Tenney (Tinney) Families of Coweta County, Georgia.

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1st Generation


Rebecca Tinny was born between 1776 and 1794. She is apparently a widow in the 1820, Wilkinson County, Georgia census. In this census she has the following family listed. Most likely the male who is 18 - 25 is her son. If so, this places Rebecca into the early part of her possible ages given, most likely 1776. This would place Rebecca as the possible mother of the other Tinny's listed in this census and making all of the other Tinny's brothers.



Isaac Tinny was born in South Carolina about 1795. He was married to Elizabeth ????. She was born about 1795 in SC. Isaac moved to Georgia in 1820, residing in Washington County. He moved to Gwinnett County, by 1830 then settled into Meriweather County by 1840. Isaac died in the 1850's, as Elizabeth appears in the 1860 census without Isaac. Isaac and Elizabeth had the following known children:

  1. James H. Tinny born abt. 1833. This connection uncertain.
  2. Female born 1825 - 1830
  3. Richard Tinney  born in South Carolina abt 1822, he married Matilde ????.
  4. Isaac Tinny born born abt 1825
  5. Joseph Thomas Tinny born 1821
  6. Female born 1820 - 1825
  7. Female born 1810 - 1820


Isaac E. Tinny was born abt. 1813 and only shows once in the census record. He resided in Meriwether County, Georgia in 1850. He was married to Mary A. ???? and they had one son:

  1. James M. Tinny born August 1844 in Georgia. He lived in Jones County, Georgia in 1900. It is unknown who he married as he appears to be widowed in the 1900 census. James had the following children.
    1. Johnnie Tinny born Sept. 1875, GA.
    2. Marry Tinny born Dec. 1889, GA
    3. Lathain Tinny born Apr. 1884, GA
    4. Nannie Tinny born May 1889, GA


Isaac Tinny was born abt. 1798 in South Carolina. He was married to Susannah ????. They first appear in the Georgia census in 1850 Gwinnett County, Georgia. They no longer show after 1880. They had the following known children:

  1. John Tinny born abt. 1829 in GA. He married Elizabeth ????.
  2. Barbary born abt. 1833 in GA
  3. Margaret P. born abt. 1835 in GA
  4. Isaac born abt. 1838 in GA
  5. Susannah born abat. 1841 in GA


William Tinny was born between 1795 and 1804. It is unknown who he married. All we know about William at this point is he lived near Isaac in the 1820 Georgia Census. He resided in Wilkinson County. This county lies just east of Macon, Georgia and borders Washington County.  He shows the following family.


Griffin Tinny was born between 1780 and 1790. He first shows in the 1830 Alabama Census in Jackson County. He married Martha ???? born abt. 1797 in Kentucky. It is uncertain if Martha is Griffin's first wife as she is much younger than he and there is questionable space between his first born and Martha's birthdate. Griffin had the following known children:

  1. Andrew born abt. 1838 in Ala.
  2. Elijah born abt. 1831 in Jackson County, Alabama. He was a Private, Company A, First Independent Vidette Cavalry, USA. He enlisted at age 32, enrolled 28 August 1863.
  3. Susan born abt. 1834 in Ala.
  4. John Calhoun born abt. 1829 in Alabama. John married Mary Elizabeth Bynum, who was born abt. 1831 in AL. Mary was the eldest child of Isaac Bynum Jr., and Tabitha Young Bynum. They were married on 22 January 1850 in Jackson County at Maynard's Cove.They resided in Jackson County, District 19, in the 1850 Alabama Census.

John was a Private,  Company A, First Independent Vidette Cavalry, USA. He enrolled 28 August 1863, at age 34. He was born in Jackson County, Alabama.

Company "A" was recruited from Jackson County. This Company, under the direction of Ephrain Latham,
Captain, left Stevenson, Alabama, on the 21st day of September 1863 and arrived at a location known
as Hunts Mill, which is about twenty three miles from Stevenson, on September 24th. On September
26th they were attacked by the 560th Cavalry which resulted in the capture of eighteen men in the
company. On the 20th of October, 1863, Company "A", was ordered to Bridgeport, Alabama and thense
to Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga as an escort to Generals Hooker and Howard. From Lookout Mountain
they returned to Stevenson, Alabama arriving there October 31st. In November and December, 1863
Company "A" was at Mud Creek, Alabama and in January through April, 1864 they were at Larkinsville,
Jackson County, Alabama. Company "A" was mustered out of Union Army in June 1864.

John and Mary had the following children:

          1. Lucy born Nov. 1850 in AL
          2. 1 female under 5  (1825 - 1830)
          3. Isaac born abt. 1824 in Tennessee, He married Margaret ????,
          4. 1 male 10 - 15     (1815 - 1820)
          5. 1 female 10 - 15  (1815 - 1820)
          6. Hansford born abt. 1805 in Tennessee. He married Susan ????


J. E. Tenney, who resided in Butler County, Ala. in the 1840 Alabama Census had no enumeration to determine his age. There are no children of Griffin's missing in the 1840 census except 1 daughter who likely married and unfortunately, his wife, who has apparently passed by this time. Therefore it is unknown what connection this J. E. has to the Tinny family.



Richard E. Teny was born abt. 1817 in South Carolina. He married Nancy B. ????, who was born abt. 1825 in Alabama. They resided in Bibb County, Alabama in the 1850 census. They had the following children:

  1. Nancy B. born abt. 1825 in AL
  2. Mary Ann born abt. 1843 in AL
  3. James F. born abt. 1845 in AL
  4. Susannah born abt. 1847 in AL
  5. Stephen born abt. 1849 in AL
  6. Hilliand J. born abt. 1821 in AL


Samuel Tenny was born abt. 1812 in Massachussetts. He is first shows in the Georgia census in 1950 employed "Millin & Sawing". He married Sarah M. ????, and they resided in Jackson County, Georgia, Subdivision No. 45. States the city of Bascobal in 1860. Samuel and Sarah had the following children listed:

  1. Samuel Fisher born abt. 1840 in GA. Private, Company K, 3rd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. Known as the "Athens Guards". Wounded in the battle of Gettysburg, PA, 02 July 1863. Elected 1st Lt. in Ordnance Dept. & assigned to Thomas' Brigade, Aug. 1863.
  2. Sarah E. born abt. 1842 in GA
  3. John W. born abt. 1843 in GA. Private, Company K, 3rd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. Known as the "Athens Guards". Enlisted 25 April 1861, died of desease in a Portsmouth, Virginia hospital on 21 July 1861.
  4. Emma M. born abt. 1848 in GA
  5. James born abt. 1853 in GA


James Tenny was born a abt. 1815 in Georgia. He first shows in the 1860 Georgia census residing in Webster County, Southern District, employed as a carpenter. James married Elizabeth ????, who was born abt. 1823 in Georgia. They had the following children: 

  1. John born abt. 1830 in GA
  2. Mary born abt. 1840 in GA
  3. Martha born abt. 1843 in GA
  4. James born abt. 1847 in GA
  5. Sarah born abt. 1849 in GA
  6. Jane born abt. 1853 in GA
  7. Amandal born abt. 1855 in GA
  8. Nathaniel born abt. 1860 in GA

Isabella Tenny, is living in the household of John (1830) in Webster County, GA in the 1860 census. She shows to be age 70, a widow born in VA  abt. 1790. This is possibly, the mother of James Tenny, born 1815 and John's grandmother.

2nd Generation


John Tinney was born between 1800 and 1810. It is unknown who he married and so far we only have his census records from 1840 Georgia to know he existed. It is suspected that he is the son of Rebecca from the 1820, Georgia census. John lived in Meriwether County, Georgia in 1840 and his family at that time consisted of:

   Wife     born 1810 - 1820
1 Male    born 1835 - 1840
1 Male    born 1835 - 1840
1 Female born 1835 - 1840
1 Female born 1834 - 1840
1 Female born 1830 - 1835
1 Female born 1830 - 1835


Wiley Clark Tinney (Joseph T. ) born abt. 1841 in GA. Wiley was an illegitimate son born to Joseph. His mother is unknown but according to Mary Tinney Hill, it may have been a Clark. He married Mary ????, who was born abt. 1840 in GA. They lived in Meriwether County, Georgia in 1860. They show in Harris County by 1880. Wiley's wife is listed as Caroline, born abt. 1843 in Georgia in the 1880 census. It is unknown if we have a different wife or if her name was Mary Caroline.

  1. Ida born abt. 1859 in GA
  2. Mary born abt. 1860 in GA
  3. Susie born abt. 1870 in GA
  4. Francis born abt. 1874 in GA


Richard Tinney (Isaac) born in South Carolina abt 1822, he married Matilde ????, who was born in North Carolina abt. 1811. They lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia in 1860. They had the following children:

  1. Sarah born abt. 1846 in GA
  2. Isaac W. born abt. 1847 in GA
  3. Alexander  born abt. 1849 - 52 in GA. Employed as a farmer, he married Emma Washington, December 03, 1884, Coweta Co. Georgia (Source: Coweta Co. Marriage License #402, recorded at Coweta Co., Georgia court House.  credits- Judy Tenney.) Emma was born Mar. 1869 in GA. They had the following children:
  1. Sherman N. born Oct. 1888, GA
  2. Robert B. born Aug. 1890, GA
  3. Janie M. born July 1892, GA
  4. Clara Kate born Aug. 1894, GA,. She married Curtis Washington February 16, 1913 in Coweta Co. Georgia (Source: Coweta Co., Ga. Marriage certificate, credits Judy Tenney.) "Curtis Washington was killed by Clara's daddy on Dec 15 1922 for beating Clara. She went home because of the beatings. Washington came after her and Alexander shot him." (Story from Judy Tenney's Aunt Edna Tenney.)
  5. Mamie L. born Dec. 1897, GA
  6. Susie Tenny born 1901 in Georgia
  7. Will Tenny born 1904 in Georgia
  8. Alsen Tenny born 1907 in Georgia
  1. James born abt. 1855 in GA


Joseph Thomas Tinney (Isaac) who was born in Georgia 1821. He married Mary F. Collins who was born abt. 1822 in Georgia. They lived in Meriwether County, Georgia in 1860. They had the following children:

  1. Wiley Clark born abt. 1841 in GA. He married Mary ????
  2. William born Jan. 15, 1845 in Meriwether Co., GA. He married Mary "Polly" ????, who was born abt. 1840 in GA. They lived in Meriwether County, 11th district, in 1870. They had the following children:
    1. Nancy born abt. 1861 in GA
    2. Mary born abt. 1863 in GA
  1. John born abt. 1846 in GA
  2. Richard born abt. 1848 in GA
  3. Thomas Wright born abt. 1850 in GA
  4. Racheal born abt. 1853 in GA
  5. Elizabeth born abt. 1855 in GA
  6. Joseph born abt. 1857 in GA
  7. Catherine born 1859 in GA
Obituary: Shelby Co. Chronicle, Jan 20, 1898
Death of Joseph Thomas Tinney, Sr.

    Sat. morning between 3 and 4 o'clock Joseph Tinney Sr. died at his residence in this place, after illness of several weeks.  Mr Tinney was one of our oldest citizens, having lived in this community for a number of years. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge off this place, and was buried according to the rites of the order on Sunday at Hubbard's Cemetery 7 miles north of the city. He leaves a large family all of whom are grown. His wife survives him. He was in the Cavalry service of the Confederate Army.  His funeral was attended by many of his surviving friends.

Obituary of William Tinney
Company B, 1st Georgia Cavalry

(Confederate Veteran Magazine, 192?)

     William Tinney, who died at his home, in Wilsonville, Ala. on November 30, 1916, was born in Meriwether County, Ga., January 15, 1845.  He enlisted in the Confederate army at the age of seventeen and served nearly four years as a member of Company B., 1st Georgia Cavalry; was wounded in the battle near London Ky., on the 17th of August, 1862, but returned as soon as able for duty and served until peace wa declared.  He was married in 1867 to Miss Martha Jane Mashburn, removed to Alabama in 1871, and made his home at Wilsonville, Shelby County.  His wife survives him, with five sons and a daughter.  He was a Mason for forty years and an elder in the Presbyterian Church.  He was ever a over of his country and fellow citizens and especially delighted to meet his verteran comrades in reunion.


John Tinny (Isaac) born in Georgia abt. 1829. He married Elizabeth ????, who was born abt. 1833. They lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia in 1860. John enlisted in the Confederate Army on 7th May, 1862. He was a Private in Company I, 55th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, attachd to the Army of Tennessee. John and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1. Emariah born abt. 1855 in Georgia
  2. Isaac E. born abt. 1856 in Georgia. He married Nora ????, who was born in 1860 GA. They lived in Old Milton County, Georgia in 1880, and Cobb County, Georgia, City of Roswell in 1900. It appears that Nora died in 1889, possibly in childbirth with James S. They had the following children:
  1. Mary I. born Dec.  1871, GA
  2. Maude L. born Nov.  1881, GA.
  3. Lena C. born Aug.  1883, GA
  4. John E. born Sept. 1886, GA
  5. James S. born Jan. 1889, GA
  1. James born abt. 1857 in Georgia
  2. Annie D. born abt. 1860 in Georgia
  3. Matilda born abt. 1861 in Georgia
  4. Susan born abt. 1862 in Georgia
  5. Martha born abt. 1868 in Georgia
  6. Nora born abt. 1870 in Georgia
  7. Abi born abt. 1873 in Georgia


Lewis J. Tenney was born abt. 1810 - 1820. We have little information on Lewis, except that he resided in Coweta County, Georgia in the 1840 census. It is suspected that he is the same as Thomas J. in the 1850 Coweta Census. Appears to be the son of William in 1820 Wilkinson Co. Both listings are listed for comparison. Lewis J. married Sarah Vance, July 02, 1835 in Coweta County, Georgia. Lewis shows on the 1845 Coweta County Tax list in the 1st District.

1 free white male         5 - 10  (1830 - 1835)  (Sarah ?)
2 free white females    0 - 5    (1835 - 1840)  (Emily and Susan ?)
1 free white male       20 - 30  (1810 - 1820)  (Lewis J. or Thomas J. ??)
1 free white female    20 - 30  (1810 - 1820)  (Mary ?)


Thomas J. Tinny was born abt. 1814 in South Carolina. He was listed as a cabinet maker in the 1850 Coweta County, Georgia census. He married Frances ???? who was born abt. 1815 in South Carolina. They had the following children:

  1. Frances      13     GA  (1837)
  2. Emily E.     10     GA   (1840)
  3. Susan         08     GA   (1840)
  4. Mary          07     GA  (1843)
  5. Addison      02     GA  (1848)


Isaac Tinny (Griffin) born abt. 1824 in Tennessee, He married Margaret ????, who was born abt. 1826 in Alabama. They resided in Jackson County, District 19 in the 1850 Alabama Census. Isaac and Margaret had the following known children:

  1. Margaret born abt. 1826 in AL
  2. Martha born abt 1845 in AL
  3. Sarah born abt. 1846 in AL
  4. Margaret born abt. 1848 in AL
  5. John born Oct. 1850 in AL


Hansford Tinny (Griffin) born abt. 1805 in Tennessee. He married Susan ????, who wa born abt. 1816 in AL. They resided in Hancock Co, in the 1850 Alabama, Census. Hansford and Susan had the following children:

  1. John born abt. 1832 in AL
  2. William born abt. 1834 in AL
  3. Johnathan born abt. 1836 in AL
  4. Alexander born abt. 1838 in AL
  5. Marion born abt. 1840 in AL
  6. Nancy born abt. 1842 in AL
  7. Feelan born abt. 1844 in AL, this is a male in the census.
  8. Mary born abt. 1847 in AL

John Tinney
born abt. 1804 in South Carolina.  He married ???? ???? who died before 1860.  This family lived in "The Several District" of Coweta County, Georgia in 1860.
    John had the following children:
    1. Wiley born 1842 in Georgia.
    2. George W. born 1843 in Georgia
    3. Nancy born 1847 in Georgia
    4. Mary C. born 1849 in Georgia
    5. Willliam G. born 1850 in Georgia
    6. John born abt. 1853 in Georgia
    7. Allan born 1854 in Georgia
    8. Alexander born 1856 in Georgia

The following families are not yet connected, they are just being stored below to be moved upward as their link is determined.


Joseph Tinny was born abt. 1830 in Georgia. He married Margarett E. ????, who wa born abt. 1834 in North Carolina. They lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama in the 1850 census enumerated with Elizabeth Hancock    47    Farm    Born in Georgia. His connection is not yet known.



John Tinney (John) was born abt. 1853 in Georgia. He married Francis ????, who was born abt. 1856. In 1910, they lived in Campbell County, Georgia. They had the following children:

  1. Janie T. was born 17 May 1876 and died 24 May 1966. She married John Strickland they had the following children:
  1. Jewela Strickland born abt. 1895
  2. George Strickland born abt. 1897
  1. James L. born abt. 1892 (The L, written in the census records, this appears to be James Otis, born 29 Sept. 1896, died 10 Nov. 1957. He is buried in Pitts Cemetery in Moreland, Georgia next to Janie T. his sister.)


George W. Tinney (John) was born Sept. 1845 in Georgia. He married Martha ????, born abt. 1846 in Georgia, died 1916 in Carroll County, GA. They resided in Carroll County, Whitesburg, in 1880 & 1900.  George was a member of Phillip’s Legion, and is buried St. Paul’s Cemetery in Carroll County, Georgia.  In 1880 he was working in a Sawmill, and in 1910 he is working in a Livery Stable, both in Whitesburg, Georgia.
They had the following children:

  1. Susie Ethel born Feb. 1880, GA
  2. Jack born Apr. 1883, GA
  3. Mary born May 1885, GA
  4. George Harvey born Dec. 1887, GA


William G. Tennie (John) was born abt. 1850. He married Mandy ????, who was born abt. 1853. They resided in Meriwether County, Georgia, 657 MD, Rock Mount. They had the following children:

  1. Leck born abt. 1874 in Georgia. He married Stella Britt.
  2. John W. born April 30, 1881 in Meriwether Co., Georgia
  3. Lena born abt. 1886
  4. Oliver born abt. 1887
  5. Fannie born abt. 1892
  6. George Allen born 17 Mar 1894, died 16 Feb 1973.


Leck Tinney (William G) was born abt. 1874 in Georgia. He lived in Meriweather County, 657 MD, Rock Mount in 1910. He married Stella Britt, April 20, 1899, Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia (Source: Coweta Co. Marriage Records, Book L, p. 87, credit - Judy Tenney). She was born abt. 1876. They had the following children:

  1. William O. Tinney, born December 27, 1899 and died June 23. 1900. He is buried in the Pitts Cemetery located on Gordon Road three and one half miles south of the Church of Christ on the right side of the road in Coweta County, Georgia.
  2. Luther Tinney, born abt. 1901 in GA, nicknamed "Slick".
  3. Annie Maude Tinney, born abt. 1903 in GA., died of pneumonia 24 Jan. 1930 and is buried at Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery in Senoia, Georgia. She married James Roy Crook, January 16, 1923 in Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia  James Roy Crook died April 12, 1992. He is buried at Sherwood Memorial Park, Jonesboro, Georgia. He married (2) Ruby ????, (3) Ida McCauley, (4) Leland King.

Children of Annie Maude and James Roy Crook are: 

  1. Roy Crook Jr., born April 24, 1924 in Senoia, Georgia. He married Annie Elizabeth Sanders, January 12, 1947 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Annie was born April 06, 1924 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. They were the first couple married in the Salem Baptist Church. They have seven children.
  2. James Hiram Crook, born February 19, 1926, in Senoia, Georgia, died June 12, 1983, in DeKalb County, Georgia. James is buried at Andersonville National Cemetery, in Andersonville, Georgia. He married Raydean ????. They had two children.
  1. Joseph Tinney, born abt. 1905 in GA., died abt. 1946. Owned a barber shop. He came into the shop one morning, was drinking a Coke and fell out the front door of the shop dead. He died from complications of alchoholism. (credit - Roy Cook Jr.)
  2. Andrew Jackson Tinney, born abt. 1907 in GA, Died in a Tuberculosis Sanitarium
  3. Henry Franklin Tinney, was born April 04, 1910 in Meriweather Co., Georgia, died May 01, 1990, in Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia. He lived in Virginia and was married there, Divorced and moved back to Georgia.

Children born to Henry Franklin and ???? ???? Tinney:

  1. Glenn Tinney
  2. Russell Tinney


Henry F. Tenney, 80 of 2030 Poplar Rd., Newnan, died May 1, 1990 at Humana Hospital, Newnan. Mr Tenney was born in  Meriweather Co., April 4 1910. He was a retired textile worker. Services were held May 4 in the chapel of McKoon Funeral Home with the Rev. Floyd Tenney officiating. Interment was at Oak Hill Cemetery. Surviving are sons, Glenn Tenney, Russell Tenney, both of Athens, Ohio; Three grandchildren, four great grandchildren.

McKoon Funeral Home.

    Leck died March 21, 1920 in Coweta Co., Georgia (Source: State of Georgia, Coweta Co. Administrator Petition for guardianship of Children to J. W. Tinney, Dec 5, 1921.).  He married Stella Britt, April 20, 1899 in Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia (Source: Coweta Co. Marriage Records, Book L, p. 87, credits Judy Tenney).

The Newnan Herald, Newnan Georgia, Friday March 26, 1920


    Our community was deeply shocked to learn of the tragic death of Mr. Leck Tinney, who was shot and instantly killed Saturday night by Rufus Washington, the tragedy occurring at the latter's home justs overe the line in Meriwether county.  Deceased and two of his brohters had gone to the Washington home early in the night for a visit, it seems, and after a time a dispute arose over some trivial matter, whereupon Washington opened fire upon the Tinneys, kiling one and wounding another. The remaining brother then shot Washington four times, inflicting wounds that may result in his death. The deplorable affair brings deep distsress upon the family of the dead man, depriving his children of the protecting care of a father and his aged parents the support of a son.  His remains were interred at Bethel Church Monday beside those of his wife, who died a year or so ago.  Three sinister things figured in the tragedy, according to report, viz: Whiskey, cards and pistols.  Could any other result have been expected from this evil combination? The innocent sufferers from this awful affair have our sincere sympathy.


    A second article gives greater detail but has the  account confused. It states that two brothers were killed but is obviously inaccurate. It appears that what truly happened is a fight broke out between Oliver and Rufus.  Rufus shot Oliver wounding him, Leck drew his gun and was shot and killed instantly by Rufus. Frank drew and shot Rufus four times. The writer of the news article seems confused on his facts and even has a sentenced unfinished. This likely explains the second article in the same paper explaining the facts.

The Newnan Herald

Newnan, GA., Friday, March 26.


    On Saturday night last Leck, Frank and Ollie Tenney, three brothers residing a few miles below Turin, went to the home of Rufus Washington, ostensible on a social visit. Soon after their arrival at the Washington home the four men repaired to a negro home on the place, and, according to report, began to drink and gamble. Later in the night a dispute arose between Washington and Ollie Tenney, it is said, and the latter was shot by Washington, the bullet lodg- killing him instantly.  Frank Tenney then drew his pistol in his brothers defense, but before he could use it Washington whirled and shot him through the heart, killing him instantly. Frank Tenney then took a hand in the fray and shot Washington four times. Two of the leaden missiles passed through Washington's body, one struck a rib and was deflected, and the other went through the fleshy part of his arm. Although believed to be mortally wounded, Washington was still alive at lasts accounts, and it is understood that Dr. A. R. Hogg, of Haralson, who was called to attend him, thins he has a chance to recover, unless pneumonia should develop.

    Tenney leaves four children, his wife having died a year or so ago. He was for several years a tenant on Mr. Fred Hunter's farm near Turin, and regarded as one of the best farmers in that section of the county. About a year ago he bought the old Haines place in the lower part of the county, and was living there at the time of his tragic death. He was a hard worker, and well liked by his neighbors.

    Tenney was the second man to meet death at Washington's hands within the space of a few months. On the night of July 3, 1919, he shot and killed a man named "Buster" Key, whom he claimed to have caught in his 17-year-old daughter's bed-room. For this crime he was tried in Meriwether Superior Court last fall and acquitted, his daughter testifying that key was responsible for her ruin, as the father had charged in justification of his act.

    Washington's home, near which, the killing Saturday night occurred, is just over the line in Meriwether county.

(information from Roy Cook (Crook) Jr, Tammy Tinney Caine, & Bethel Baptist Church, Senoia, Georgia.)


John W. Tinney  (William G) was born April 30, 1881 in Meriwether Co., Georgia (Source: Taken from his daughter Lula Mae Tinney's death certificate.), and died September 09, 1947. He married Mattie Lavonia Britt, December 28, 1903 in Meriwether Co., Georgia (Source: Meriwether Co., Georgia Marriage License, contributed by Judy Tenney.), daughter of C. Britt and Mary Middlebrook.  She was born abt. 1882 in Alabama, and died May 06, 1927.(Source: Taken from death certificate of her daughter, Lula Mae Tinney.)

    In 1910 this family resided in Meriwether County, 657 MD, Rock Mount. December 05, 1921, John was appointed guardian of his brother, Leck Tinney's children.

    John and Mattied are buried at Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery, Coweta Co., Georgia. They had the following children:

  1. Lula May Tinney born June 16, 1903 in Meriweather Co., Georgia; died June 11, 1928 in Meriweather Co., Georgia.
  2. James Louis Butler Tinney, born February 18, 1906; died March 09, 1965.
  3. Johnny Benjamin Tinney, born March 09, 1908; died November 20, 1992.
  4. Inez Tinney, born May 06, 1911.
  5. Mary Magaline Tinney, born April 01, 1914; died December 04, 1995. She married (1) ? Dingler (2) ? Feltman.
  6. Steve Stovall Tinney, born July 03, 1916.
  7. Jasper Curtlin Tinney, born March 20, 1921; died January 18, 1994.
  8. Richard Herman Tinney, born October 14, 1923; died October 23, 1925.

Miscellaneous Research Records


last name         first name                county            date      record number

Tinny           John Isaac              Weakley         1908          94862