Karen Tellefsen

My Home-Page

Ten of my poems:

  1. Soda Jerk
  2. Columbarium
  3. Tarsi
  4. Sultana
  5. Twice Remembered
  6. Euridice's Warning
  7. Mermaids Never Die
  8. Lamia
  9. Niobe
  10. Them

These poems and images are my original work and protected by copyright law. If you wish to publish any of them in any form or media for any reason except personal use, please contact me by email at kat@interactive.net for permission.

I consider homework personal use. If you use my poems as part of a homework assignment, please credit me as the author.

Different poems will be placed here in the future.

66 more poems.

The Alice poems.


A little about me.

I broke someones camera, do you want to see the results?

Send me your comments, or just say hi.

Email: kat2@mindspring.com

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