Madaris Crest                        Madeiras Crest

The Madaris and Madeiras Coat of Arms.

Are they authentic?

Answer......Keep Reading.

Where did this Coat of Arms Come From?

The Madaris COA shown above left, is a new drawing of the 1970's Halberts version of the Coat of Arms. The Madeiras COA on the right is the true Madeiras Crest.  It is also good for the spellings: Maderas, Madero, Madere, Madera.

The History behind the Madaris COA (Crest)

My mother, who first started our genealogy in the 1970's, sent to a company called "Halberts Inc." who offered information on Heraldry. They sent us a black and white drawing with symbolic color representations. It described the arms as:

The Madaris Arms is translated:

Divided into quarters: 1st quarter, gold background; a black initial "M", 2nd and 3rd quarters, blue background; a ship, all sails unfurled; 4th quarter, gold background; a wide black border. Small red inner shield placed over all.

A ship is symbolic of hope and ocean expeditions. Seven vivid colors are chosen for use on shields of armor-clad knights to easily identify them at a distance. The heraldic colors gold, silver, purple, blue, green, black, and red were preserved on colorless drawing by dot and line symbols. The Madaris coat-of-arms incorporated red. The color red represents fortitude, creative power. 

Does anybody else have one ? If so are they different?

Halberts                        Medearis Crest

Chip Medearis has the Medearis Coat of Arms on his homepage. It is identical to the Madaris COA above except for a blue center square.  It no doubt is also a Halberts. When I first saw it, I remembered the plaque on my parents wall at home. I obtained the copy, and scanned it into my computer, neutralized the background colors and painted it to match the description. The plaques seem identical with only a few exceptions. If the Arms are authentic, they would have to be identical since we are all related, but were they drawn by the same designer? Jacqueline Medaris Meunier, has one just like the Medearis arms except hers says "Medaris".  It also has the blue center panel and is a confirmed Halberts.

Another COA !

John C. Madaris has submitted this Coat of Arms that his family has hanging on their wall.

Now an interesting note about this COA, is the Portuguese connection. This is essentially the Medieros COA, which tells us that its producer actually did some research into the Madaris name, recognizing it as a possible variant of Medieros or Madieras. John says this COA was ordered by his mother in the 1960's.

Now this is an interesting submission. This is the Maga Coat of Arms sent to us by Heather Haggarty. Her e-mail states:

I found your site on the internet while looking up the meanings on my family COA. I stubbled upon your page entitled ... Mandaris Coat of Arms.

Well to my surprise, the design of your COA was VERY similar to the one I have, and the text you included was word for word what I have on a piece of paper from my grandmother. Except replace the ships with Golden Horns. This is supposed to be the Maga Coat of Arms

The paper I have was printed in 1976 by a Canadian company. And you mentioned on your site near the bottom about how the company/person picked up and moved to Canada. Well obviously they did the same thing here as there in the states.

Oh note too that I used a different armor head then what was on the original paper. The one on the paper is identical to the one on your site. Talk about disappointing.! Anyway, just thought you might be interested in seeing another version.


Heather Haggerty

So, With All These Different COA's, Are They Legit?

Would we have a coat of arms anyway. Did the Basque have them? The Ships which would represent exploration would definitely describe a Spanish ancestry. Well lets just take the following into consideration.

Coat of Arms were generally granted to an individual and were considered inheritable property. In most countries, the arms were inherited by the eldest son, or the eldest male heir. This means that there could be several Coat of Arms for a single Surname. If Domingo or one of his Ancestors had been granted an Arms and his brother or other relative (say an uncle) were granted one, there could be two Medieras Coat of Arms, only one being inheritable by us today.

The Hoax



Well, apparently Halbert's has had several counts of Fraud charged against them, and the Better Business Bureau has a multitude of complaints against the company since 1969. Odd's are they made up the design shown above, based on a Portuguese or Spanish connection.

They no longer operate in the United States, but has taken up residency in Canada.

There are several Heraldry businesses around today that offer Coat of Arms for your family. They make a nice product but I would warn anyone to see what you are ordering before you do so. Most expect you to order blindly and you have to wait until it arrives to see what you get.

So What About a Coat of Arms.. What do we do?

    Well the Medieras COA shown above on the right, is a legitmate COA as is John's Medieros version .   I have grown accustomed to the Halbert's hoax design and kind of like it.  After all, we will never really know our true heritage enough to connect to a particular crest.  I think you should just adopt the one you feel is right for you. The Halberts, the Madieras or the Madieros would look just fine on your wall next to any other family crest you have.

I drew the two designs at the top of this page. If anyone wants a copy just let me know and I will e-mail you a jpg format sized to fit into an 8x10 frame.

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