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    This page was established in 1996 and is dedicated to the sharing and collecting of information on the Madaris, Medearis, Medaris, McDaris, McDearis, Medaries & McDaries Surnames. It is believed that every family with these spellings of their surname are related to the same original ancestor who first came to the US in the early to mid 1600's. With this page and it's links you should be able to make a connection to your entire US Ancestry.

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The information on this site is a compilation of information, manuscripts and research of over 288 individual genealogist and contributors, who have donated their time and information to be shared by everyone. It is the philosophy of this site, that only by sharing in this way, will the Family History ever be compiled completely and accurately. Please use this site for research, but please do not abuse the generosity of those willing to share here. Any use of the information on this site for other than your personal use should be done only with the consent of the donating individuals and the owner of this site.

When submitting information please provide a list of sources and origin so the information can, if needed, be verified.    Remember it is our mission to create an accurate and complete history. If the information you are contributing was the work of someone else, please give them proper credit.

When copying these pages, please keep in mind

This is a work in progress, and the information contained here may and likely will change as further research mandates.

Therefore you are asked to please do not submit this info to an Archives or Library just yet.

When viewing these pages please keep in mind that I am human and can and do make mistakes not only clerical but theoretical. I am open to constructive criticism and love a debate. If you see a misspelled word or incorrect listing, please let me know.


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Descendancy Pages

Early History of Our Surname 
Story of our Origins
First 3 generations in the US.

Maderas, Madaris, Medaris, Madderra, Madara.

(John Thomas 3,  Charles 2, Domingo 1)
Madaris, Medaris, Medaries

(John Thomas 3,  Charles 2, Domingo 1)
Medearis, Medaris

(John Thomas 3,  Charles 2, Domingo 1)

(John Thomas 3,  Charles 2, Domingo 1)
McDaris, McDearis, Medaris, Madaris, Maderas, McDaries

(John Thomas 3,  Charles 2, Domingo 1)
Medearis, Medaris

( Charles 3, Charles 2, Domingo 1)
Medearis, Medaris

(Charles 3, Charles 2, Domingo 1)

Maderas, Medearis.  This line appears to have ended.

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by Phineas and Bunny Horton III.

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