Madaris, Medearis, Medaris, McDaris, McDearis, Medaries, McDaries

Buried in

Pike County, Alabama Cemeteries 

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Contributed By Wanda Madaris Fulton (Credits 130)
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Sandfield Cemetery at Zebulon Baptist Church

Banks, Alabama 

Located at Zebulon Baptist Church on Hwy. 223

W. A. Madaris
no dates
(William Alfred Madaris 8, William Fletcher 7, Thomas 6, John 5, Charles 4)

W. F. Madaris
b. Aug 30, 1870
d. Dec 31, 1945
(William Fletcher son of William Alfred above)
Ada Madaris
b. Dec 3, 1877
d. Nov 8, 1947
(Ada L. Mears Madaris, wife of William F.)

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