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incubus/succubus = weremonkey

incubus/succubus: An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; esp: one that has sex with them while they are sleeping. Nightmare. One that oppresses or burdens like a nightmare.

One of those stories that start out with "I should have known something was wrong when..." I had been involved with someone only a few months and they woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare, saying "I didn't know I had so much (emotional) garbage in me." It was a lucid dream - you know, like you think you're awake lying in bed but you're really asleep, dreaming you're lying in bed. It was dark. Too dark to see anything. But they knew something was beside them in the bed and they knew it was evil.

Two years later, someone else I knew woke up hooting from a lucid dream. Dreamt they were lying in bed and the room was nearly too dark to see, except for the shapes of the objects in the room. They saw small creatures running across the top of the furnitute around the bed - small, forms hunched over like apes. So they're watching these creatures in the room and they're trying to wake me up and there's no response from my side of the bed. There's only total silence.

So I said I had to finally admit I'm actually a weremonkey. Still later I was given the title "javajunkie weremonkey"; (which is a lot of fun to say over and over).

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