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C&O and related NPS and Stuff

The C&O Canal! Some highlights at events and other info. A group dedicated to preserving the C&O is The C&O Canal Association. My own C&O photo Gallery can be found here.

National Park Service Homepage

More Space Junk

NASA Goddard (Where Dave works)

NASA Homepage.

Visible Satellite Tracker

RadioActive Links

Learn about and Listen to Radio Personalities, past and present. (Most require a sound card & Real Audio or Windows Media Player)

Top 40 Radio remembered: NYC - 57 WMCA - 77 WABC - Boston - 68 WRKO - Washington DC - 98 WRC and just about everywhere else - a 60's & 70's Time Machine!!.

The Lost Discs Radio Show: Finding 45's for Fun (once a month): recent archives and announcements and older archived episodes . Normally the 1st Saturday of the month 10PM until ? check out their Live Streamcast! or via shortwave on 5.110MHZ .

The Dr. Demento Homepage (Official) & (Unofficial).

STILL the world's finest humor from the late great Jean Shepherd. If the name sounds familiar, think "Ralphie" from "A Christmas Story". The updated and accurate site for all things Shep is the Flick Lives site!

If you want to know what others say, go here or here or here for a good introduction with soundbytes. Classic Shep episodes are now available on tape.

General Information

Find the web site of a broadcast Radio Station.

The American Radio Relay League's (Amateur Radio) ARRL and the Goddard Amateur Radio Club WA3NAN (Shuttle Retransmissions).

Official BBC Page Episode Restoration.

Travel Related Links

Before you drive, read avoiding the Speeding Tax.

Then Plot your path with Yahoo maps!

Find a Rail-Trail near you.

Travelocity, an overview of almost all Airlines.

Last minute Airline discounts (your results may vary): American Ata Continental Northwest Southwest USAirways.

Go read Something!

Learn more about the state I call home, Maryland.

Hot Computer and Net news from Wired Magazine or Slashdot or C/Net.

The Cagey Consumer Homepage

Lotsa Info from the Government - Da price is right.

Amazon Books - They claim to be the world's biggest bookstore.

News and ratings on Sci-Fi TV, Movies and Videos, from the Sci-Fi Channel

Find Software Fast

Download Shareware and Freeware.

Music Links (For now)

Pick a band. Any Band!

Great Rock-a-billy with Too Much Fun

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