby not Martha

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