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Welcome to my web site
My name is Ken Denney and this is my website. I did all of it -- every detail, from the graphics to the layouts to the content. I am not a computer programmer, however. The fancy codes that put all this together came from public-access sources on the web. And the software used to put it together was shareware or software already on my computer. It was a great intellectual challenge to do, and it is still a work in progress. I hope you like what you see and will come back to see what changes I have made.
Let me tell you about myself
I was born outside of Atlanta, Ga., and live there now. I am a writer, amateur historian, amateur artist, amateur web designer and full-time web enthusiast. For more than 12 years I was a professional journalist, working as both a reporter and an editor at three of the largest newspapers in the state. I have had a tremendous number of experiences and have learned a great deal about life in my (relatively) few years. There is still a lot more to learn, though, and I fully intend to learn all I can about all my varied interests. As you explore this website, you will learn a lot about me. Yet it is safe to say that I am also an intensely private person. It may seem odd that such a person as I would share so much of himself in this public forum. To a large degree, I expect that this site will not be seen except by a few people. And if someone does come upon it by chance, it does give me a chance to let others know something about me. We all of us crave for something that will make us stand out from the crowd, and this site represents that for me. After so many years as a witness to other peoples' lives, this is my chance to make a public statement about who and what I am. Just in case anyone out there is interested.
Ken Denney
Born: Oct. 6, 1957
Writer, etc.
Atlanta, Ga.
A Renaissance Man for the 21st Century.