The Descendancy of

Brvt. Major John Medearis (4)

(John Thomas 3, Charles 2, Domingo 1) 

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John Washington Medearis (4) 1776 Flagwas born 22 February 1744, in Essex County, Virginia, between the Rappahanock and the Dragon according to the Bible Records of George Washington Davis Medearis (5). Dragon Run, which runs through Dragon Swamp, runs parallel to the Rappahanock.

(what's in a name? John)

Evidence supports that John was married twice.  His first wife's name and story is unknown, if she did exist.  Evidence supports that they had one son, who was also in the Revolutionary War.

      1. John Medearis Jr. (5) likely born around 1762 - 1765.  (See the information on John Medaris Jr. for details and discussion of his existence.)

    John enlisted into the Revolutionary Army in the North Carolina Continental Line. He made 1st. Lieutenant. 3rd NC 15 Apr 1777, Eaton's Company. Was promoted to Capt. 23 Dec. 1777 in charge of the Medearis Regiment, transferred to the 1 NC 06 Feb. 1782, and was promoted to Brevet Major, 30 Sept. 1783.

(brevet = increase in rank without increase in pay)

    John gave Marker Photoa lot to the war effort and was instrumental in obtaining supplies for George Washington's Army during the harsh winter on the Potomac. Pensions and payment for services were issued in land grants to officers, based on their time of service and rank. John obtained a great deal of land for his service. Including the land in Tennessee that he retired on after the Revolution. He called this plot of land "Liberty". There is a Historical Marker on the site in Liberty where the old home site still sits. According to letters written between John and his son George, John was forced to move to Tennessee in 1809, in order to claim his right to this land.

(photo by Doug Willis)

    There are transcripts of letters that John wrote in the "Colonial Records of North Carolina". These documents can be found at the Archives in most states.

    John married Sarah Hicks Bell, the daughter of Robert and Sarah Reeves Hicks of Granville County, NC.   Their marriage bond is dated 21 Nov. 1780 in Wake County, NC. They were likely married on 20 Dec. 1780, as their sons George Bible records state. His military activity could explain the delay. Sarah was born in Essex County, VA in 1746. 

    Sarah was the widow of Thomas Bell, who came from Scotland in 1763.  Sarahand Thomas had the following children: Barbara Bell, Robert Bell, Margaret Bell, George Bell, Matilda Bell, Thomas Bell and Charity Bell.  Thomas Bell was a casualty of the Revolutionary War.

John and Sarah had 4 children:

  1. George Washington Davis Medearis (5) b. 20 Sept. 1783
  2. Benjamin Whitehead Hicks Medearis (5) b. 25 Jul 1784
  3. Martha Jerusha Medearis (5) b. 22 Jul 1786, married Maj. William Phillips, c1800
  4. Mary Medearis (5) b. 18 Aug, 1788 in Raleigh, NC, d. 18 Feb 1876 in Lisbon, Dallas County, Texas. Called "Polly" by her family, she married Thomas M. Smith.


John died on 31 March 1834 in Tennessee at the age of 90. He is buried on the land that he called "Liberty" in Petersburg, Tennessee. The grave was marked with a large granite monument by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Captain John Medearis Orders

(contributed by Joel Justiss)

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The following is a transcript of letter orders to Captain John Medearis issued by Col. Nicholas Long, Deputy Quartermaster General at Halifax, North Carolina.

Halifax, September 23d, 1781


You will immediately proceed to Harrisburg th[ence to] Hillsborough, thence to Colo. Morris, Caswell County, thence by Salisbury, to all the Western Posts of the different Quarter Masters, or Places whereat Stores may be deposited. Give Orders to forward all Stores, or other Articles Suitable to Maj. Ge[n. Gre]ene's Camp. All such Stores or Articles not requisite [y]ou will order here; except such Things as may be n[eeded t]o be kept at the different Stations. An Account of the Stores, and the Proceedings of the different Quarter Masters, accurately to be returned by you.

You will also give such Orders or Directions at the different Posts as you may think Necessary; the Circumstances [there are unknown to me. Inquire] of Maj. Latunes [c]oncerning a Hogshead of Molasses left between Hillsborough & Wake Courthouse. All Public Hides put in the Han[ds of] Different People to be tanned; the Leather of which, belonging to the Public, you will have forwarded here.

After completing [y]our Business, return to this Place & give an an Acct. of the Same to


your hble Servt
Nicholas Long DQMG
Capt Jn Medearis
H.Q. Mess

The following notation appears on the reverse:

orders Sellers
and accots, of
Maj Own

The following articles were located detailing John's attempt to recover moneys owed him from the Revolutionary War.  It is unclear if this is for expenses that John paid for supplies out of his own pocket, or to compensate him for his Brevet position.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1797-1801


"A petition of John Medearis was presented to the House and read, praying the liquidation and settlement of a claim for services as an assistant deputy quartermaster to Nicholas Long, deputy quartermaster general for the State of North Carolina, during the late war."

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1804-1807


"Also, a petition of John Medearis, praying compensation for military services rendered in the quartermaster's department, during the Revolutionary war with Great Britain."

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1804-1807


"Ordered, That the petition of John Medearis, presented to this House on the ninth of December, one thousand eight hundred and five, be referred to the committee appointed, on the eleventh instant, to inquire "whether any, and, if any, what, description of claims against the United States are barred by the statutes of limitation, which, in reason and justice, ought to be provided for by law." "

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1804-1807


"Ordered, That the Committee of Claims be discharged from the consideration of the several petitions referred to them, during the present session, of Samuel Brooke Beall; of James Bonnell; of Ebenezer Blake; of Daniel Bissell; of William Barton; of Reuben Colbourn; of Seth Chapin; of Hannah Crawford; of Ishmael Giddens; of Hannah Douglass; of Lemuel Coffin; of John and James Glenny; of Mary Grisham; of Nathaniel Irish; of Ludwig Kuhn; of Martin Keiphart; of William Love; of Ann Ledyard; of John Leaman; of John Medearis; of Robert Mabry; of Alexander Roxbourgh; of James Robinson and Catharine his wife; of John Riley; of Joseph Stroud; of Cuthbert Syms; of Philip Wilson; of Jacob Whitzal; of Andrew Walker; and of Moses Young; and that the said petitions be severally referred to the Committee of the Whole House, to whom was committed, on the twentieth instant, the bill making farther provision for distinguishing the debts due from the United States."

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1797-1801


"Mr. Dwight Foster, from the Committee of Claims, to whom was referred, on the twenty-second ultimo, the petition of John Medearis, made a report; which was read and considered: Whereupon,

Resolved, That the prayer of the petition of the said John Medearis, cannot be granted."

Acts of Tennessee 1796 - 1830 : M

Name   Date   Serial No   Chapter   Section Description
Medaris, John   1807   14   57.6   Made an entry for a land warrant


TN Genealogical Records-Records of Early Settlers from State & County Archives

#1771 JOHN MEDEARIES issued 20 May 1793 for his service as a captain in the NC Line.  The 3840 acres were in Davidson Co. on the west fork of Stones River, adjoining the land of William Gill.

 (CR: 1761 Brunswick Co, Virginia; 1800 Wake Co., North Carolina; 1820 Guilford Co., North Carolina) (credits: 00, 01, 11, 18, 20, 35, 36, 58, 210)

Generation 5

 John Medearis Jr. (5) (John 4) was likely born between 1762 and 1765 from a previously unknown marriage of Capt. John Medearis (4).  

 Rev. Flag Lets examine the evidence.

    Capt. John (4) was born in 1744. We know this from the bible records of his son George Washington Davis Medearis (5).  He joined the Revolution prior to 1777, as this is when he was promoted to Lt..   He was married to the widow Sarah Hicks Bell in 1780.  He would have been 36 at the time of this marriage which would be an unusual length of time for a man not to be married in this time period.  This raises the question: Was John (4) in fact married around 1764 and had children?

    There may be an allusion to this marriage and other children by an unlikely and surprising source; Sarah Hicks Bell Medearis.  In her bible record, when she documented her children by her first husband, she wrote "Barbara ther first born", "Robert there second born", etc.  When she documents the birth of Washington D. Medearis (5), it is written as "there first born by Sarah his Wifee".  She then continues "there 2nd born", "there 3rd born", etc.  Why did she feel the need to specify the maternal connection of Washington D.?  This is different than her earlier pattern with her first husband.  If she was the only wife and these were the only children of Capt. John, why stress the point?  This may be simple syntax on her part, but it does make one wonder when you are looking for evidence of the existence of another family.

    Is there evidence in the historical records for John Medearis Jr.; namesake of Capt. John?  These are the supporting documents that I have uncovered.

"The History of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tennessee".  
The Lookout Publishing Company, Copyright, 1931

Vol. I. Chapter VII.  "The beginning of settlement"
Pages 91 and 92

    Revolutionary Grant to John Medearis

    The State of Tennessee, by virtue of a warrant from the State of North Carolina, granted to John Medearis 1,020 acres of land at the mouth of North Chickamauga Creek.  The warrant as issued by John Armstrong in the Entry of Claims, for the State of North Carolina Western Lands.  No sum of money is mentioned for this tract.  John Medearis and his son, John Medearis Jr., served in the Third North Carolina Regiment.  The North Carolina warrant is dated June 24, 1784, and it is one of the grants allowed by the Act of 1783, concerning Revolutionary soldier’s claims.  It was signed by William Carroll, Governor of Tennessee.  The foregoing grants from North Carolina form the beginning of many real estate records in Hamilton County.

Vol. I. Chapter XIII. "Sketches of soldiers of the Revolution and War of 1812"
Page 198

    John Medearis, soldier of the Revolution, had a grant for 1,020 acres on the North Chickamauga Creek.  The grant was dated 1784, but he did not apply for his land until 1822, when the state of Tennessee issued the patent.  John Medearis and John Medearis, Jr., served in the Third North Carolina Regiment.  it is probable that it was John Medearis, Jr., who took up the land in Hamilton County.    

This could be conjecture on the part of the author based on some unknown records. But if it is true, then there would have to be some evidence of John Jr. fighting in the Revolutionary War right?  Well actually there is not always evidence to support a soldier’s participation.  We just recently found documentation of Charles (4) being in the Revolutionary War, not by documents relating to the War, but by his documentation of militia activity in 1777 - 1780.  Can we find John Jr. in the records?  Well I believe I have.

    North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts
Vol. II., Old Series, Vol. I, No. 6; Vol., II, No. 7-10.  Book A. A.
Vol, II, Page 1-44 Inclusive
Halifax (NC), July 25th, 1783.

    Journal of the proceedings of the Commissioners appointed by Act of Assembly passed in May, 1783, to liquidate and finally settle the accounts of the officers and soldiers of the Continental Line, of the State of North Carolina.

Page 181:  Column 1, Line 15 - Capt. John Medearis

Page 188: Column 1, Line 24 - John Medearis

    What is important to note in this document as you read it, all officers and persons with title, such as Lt., Capt., Dr. are referenced with their titles, including lines 1, 4, 10, 16 - 18 of page 188.  It would have been highly unusual for Capt. John to have been mentioned twice, and then to have been listed without his rank title.  This is, in my opinion, verification that this is not an accidental double listing of Capt. John Medearis, but a listing of a second John Medearis in the North Carolina Line.

Roster of North Carolina Soldiers
10th Regiment, - Colonel Abraham Shepard

    If this is our John Medearis Jr., the timing would be right.  Joining the war as late as 1881 suggests a very young man.  If he was born around 1764, he would be 17 or 18 years old on enlistment. Had he been older he would have been enlisted much earlier.  This highly supports a John Medearis in the age group we are looking for.  There is no evidence to support this Jno Madara being connected to the Madarra or Maddara lines, as at this time they were still exclusively in Virginia

George Washington Davis Medearis (5) (John 4) born 20 Sept 1783 most likely in Wake County, NC. He married Elizabeth Sharp Woodward on 18 June 1809 in Old GloryAmelia County, Virginia. Their marriage bond is dated 12 June 1809. She was the daughter of Thomas Woodward and was born 5 Feb 1793.

All documents indicate that George W.D. went by Washington and rarely used the name George. It appears that Washington died sometime in 1838. There are documents in Marshall County, Tennessee regarding the estate and appointing Elizabeth as the guardian of Washington's minor children.

Washington is listed as a Captain in Records of Commissions of Officers, 1796-1815, Page 197.  He was a Private in the 5th Regiment, (Atkinson's) North Carolina Militia.

They had 12 known children:

      1. Rachael Davis Medearis (6) b. 3 Mar1811; d. 3 Apr 1899.
      2. Sarah H. Medearis (6) b. 24 Dec 1814. Married James D. Loyd, 5 Aug 1835. "They settled near Cheneyvile, La. where her husband became a prosperous planter. Their old home, Loyd Hall, still stands, a fine example of Louisiana plantation architecture. According to the tradition, James Loyd, while not in the army, was killed trying to aid the Confederate Troops during the Civil War. Sarah and James had no children." (From Doug Willis' book "Some Yancey Medearis and Hicks Descendants" 1973)
      3. Margaret B. Medearis (6) b. 10 Feb 1816.
      4. Mary "Polly" Medearis (6) b. 23 May 1818; d. 12 Mar 1896.
      5. Catherine (Kitty) Medearis  (6) b. 01 Sept. 1820; d. 1845.  There are some irregularities that put question on the true relation of Catherine to this family.  Catherine is listed as a minor child in a court document after her father's death, but she is not listed in the family Bible transcript as a daughter of George and Elizabeth.  This transcript was made for Capt. John's Revolutionary pension application.  Was Catherine accidently left off of the transcript of the bible or is she the child of another relative taken in by George and Elizabeth?The birth date listed by earlier researchers for Catherine is the same as Christian.  This is likely a mistake as it appears that some earlier researchers felt Catherine and Christian were the same person. However, Catherine and "L.C." appear in the same list as two seperate individuals.  There is a letter written by Catherine's daughter Elizabeth during the Civil War that identifies her mother (Catherine) as the sister to Sarah H. Medearis Lloyd, which would seem to confirm her as a child of George and Elizabeth.  
      6. Christian L. Medearis (6) b. 01 Sept. 1820. The only information we have on this child is the listing in the family bible and a mentioning in a court document (see below)
      7. George Washington Medearis (6) b. 05 Mar 1823. He married Kate Blakemore. He died soon after their marriage. They had no children. (CR: 1850 Marshall Co., Tennessee)
      8. William Green Medearis (6) b. 10 Aug 1825. Is said to have died young.
      9. John Thomas Medearis (6) b. 05 Apr 1828.
      10. Elizabeth S. Medearis (6) b. 06 Feb 1830. died young.
      11. Martha Francis Medearis (6) b. 16 Oct 1832. Married William Lodowick Pearce. They had 6 children.
      12. Wiley Woodward Medearis (6) b. 28 March 1836. Married Mary Lipscomb in 1858. They had one child.

George died in 1838. It is believed he is buried near his father at Liberty. It appears that Elizabeth remarried to Joel Yowel, 24 Jan. 1842 in Marshall County, Tennessee.  There is a record of a marriage for Joel to an Elizabeth S. Medaris. The daughter of George and Elizabeth would have been too young to be this Elizabeth. There is also mention of Joel in the court records regarding the estate of George.

Elizabeth Sharp Woodward Medearis is buried in a small cemetery in Shelby County, Ohio. The cemetery is situated on the south side of Dingman-Slagle Road between Jackson and Pasco-Montra Roads, across a small stream and atop a steep hill, in Perry Township. 



Page 177

It having appeared to the satisfaction of this Court that Washington D. MEDEARIS of this county having departed this life leaving  no last Will and Testament and it further appearing appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that David YANCY hath a right to administer on  said Estate thereupon the said YANCY appeared in open Court and executed his bond in the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars conditioned as the Law directs with H. S. BLAKEMORE, Elizabeth MEADOWS and Joab BAGLEY

His securities and was qualified as such.

Page 180

Ordered by the Court that Joel YOWELL, Griffith LEONARD and Stephen PORTER be appointed commissioners to lay off one years provision for Elizabeth MEDEARIS widow of Washington D. MEADEARIS Decd. and report to the next Term of this Court,



Page 186

State of Tenn. The Commissioners appointed at a former term of this Court to lay off provisions for Elizabeth MADEARIS widow of Washington MADEARIS Decd, made the following report to wit,

State of Tennessee)
Marshall County)

Pursuant to an order to us directed by the Honorable the County Court for Marshall County Sept. term 1838.  The undersigned convinced at the late residence of of Washington MEDEARIS Decd. and proceeded to lay off and set apart one years sustenance for the use and benefit of Elizabeth L. MEDEARIS (widow of the said W. D. MEDEARIS and six minor heirs.  That is to say

100 barrelds corn -
2000 Pork with lard of hogs that make it.
50 Bushels wheat
100 lbs. Coffee or $20.00
200 Lb. Brown sugar or $28.00
2 lbs. of Tea or $4.00
20 lbs loaf sugar
600 lbs. of salt or $15
250 lbs of Beef
125 lbs of gind cotton or $21.00
28 lb. of wool
35 lb. of Tallow
2 best Cows & Calves
200 lbs of soap
14 paur of good shoes suited to the family use.  All of which we submit to the consideration of your Honorable boddy.  Done and subscribed this 13th of Sept. 1838.
Stephen PORTER
Griffith LENARD


May term 1839.

Page 263

Elizabeth MEDARIS appeared in Court and was thereupon appointed guardian of Catherine, L. C.  George W.  John L., Martha Francis & Wilie MEDARIS minor heirs of Washington MEDARIS decd.  She having Executed her bond in the sum of Twenty five thousand dollars with Wm. C. SWANSON, H. S. BLAKEMORE, Richard SANDIFER & John WOODWARD her securities which bond was accepted by the Court.

(CR: 1820, 1830 Bedford Co., Tennessee; Elizabeth and family in 1840 Marshall Co., Tennessee)
(credits: 11,18,20,35,36, 50)


Benjamin Whitehead Hicks Medearis (5) (John 4) was born in Wake County, North Carolina on 25 July 1784. Benjamin married Elizabeth "Betsy" Grady on 12 Nov 1805, in Wake County. Elizabeth was the daughter of Dennis Grady.

Benjamin and Elizabeth had 10 children:

  1. Abigail Yancey Medearis (6) b. 18 Sept. 1806 in Wake County, NC, d. 31 July 1896 in Bollinger, Co., MO. She married Josiah Stephens.
  2. Margaret Rachel Medearis (6) b. abt. 1808 in Wake Co., NC. She married Samuel Reynolds
  3. Mary Ann Medearis (6) b. abt. 1812 in Bedford Co., TN, d. abt. 1820. (reference: Bedford County TN Deed Book R, p. 267, where Benjamin sold his land minus the "place where Mary Ann is buried")
  4. Sarah Hicks Medearis (6) b. 18 Feb. 1813, she married Thomas Benton Laurence.
  5. Frederick Davis "Fayette" Medearis (6) b. abt 1815, d. bfr 1827. The only mention found of Frederick is a court record where as agent and admr B. W. H. Medearis sold two slaves belonging to "Frederick Davis Medearis, Decd."
  6. Dennis Grady Medearis (7 ) b. 7 May 1817 d. 15 Apr 1857.
  7. Mary "Polly" Ann Medearis (6) b. abt. 1822 she was apparently named after the daughter who had recently died. Mary married Jasper Pope Laurence.
  8. John Washington Medearis (6) b. 1823 in Madison, TN, married 09 Nov. 1842 in Carroll Co. TN to 1) Jacky C. Simpson.  2) Mary Ann Shanks
  9. Elizabeth Grady Medearis (6) b. 03 Dec. 1825, Madison Co. TN, died 9 Apr 1897. She married 02 Oct 1847, Samuel Arnold. She is buried Hurricane Grove Cemetery, Bedford Co. TN.
  10. Benjamin Whitehead Hicks Medearis Jr. (6) b. abt. 1827.
  11. Joel Bug Medearis (6) b. abt. 1828 in TN. He married Mary H. Butler.
  12. Martha "Mattie" Jerusha Medearis (6) b. abt. 1830. She married Tillman L. Butler, license issued, 02 Feb 1850 in Carroll Co. TN.

    There is a reference in Goodspeeds "History of Madison County, Tennessee" to B. W. H. Medearis.  This reference says that he was convicted of Larceny in 1838 and sentenced to serve three years in the penitentiary.  However there is more to the story. In the Madison County, Minute Book of the Circuit Court for the late 1830s more of the story was found. What the records showed is as follows:

On Friday, April 21, 1837 the case, referred to as "State Versus B.W.H. Medearis" was put off by the Judge until the next term of court. On Thursday, April 27, 1837 Bond was set for B.W.H. Medearis at $500.  On Saturday, August 26, 1837, the case of the State Vs. B.W.H. Medearis, referred to here as the case against him for Hog Stealing, and was put off by the Judge until the next term of Court and the State was ordered to pay Medearis' costs todate. On Thursday Dec. 21, 1837, the case was again put off by the Judge until April 3, 1838.  Finally, the trial was held on April 19, 1838.  B.W.H. Medearis plead Not Guilty but the jury found him Guilty of Petit Larceny and Hog Stealing.  He was sentenced to One year in the State Penitentiary.  However, Goodspeed, one of the most respected historians of the South, missed what happened next. On Friday April 20, 1838, the next day after the trial, the Judge set aside the Jury's verdict and granted B.W.H. Medearis a new trial.

    Obviously, his attorneys had found some irregularity in the trial or the jury's conduct and had applied to the court for a new trial.  Medearis had to again post a $500 bond.  The new trial was held at the December, 1838 term of court, however, the jury could not agree on a verdict after a reasonable time of deliberation and the Judge declared a Mistrial.  However, the prosecution did not give up and they scheduled a third trial for Friday April 26, 1839.  This trial was held and the jury found B. W. H. Medearis "Not Guilty" and the matter was finally over with.

    Benjamin died on the 15 March 1841 at 7 o'clock in the morning. Elizabeth died 16 July 1832 in Madison County, Tennessee. As early as 1837, Thomas B. Laurence and Dennis G. Medearis were at different times appointed guardians of Polly Ann, John W., Elizabeth, Joel B., Martha J., children of Benjamin W. H. Medearis.  Benjamin W.H. Jr. may be the youngest. He is not mentioned in the guardian records until 1842 and the younger children are given in this order: Elizabeth G., Benjm. W.H., Joel B., and Martha J.

The Tennessee Herald
19 Dec. 1817
     By virtue of an order of sale to me
directed from the Worshipful Court of
Bedford County I will expose to sale
for ready money at the Court House
in the town of Shelbyville on the 29d
day of January next all the right, title
claim and interest that Benjamin W.
H. Medearis has in and to three hun-
dred and twenty acres of land on rock
creek where the said Benjamin W. H.
Medearis now lives taken by an exe-
cution at instance of Nicholas B. Pry-
or sale about twelve o'clock.

The Nashville Gazette
31 Mar 1821

     Benj. W. H. Madearis, advertises in the
Fayetteville Correspondent that he has
discovered a sovereign remedy for the cure
of Pulmonary diseases,--He makes known
his residence in Bedford county, and as-
serts that his medicine has proved an in-
fallible cure in that fatal complaint.

(CR: 1820 Bedford Co., Tennessee; 1830 Madison Co., Tennessee, 1840 Carroll Co., Tennessee)

(credits: 11,18, 20, 35, 36, 37, 55, 182, 184)

(special thanks to Harold L. Ogden for the information on the trial)

Medearis (5) (John 4)  b. 18 Aug, 1788 in Raleigh, NC, d. 18 Feb 1876 in Lisbon, Dallas County, Texas. Called "Polly" by her family, she married Thomas M. Smith on the 15 Feb 1810 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Thomas was born 7 July 1784 and died 1 Apr 1866 in Dallas Texas.

Mary and Thomas had the following children.
  1. Sarah H Smith (6) b. 10 Dec 1810
  2. Davidson M Smith (6) b. 23 Jan 1812
  3. Elizabeth C Smith (6) b. 13 Oct 1813
  4. Martha J Smith (6) b. 1815 in Tennessee
  5. Thomas Smith (6) b. 31 Aug 1818
  6. John M Smith (6) b. 27 Nov 1820
  7. Lucinda Murray Smith (6) b. 24 Nov 1822 in Tennessee
  8. Mary M Smith (6) b. 19 Dec 1825
(credits: 281)

Generation 6


Rachael Davis Medearis (6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 3 Mar1811 d. 3 Apr 1899. She married David Yancey on the 14 May 1829. David was a grandchild of Abigail Hicks Yancey, sister to Rachel's grandmother Sarah Hicks Bell Medearis.

Sarah inherited "Liberty" from her grandfather John. This was a deal made between John and his son George for naming his first daughter after John's mother. However Sarah and David sold the farm in 1860 and moved to Titus County, Texas.

They are both buried in Yancey (Center Grove) Cemetery, Titus County, Texas. Their headstones state: D. and R.D. Yancey.

They had the following children:

  1. William Hines Crawford Yancey (7) b. 19 Aug 1831, d. 22 June 1911 married (1) Mary Ann Hicks on 14 May 1856 (2) Permilia Jane Manning Ammons.
  2. John Medearis Yancey (7) b. 21 Feb 1833, d. 16 Dec 1909, married Nancy M. Woodward on 7 June 1857.
  3. David Yancey Jr. (7) b. 26 July 1835, d. 22 June 1917, married Margaret Emmaline Woodward on 5 June 1856 sister to Nancy above. She was born 15 June 1839.
  4. Sarah Elizabeth Yancey (7) b. 28 Sept 1837, d. 9 May 1911, married (1) William Holiday Noblitt who was b. 24 Jan 1837 d. 4 July 1864. She married (2) James Porter Norwood in Oct 1866
  5. Thomas Washington Yancey (7) b. abt 1839, d. 1898, married Elizabeth Madora Brown.
  6. Catherine Yancey (7) b. 10 Mar 1841, married John Justiss.
  7. Mary C. Yancey (7) b. 22 Nov 1843, d. 13 Aug 1890, married James Washington Traylor.
  8. Benjamin Franklin Yancey (7) b. 2 Dec 1848, d. 22 May 1910, marriedJennie Brown.
  9. James Henry Yancey (7) b. 31 Oct 1851, d. 8 Mar 1932, married (1) Jo Ann Godsey (2) Adria Tennessee Rhea b. 6 Nov 1873, married 29 Sept 1889.
  10. Rachel A. Yancey (7) b. & d. 18 Sept 1858.

(credits 36)


Margaret B. Medearis (6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 10 Feb 1816. She married Henry S. Blakemore on 5 Aug 1835. They had the following children:

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Blakemore (7)
  2. Sue Catherine Blakemore (7) b. 24 Nov 1839
  3. Mary Davis Blakemore (7)

(credits 36


Mary "Polly" Medearis (6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 23 May 1818; d. 12 Mar 1896. She married William Russell Yowell on 26 Jan 1840 in Marshall County, Tenn. William was the son of Joel and Lucy Mays Yowell and was born 08 May 1820; died 29 Jan. 1912.

Mary and William are both buried in Lone Oak Cemetery, Lewisburg Tenn. They had 7 children.

  1. Lucy Elizabeth Yowell (7) b. 14 Nov 1840
  2. Joel G. W. Yowell (7) b. 18 Feb 1843
  3. William G. J. Yowell (7) b. 21 Jul 1846
  4. Martha T. Yowell (7) b. 25 Sept 1849
  5. Mary Pierce Yowell (7) b. 28 Mar 1853
  6. James Albert Yowell (7) b. 14 Nov 1856
  7. J. Wiley Yowell (7) b. 14 Oct. 1861

(credits 36


Catherine  Medearis (6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 1 Sept. 1820. d. 1845 in Tennessee. She was called "Kitty" by her friends and family. It is believed that she is buried in the Medearis cemetery. She married Thacker Vivian Griffin 22 Jul 1841 in Marshall County, Tenn.  See the notes for Catherine under her parents listing.

Catherine and Thacker had the following children: 

  1. Elizabeth Griffin (7) b. abt 1842
  2. Joseph M. Griffin (7) b. 2 Dec 1844

(credits 36


John Thomas Medearis (6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 5 Apr 1828. He married Francis Eveline Dean on 22 Mar 1849. Francis was born the 28th March 1823 to Henry and Francis Park Dean.   In 1877 John patented a "Gin-Saw Sharpener".  The device allowed one to quickly sharpen a saw blade.  Patent No. 194,705, it was patented on 28 Aug. 1877.   He was living in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., Tennessee at the time.  

A copy of the patent is available on request.

John and Francis had the following children:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Medearis (7) b. 22 Feb 1850
  2. Lucy Catherine Medearis (7) b. 16 Feb 1852, d. 29 Sept 1947.
  3. Harvey Dean Medearis (7) b. 9 Feb 1854, d. at Polaski, Tennessee 3 June 1935.
  4. Washington Davis Medearis (7) b. 13 Apr 1856, d. 20 Jan 1931
  5. Martha Francis Dean Medearis (7) b. 11 Nov 1858, d. 18 Mar 1881.

Francis died 31 Oct 1859 in Sevier County, Arkansas while the family was traveling to Texas. He then married Harriet Jane Noblitt and they had the following children:

  1. Nancy Thomas Medearis (7) b. 28 Aug 1861 d. 20 Aug. 1879, never married.
  2. Anna Belle Medearis (7) b. 4 May 1863 d. 14 Sept 1916
  3. Wiley Alice Medearis (7) b. 26 Mar 1856 d. 1 Feb 1945, never married.
  4. William Robert Medearis (7) b. 26 Mar 1867; d. 05 Dec. 1929 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.
  5. Sallie Lenore Medearis (7) b. 11 Nov 1869
  6. Ethel May Medearis (7) b. 6 Aug 1872 married Dr. John Overton Cummins on 22 June 1919.
  7. Lily Myrtle Medearis (7) b. 20 July 1875, d. 14 May 1961
  8. Gertrude Medearis (7) b. 21 Aug 1877 d. at 3 months.
  9. Emma Medearis (7) b. 5 Oct 1878, married William Edward Saxon on 31 Dec 1917. They had no children.
  10. Nellie Decima Medearis (7) b. 17 Nov 1880
  11. Hattie Lee Medearis (7) b. 12 Mar 1884

(CR: 1850 Bedford Co., Tennessee; 1880 Lincoln Co., Tennessee)

(credits 36


Martha Francis Medearis (6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b.16 Oct 1832. Married William Lodowick Pearce. They had the following children:

  1. William Eugene Pierce (7) b. 1852 d. 16 Mar 1932 married Charlcie Emma Leadbetter on 12 Jan 1876. She was b. 24 Mar 1854 d. 15 Oct 1942.
  2. Esther Pearce (7) married Dr. T. M. Brentz.
  3. Austin Pearce (7) married Mattie Ready.
  4. Sally Pearce (7) married James Calton.
  5. Joshua Pearce (7) married Esther Hymes.
  6. Catherine Pearce (7) died at age 16.

(CR: 1850 Marshall Co., Tennessee)

(credits 36


Dr. Wiley Woodward Medearis Confederate Flag(6) (George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 28 March 1836, d. 21 Jan. 1908 in Travis Co., Texas. Wiley married Mary Lipscomb in 1858.  Mary was b. 31 Dec. 1842 to John C. and Lucy Meador Dean Lipscomb.  

Wiley and Mary had a farm in Bluff Springs, Tx. She died 30 Oct. 1859 in Sevier County, Arkansas.

Wiley and Mary had one child.

  1. John Lipscomb Medearis (7) b. 30 June 1859 d. 24 July 1942 at age 83. He married Frances Octavia Nite.

Wiley served in the Confederacy during the Civil War as a Corporal, Surgeon, Co. G, 16th Texas Infantry. Wiley married Kate Smith, daughter of William Stark Smith and Nancy A. Roundtree of Tennessee.

Wiley and Kate had the following children:

  1. William Smith Medearis (7) married Elizabeth Nancy Miles who was from Georgia.  (Laura ????.)  They had the following children:
      1. Albert Medearis(8) b. 1891 on the farm in Bluff Springs, TX. He married Ruby Irene Willingham, b. 1896, Indian Territory, Ok.
  2. Thomas Washington Medearis (7) b. 12 Feb 1866 d. 17 Dec 1947
  3. James Smith Medearis (7) b. 12 Sept 1867 d. 16 Nov 1946.
  4. Sarah Annie Medearis (7) b. 25 May 1870 married George Washington Fritts. George was born 30 Mar 1867 and was the son of Levi J. V. and Ailey Simpson Beasley Fritts.
  5. Edna Medearis (7) married Henry Gassaway.
  6. Alice Medearis (7) married Albert Campbell.

Wiley lived in the home of his son Thomas W. at the time of his death in Travis County, Texas. Wiley left a Will describing his possessions.


(CR: 1880 Travis Co., Texas)

(credits: 00, 01, 11, 18, 20, 35, 36, 48, 92, 110)


Abigail Yancey Medearis (6) (Benjamin W.H. 5, John 4) b. 18 Sept. 1806 in Wake County, NC, d. 31 July 1896 Bollinger Co., MO. She married Josiah Stephens in 11 Nov. 1823, in Gibson Co., Tennessee. Josiah was b. nov. 1801, d. 25, Nov 1870 Bollinger Co., MO.

Shortly after the family of Benjamine Medearis moved to Madison County, Tennessee, Abigail and Josiah were married. Benjamine and Josiah Stephens show up numerous times in the records of Madison County for the next few years.  Then, in about 1838 Josiah and Abigail moved to Kentucky where one of their son John was born. They then moved back to Gibson County, Tennessee. That is where their daughter Abigail was born.  In 1841 Josiah and Abigail moved to Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, and were still listed there in the 1850 census.  In 1851, Bollinger County, Misouri was formed partially from Cape Girardeau County and the place where Josiah and Abigail lived became part of Bollinger County.  Both Josiah and Abigail are listed in  the 1860 and 1870 census of Bollinger County.  

After Josiah died Abigail is listed as living in the household of Jonas M. and Sarah Snider; her daughter and son-in-law in the 1880 census of Bollinger County, Missouri. Abigail died on Aug. 3, 1894 at age 87.

Abigail and Josiah had the following children:

  1. Joseph Benjamin Stephens (7) b. 20 Mar. 1830 in Gibson City, Tenn., d. 09 Oct. 1907 in Ellsinore, Carter Co., MO
  2. Francis Marion Stephens (7) b. 29 Sept. 1824 in Gibson City, Tenn, d. June 17, 1865 Bollinger Co., MO
  3. Craven Stephens (7) b. 15 Mar. 1826 in Gibson City, Tenn.
  4. Betsy Ann Stephens (7) b. 01 Apr. 1828 in Gibson City, Tenn., married William Runnels.
  5. Sarah Margaret Stephens (7) b. 27 Mar. 1832 in Gibson City, Tenn.
  6. Keziah Jane Stephens (7) b. 08 Jan. 1835 Gibson County, Tennessee d: June 08, 1883 Bollinger County, Missouri. She married William Morris Welch in 1856 in Bollinger Co. William was b. 25 Nov. 1820, in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, d. 03 July 1898 Bollinger County. (Credits 132)
  7. John Stephens (7) b. 19 June 1837 in Marble Hill, Missouri, married Nellie Ann Snider.
  8. Abigail Stephens (7) b. 09 July 1839 in Gibson County, Tenn. and moved with her family when she was about 3 years old to Bollinger Co., Mo.  She first married George Spencer abt. 1859, however, he was killed in the Civil War very early in 1860 and left Abigail widowed with one son, Bennett Linsey Spencer.  Next, Abigail married Christian Sander abt. 1862.  Christian Sander had immigrated from Prussia to the United States arriving in the port of New Orleans on Oct. 6, 1852 aboard the ship "Gagern" arriving from Bremen, Germany.  (More information about Christian Sander is available if any one is interested.)
In 1889 Christian and Abigail Sander chartered a train box car and moved to Texas with all of their furniture, barrels and jars of food they had cured, preserved and canned, their chickens, milk cows and horses, farming tools, peach trees and bushes for planting and lumber to be used to build a house.  Bennett Linsey Spencer rode in the box car to care for the live stock and the rest of the family took a separate passenger train. They arrive in Amarillo, Texas and had to camp out for two weeks while waiting for the box car to arrive.  Some relatives who had already moved to Texas met them in Amarillo with covered waggons to take them all to Plainview which was their destination, about 87 miles away.  Christian Sander died Sept. 24, 1900.  By 1910 Abigail Sander had moved into her son's house where she is listed in that year's census.  She died on August 8, 1913 and is buried in the Plainview, Texas cemetary.
  1. Ransome Stephens  (7) b. 23 May 1841 in  Marble Hill, MO.
  2. George Harris Stephens (7) b. 12 April 1843 in Marble Hill, MO, d. 14 Nov. 1927. Married Margaret A. Proffer.
  3. Nicodemus Stephens  (7) b. 20 Sept. 1845, d.1853 Cape Girardeau Co., MO at age 8 yrs old.
  4. Louisa Stephens  (7) b. 24 Feb. 1848 in Marble Hill, MO, d. 29 Mar. 1924, Married Solomon Shanks, 26 April 1871 Bollinger Co., MO
  5. Cincinnaitus Stephens  (7) b. 18 Feb. 1850.

(Credits 132, 152, 157 & info obtained on the Family Tree Maker CD#7, WFT #4096, original contributor unknown)


Margaret Rachel Medearis (6) (Benjamin W.H. 5, John 4) b. abt. 1808 in Wake Co., NC. She married Samuel Reynolds, 19 Aug. 1829 in Madison Co., TN.

Margaret and Samuel had the following children listed in the 1850 Madison Co., TN census.

  1. Mary A. Reynolds (7) b. 1832
  2. Eliza J. Reynolds (7) b. 1834
  3. Frances Reynolds (7) b. 1836
  4. George W. Reynolds (7) b. 1838
  5. Jackson V.B. Reynolds (7) b. 1842
  6. Martha H. Reynolds (7) b. 1846
  7. Samuel T. Reynolds (7) b. 1849

(credits: 184)


Sarah Hicks Medearis (6) (Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 18 Feb. 1813 in Wake County, North Carolina.  Sarah married Thomas Benton Laurence, 16 Nov. 1834 in Gibson Co. TN. Thomas was b. 20 Nov. 1805 in Granville County, North Carolina.

Sarah and Thomas had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Laurence (7) b. 1836
  2. Mary Bassid Laurence (7) b. 04 Oct. 1838 in Carroll County, TN.  She married William Joseph Smith who was b. 1846 in Dongola, Jackson County, Illinois.  They were married on 09 March 1870 in Bollinger County, Missouri.
  3. Haywood Laurence (7) b. 1845
  4. Manerva (7) b. 1847
  5. Fidelia (7) b. 1849


(credits: 150, 184, 198)


Dennis Grady Medearis (6) (Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 07 May 1817 in Bedford, Tennessee; d. 15 Apr 1857. He married Mary Elizabeth Smith on 21 Apr 1836 in Davidson County, Tenn. She was b. 1818; d. 26 July 1846.

Dennis and Mary had 3 children.

  1. Elizabeth Martin Medearis  (7) b. 8 Feb 1838 d. 30 May 1920. Lizzie married Davy Crockett Norvell.
  2. Susannah Hicks Medearis (7) b. 10 Sept 1840 married Henry Harrison Butler, 24 May 1840.
  3. Mary Ann Medearis (7) b. 14 mar 1843, married (1) Thomas A. Huffman, 6 Oct 1861. (2) Mr. Green.

Dennis married 2) Sarah Crite Banks on 17 Jul 1851 at Williamson, Tennessee and they had one child:

  1. Thomas Benjamin Medearis (7) b. 30 Jan 1855 d. 24 Dec 1937. He married Flora E. Butler on 31 Jan 1884.

Sarah died 25 Mar 1890.

 (CR: 1840 Carroll Co., Tennessee; 1850 Warren Co., Tennessee; 1860 Anderson Co., Tennessee; Widow in 1880 Warren Co., Tennessee)

(credits: 18, 36, 39, 55)


John Washington Medearis (6) (Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 1823 in Madison, TN, married 09 Nov. 1842 in Carroll Co. TN to 1) Jacky C. Simpson.  It is unknown what happened to this union, but John moved to Missouri and married 2) Mary Ann Shanks on 02 July 1848 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Solomon and Rachel Davis Shanks. Mary Ann was born ca 1825 and died in childbirth in 1850 in Alexander County, Illinois.  She is buried in Jonesboro, Illinois.
      John and Mary Ann had 1 child:
      1. George Medearis (7) b. 1849 in Missouri.
      2. Unknown Medearis (7) b. 1850 in Illinois, died at 3 months old.
In 1850, this family lived in Alexander County, Illinois.  After Mary Ann died John took the children baby back to MO where some of the relatives kept them.  The baby died at age 3 months.

(credits: 00, 271)

Mary "Polly" Ann (6) (Benjamin W.H. 5, John 4) b. abt. 1822, Bedford Co. TN, married 27 Nov. 1839 in Carroll Co. TN to Jasper Pope Laurence, Mary died about 1852. In the 1850 Benton Co. Tn Census they had the following children:

  1. John Laurence (7) b. 1841
  2. Amanda Caroline Laurence (7) b. 1844
  3. Martha Laurence (7) b. 1846
  4. Mary Laurence (7) b. 1848/49


(credits: 184)


Joel Bug Medearis (6)US Flag (Benjamin W.H. 5, John 4) b. 1828 in in Madison County, Tennessee; d. 20 Sept. 1964 in Savannah, Georgia. He married Mary H. Butler, 27 Oct 1848.

Joel and Mary had 8 children:


  1. Emerson Ethridge Medearis (7)
  2. John Thomas Medearis (7)
  3. Martin Grady Medearis (7) b. 19 Sept 1849 in Tennessee.
  4. Mary Ann Medearis (7) b. 1843.  She married T. A. Huffman on 06 Oct. 1861 in Carroll County, Tennessee.
  5. Elijah Stout Medearis (7) b. 27 Mar 1851 in Tennessee.
  6. Columbus Lafayette Medearis (7) b. 06 Apr 1855; d. Nov 1933.  He married Elizabeth Mae Phillips
  7. Benjamin Washington Medearis (7) b. 10 April 1859; d. 24 Mar 1943.  He married Martha J. Nix.
  8. unnamed infant (7) (died about 1860 at birth).

Joel fought and died in the Civil War in 1861. He fought as a Private in Company E. 7th Tennessee Cavalry Regular, USA. He enlisted 28 June 1862 at Huntington, Tennessee.  His muster records states he was "He was 5'10" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, auburn hair, born in Madison Co, TN, a farmer".

On December 20, 1862, he was captured near Trenton in Gibson County, Tennessee. But he shows being released the same day and spent time in parole camp at Camp Chase, Ohio as part of his parole agreement.  He was released from the parole conditions on 28 Feb. 1863 and returned to the regiment only to be recaptured on March 24, 1864 at Union City, TN.  He spent time in Andersonville Prison butwhen Sherman was marching through Georgia, the Confederates moved soldiers out of Andersonville to smaller prisons.  Joel died in Savannah, Georgia 20 Sept. 1864 from disease contracted while a prisoner of war.

Mary received a pension in 1865.  She was living near the Buena Vista Post Office in 1890.

(CR: 1850, 1860 Carroll Co., Tennessee, Mary and some children in 1880 Carroll Co., with Philip Butler)

(credits: 11, 18, 55)

Generation 7


Mary Elizabeth Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 22 Feb 1850 in Bedford Co., Tennessee.  She married Alphonso W. Feeney on 05 Apr 1868. Mary was one of our early genealogist, and in her writings are great stories of her family.  Alfonso was a contractor and a builder.  They were members of the Christian Church where they resided in Horton, Lincoln Co., Tennessee.

Mary and A. W. had the following children:

  1. Mattie Evelyn Feeney (8) b. 06 Dec. 1869.  She died as infant.
  2. John Mark Feeney (8) b. 02 Aug. 1872, he married Mollie Johnson.
  3. Lula Feeney (8) b. 03 Dec. 1874, she married Lon Gilham.
  4. Rosa May Feeney (8) b. 11 Apr. 1877, she married Roy E. O'Neal.
  5. Robert Patterson Feeney (8) b. 12 Nov. 1879, he married Mary Pearl Manning.
  6. Annie Belle Feeney (8) b. 22 Feb. 1882, she married Wade Hampton.
  7. Clarence Feeney (8) b. 15 Jun 1884, he married Emma Jones.
  8. Raymond Feeney (8) b. 14 Jul 1887, he married Mena Schiele of Henderson, TN and had three children.
  9. Mary Feeney (8) b. 05 Sept. 1889, she married Hugh Kirkpatrick.
  10. Alphonso Feeney Jr. (8) b. 08 Aug. 1894.


(credits 36)


Lucy Catherine  Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 16 Feb 1852 in Richmond, Bedford County, Tennessee, d. 29 Sept 1947. Married John David Neeld on 13 Aug 1869. John was b. 15 Nov. 1845, d. 22 Dec 1881.

John ran a shoe and saddlery manufacturing business.  

Known variously in her branch of the family as "Lou," "Aunt Lou" or "Granny", she lost her mother and her cousin during an aborted move to Texas in 1859 when she was seven years old. She was married at age 17 and widowed by 29. Thus, at the end of 1881, Lucy was left with five children of her own to raise as well as William Medearis Smith, the son of her younger sister Martha Frances Medearis Smith (7) who had died in childbirth 08 March, 1881. Her only income came from doing alterations and fine mending on men's clothing.

They had the following children:

  1. Jesse Irwin Neeld (8) b 24 Jan. 1871, married Elbert Oliver Green, on 21 Aug. 1902. Oliver Green died 23 Nov. 1923. "Aunt Jess" died 13 August, 1963.
  2. Emma Evalyn Neeld (8) b. 29 June 1872, d. 14 June 1971. She married James Augustus Moores 9 Sept 1897. James was 03 June 1871. "Eva" Moores lived in Fayetteville, Tennessee where she  worked for her uncle as one of the first telephone operators. "Hello Central." She lived just two weeks short of her 99th birthday. The Bell system had recently  honored her as the oldest living telephone operator but she was prouder of her close relationship with her two younger sisters and brother, "all of whom were living and were in robust health and  had all their marbles" at the time of her death. Jim Moores was an entrepreneur  who helped bring electrical power to the Elk Valley, sold buggies and then Ford motorcars. He became a successful  banker and founded a tobacco warehouse. He died 9 March, 1950.
  3. Bertha Neeld (8) b. 22 Mar 1875, d. 27 Oct. 1974. She married Robert Duff Dryden 15 June 1904. Robert died May 1932.
  4. James Harvey Neeld (8) b. 22 Dec 1878, married Nellie Bruce Yoest 26 Apr 1899 of  Columbia, Tennessee. Bruce died 19 Aug. 1945. "Harvey" lived to be 103. He died in  Yazoo City, Mississippi, which had been his home for many years. In his youth, Harvey had been a lineman for the telephone company in Fayetteville, Tennessee, and he enjoyed recounting his adventures. He had known Jack Daniels (of the Whiskey fame) and remembered him as a tiny man with a high pitched voice and a love for fast horses.
  5. Mary B. Neeld (8) b. 24 Feb 1881, d. 04 June 1974. She married Hiram Clay Higgins 15 June 1904. Hiram d. 10 Feb. 1955. Hiram owned and operated the Higgins Funeral Home which is still in operation, under family ownership, in Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Lucy later married (2) Hugh Douglas Smith her brother-n-law, widower of Martha Frances Medearis Smith. He was b 24 Feb. 1852; d 26 June 1921. Interestingly, this second marriage took place in either 1910 or 1913-some thirty years after their mutual bereavement.


(credits 36, 185)


Harvey Dean  Medearis Sr. (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 9 Feb 1854 in Bedford Co., Tennessee, d. at Pulaski, Tennessee 3 June 1935. Married Bettie Dean, his first cousin, 10 May 1882. She was b. 26 Jan. 1866 in Lincoln County, Tennessee; d. 13 June 1956. 

Harvey was in the telephone business at Fayetteville, Tennessee.  He also owned and operated a Coca-Cola bottling plant from 1911 until his death.  At one time he purchased 199.4 acres in Huntsville, Alabama, under the name of "Harvey D. Medearis and Company".  There is no date on the record, and it is currently unclear what he did with the property.

They had the following children:

  1. John Mannon Medearis (8) b. 20 Dec 1883, married Gertrude Pierce. They had no children.
  2. Frances Medearis (8) b. 27 Jan 1887, married Bennett Eslick.
  3. Harvey Dean Medearis Jr. (8) b. 16 Dec 1891, d. 12 Aug 1936, married (1) Mary Elizabeth Thomison; (2) Mary Lucille Holly

(CR: 1900 Lincoln Co., Tennessee)

(credits 36)


Washington Davis  Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 13 Apr 1856 in Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. 20 Jan 1931.  Washington married Lucy Ann Allen in 1884.  She was b. 06 Aug 1863 in Bedford Co., Tennessee; d. 20 Apr 1948.

Washington was the local manager of the Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company at Fayetteville, Winchester and Sewanee, Tennessee.  They resided at Fayetteville, Tennessee but later showed an address of 213 Piedmont Avenue, Kingsport, Tennessee in 1941.

They had the following children:

  1. Leland Davis Medearis (8) b. 06 Oct 1901 in Fayetteville, Tennessee; d. 17 May 1941 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. At the time of his death he was living at 401 Mulberry Ave., Fayetteville, Lincoln, County, Tennessee.  He married Maymie Sue Franklin who was b. 5 Sept 1901.
  2. Frank Lipscomb Medearis (8) b. 06 June 1885, he married Gladys Wheatley.  He lived in Nashville, Tennessee in 1941.

The Kingsport Times
Kingsport, Tennessee
May 23, 1941

Leland Medearis
(From Times State News Services)

Fayetteville, Tenn. -- Funeral for Leland Davis Medearis, 39, brother of Frank L. Medearis of Kingsport, was held at the residence here.

Mr. Medearis was prominent in business circles here.  He was manager of the Coca Cola plants here in Columbia and a member of the Church of Christ.

Surviving are his widow; one daughter, Jane Medearis; one brother, Frank of Kingsport; the mother, Mrs. Lucy Allen Medearis of Fayetteville.

(CR: 1900 Lincoln Co., Tennessee)

(credits 36)


Martha Francis Dean Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 11 Nov 1858, d. 18 Mar 1881 in childbirth. She married Hugh Douglas Smith who was b. 24 Feb 1852, d. 26 June 1921. After Martha's death Hugh married Lucy Catherine Medearis Neeld, Martha's sister.

Hugh and Martha had the following child:

  1. William Medearis Smith (8) b. 16 Oct 1878, d. 18 Aug 1956. He was raised by his Aunt Lucy who became his stepmother also. William married Thomas Josephine Lauderdale who was b. 11 Dec 1888.


(credits 36, 185)


Anna Belle Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 4 May1863 d. 14 Sept 1916, married Willis Franklin Holman on 4 Dec 1881 in Fayetteville, Tennessee. He d. 14 Sept 1916. They had the following children:

  1. Mamie Holman (8) b. 9 Sept 1882
  2. Annie Belle Holman (8) b. 25 Oct 1884, d. 1969.
  3. Beulah Holman (8) b. 26 Dec 1886 d. at abt 1year.
  4. Maude Medearis Holman (8) b. 17 Feb 1889
  5. Alice Holman (8) 17 July 1892
  6. Willis Franklin Holman (8) b. 6 Nov 1894, d. 26 July 1957.
  7. Elizabeth Holman (8) b. 10 Jan 1897.

None of the Holman children ever married.

(credits 36)


William Robert Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 26 Mar 1867; d. 05 Dec. 1929 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.  He married Nana Elizabeth Burton on 23 Nov 1898. 

William and Nana had the following children all born in Nashville, Tenn.:

  1. Virginia Ann Medearis (8) b. 8 Mar 1900, d. Nov 1970 married Lester Charles Mitchum on 28 Dec 1921. He was b. 16 Jan 1896.
  2. Helen Mae Medearis (8) b. 7 Oct 1901 married James Barrow Simmons on 28 Aug 1922. He was b. 27 June 1899.
  3. William Robert Medearis Jr. (8) b. 21 May 1904, married Mabel Louise McMillan on 31 Dec 1941.

(CR: 1900 Davidson Co., Tennessee)

(credits 36)


Sallie Lenore Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 11 Nov 1869, married Dr. William Somon Vertrees on 1 Jan 1890 in Nashville. He d. 1908. They had the following children:

  1. Martha (Mattie) Belle Vertrees (8) b. 22 Oct 1890 m. (1) Stephen Moore (2) T. Hugh Snell.
  2. Woodford Mitchell Vertrees (8) b. 30 Dec 1892 d. 6 May 1941, married Annie Warren Peyton on 26 Dec 1916.
  3. Robert Medearis Vertrees (8) b. 3 Nov 1894 married Marguerite Patton Hash on 25 Nov 1933.
  4. Duncan Eve Vertrees (8) married Martha Francis Knowles on 19 Mar 1919.


(credits 36)


Lily Myrtle Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 20 July 1875, d. 14 May 1961, married William Harry Winnett on 4 Oct 1894.

     Lily and William had the following children:

  1. Martha Lucile Winnett (8) b. 25 Sep 1896 married John Lovick Turner Jr. on 4 Oct 1917 in Thomasville, Ga.

Lily married (2) Dr. James Levick Foster on 9 May 1902. They had the following children:  

  1. Edward Levick Foster (8) b. 28 Dec 1903, married Margaret Baker in 1925.
  2. Jane Neblitt Foster (8) b. 7 May 1905, married Laurence Clay Sullivan on 18 Aug 1930.


(credits 36)


Nellie Decima Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 17 Nov 1880, married Romain Tallman on 21 June 1904. He d. 19 Oct. 1955 and is buried at Mr. Olivett Cemetery in Nashville, Tenn. They had the following children:

  1. Albert Romain Tallman Jr. (8) b. & d. 6 Aug 1907.
  2. Ruth Romain Tallman (8) b. 6 Aug 1907, married Joseph William Cato on 15 Sept 1929.
  3. Richard Medearis Tallman (8) married Helen Rothenberg on 3 Oct 1935.


(credits 36)


Hattie Lee Medearis (7) (John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 12 Mar 1884, married William Bradford on 20 Sept 1905. They had the following children:

  1. Sara Clare Bradford (8) b. 4 Aug 1908 married Joseph Albert Saunders on 14 Sept 1934.
  2. Harriet Locke Bradford (8) b. 30 Jan 1911, married Noah Jefferson Nesbitt on 12 Sept 1946
  3. Marian Medearis Bradford (8) b. 2 Nov 1913, married Ernest Greene.


(credits 36)


Elizabeth  Martin Medearis (7) (Dennis Grady 6, Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 8 Feb 1838 d. 30 May 1920. "Lizzie" married Davy Crockett Norvell. He was b. 4 July 1838, d. 6 Oct 1902. They had the following children.

  1. Mary Jerusha Norvell (8) b. 10 June 1860 d. 25 Apr 1873.
  2. Anna Beecher Norvell (8) b. 21 Sept 1862 d. 9 Oct 1928. Married Winfield Decatur Barton b. 10 Nov 1862 d. 26 June 1934. Both buried at Oak Lawn Cemetery, Jonesboro, Arkansas.
  3. Elijah Grady Norvell (8) b. 13 Feb 1865 d. 4 July 1954. Married Ida Florence Boggs Williams.
  4. Margaret Morris Norvell (8) b. 18 Mar 1868, married Dr. Charles S. Hale, 25 July 1893.


(credits: 18, 36, 39, 55)


Susannah Hicks Medearis (7) (Dennis Grady 6, Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 10 Sept 1840 married Henry Harrison Butler, 24 May 1840.

FlagHenry seved in Co's. A & B, of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry, USA.  He died 09 Feb. 1909.

    Susan and Henry had the following children:

  1. Lovey Ann Butler (8) b. 7 Aug 1861
  2. Joyce Butler (8) never married
  3. Grady Butler (8) died young
  4. Mollie Butler (8)
  5. Frank Butler (8)
  6. Ida Butler (8)
  7. Lulu Butler (8)
  8. Billy Butler (8)
  9. Lizzie Butler (8)


(credits: 18, 36, 39, 55)


Thomas Benjamin Medearis (7) (Dennis Grady 6, Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 30 Jan 1855 d. 24 Dec 1937. He married Flora E. Butler on 31 Jan 1884 in Davidson, Tennessee. They moved to Daugherty County, Georgia, City of Albany by the 1900 census.

Thomas and Flora had the following known children:

  1. Mary Eleanor Medearis (8) b. 23 Jan 1887 in Tennessee
  2. Grady Benjamine Medearis (8) b. 10 July 1891 in Tennessee, d. 1958 married Bertha Sumner in 1916.
  3. Margaret Butler Medearis (8) b. 10 Sept 1895 d. 19 Jan 1906.


(credits: 18, 36, 39, 55)


Columbus Lafayette Medearis (7) (Joel Bug 6, Benjamin W.H.5, John 4) b. 06 Apr 1855; d. Nov 1933.  He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Shreveport, Louisiana.  Columbus married Elizabeth Mae Phillips, 24 Nov 1874 in Clark county, Arkansas.
      1. William H. Medearis (8) b. 27 Jan 1878 in Arkansas
      2. Fletcher Medearis (8) b. Feb. 1880 in Harrison, Arkansas; d. 1900 in Arkansas at the age of 20.
      3. Eva Mae Medearis (8) b. 1884 in Arkansas.
      4. Mattie Irene Medearis (8) b. 1886 in Arkansas.  She married Roma Robert Roland, 23 Feb 1903 in Arkansas.
      5. Mallie Jane Medearis (8) b. 16 Nov 1890 in Temple, Bell county, Texas; d. 03 Jan 1898 in Columbia County, Arkansas at age 7.
     Elizabeth died before 1899, as in the 1900 census, Columbus is married to Cotta L. ????.  She was born Jan 1874.  She is 26 and he is 45 years old.  She shows to have no children of her own.

Benjamin Washington Medearis (7) (Joel Bug 6, Benjamin W.H.5, John 4) b. 10 Apr 1859 married Ida V. Huffman of Cottonwood Point, Missouri on 06 Dec. 1879.

They had one son:

  1. William Edward Medearis (8) b. 02 Aug 1880 in Penuibscott, Missouri; d. 11 Aug 1947 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He married Ada Lee Partin
It is unknown what happened to Ida, but Benjamin married 2) Martha J. Nix, who was b. Apr 1861.

Benjamin and Martha had the following children:

  1. Ollie Mae Medearis (8) b. 14 Feb. 1886; d.  Jan 1955 in Maury City, Tennessee.  She married ???? Bullinger, lived in Murray City, Tennessee.
  2. Millie Mae Medearis (8) b. May 1889, she married ???? Batten.
  3. Benjamin Winton Medearis (8) b. Mar 1891, she lived in Newborn, Tenn.
  4. Bug Alberto Medearis (8) b. Jan 1893, he lived in New York City in 1933.
  5. Loyal Lafayette Medearis (8) b. Feb 1895, he lived in New York City in 1933.
  6. Pearl Medearis (8) b. 12 Sep 1897, she married R.E. Pettigrew, lived in Parsons, Tenn.
  7. Robert Ernest Medearis (8) b. Dec 1897; d. 08 Oct 1970 in Old Hickory, Tennessee.  He he married Sue Helen Walker.
  8. Paul Edison Medearis (8) b. Feb 1900, he lived in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

 Benjamin married 3) Emma Roberts and lived in Parson's, Tennessee. They had one child:

      1. Walter Malcom Medearis (8) b. 04 Aug 1907 in Tennessee; d. 01 Aug 1976 in Centerville, Tennessee.  He married Dora Ethel Smith on 04 Nov 1939 in Decatur, Tennessee.  Walter's mother must have died when he was very young. Walter was raised by his sister Pearl Medearis Pettigrew.  Walter is buried in Parsons Cemetery in Decatur County, Tennessee.
Bejamin later married to 4) Rebecca Ann ???? before 1920 and lived with her until his death in 1943.

(CR: 1860 Carroll Co., Tenn; 1880 Pemiscot Co., Missouri; 1900 - 1940 Decatur Co., Tennessee)

(credits 36, 55)


John Lipscomb Medearis (7) (Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 30 June 1859 d. 24 July 1942 John Lipscomb Medearisat age 83. He married Frances Octavia Nite b. 19 Oct. 1860, d. 19 July 1935. Her two brothers were outlaws that rode with the Dalton Gang.

John and Frances had the following children:

  1. Lucy Ethel Medearis (8) b. 27 May 1883 d. 26 Nov 1950.
  2. Mary Addie Medearis (8) b. 22 Jan 1885, d. 31 Aug. 1975  in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.
  3. Eva Ellen Medearis (8) b. 23 Jan 1887, d. 24 May 1976, was married to William Oscar Martin on 29 Jan. 1904.
  4. Wiley Wood Medearis (8) (twin) b. 26 Dec 1890 d. 17 July 1942
  5. Meda A. Medearis (8) (twin) b. 26 Dec 1890 d. Dec 1918.
  6. Harvey H. Medearis (8) b. 8 Sept 1892
  7. Edna Etta Medearis (8) b. 18 May 1895 in Stockdale, Wilson County, Texas.
  8. Fannie Lou Medearis (8) b. 6 Feb 1898
  9. Ira Olof Medearis (f) (8) b. 12 June 1900
  10. John Holland Medearis (8) b. 24 March 1904 d. 5 Aug 1955.

This information on the Dalton Gang names the brothers of Frances. Their names are spelled "Knight" here and I am unclear which spelling would be correct.

"The on May 10, 1894, 7 members of Wild Bunch rob the bank in Southwest City, MO. In shoot-out with townsfolk 1 of the bandit was wounded, 1 citizen was killed, and 3 were wounded.

Bill Dalton was not present at the Southwest City robbery, he had left the Wild Bunch and formed his own gang that spring. On May 23, 1894 Jim Wallace, Big Asa Knight, Jim Knight, and George Bennett joined up with Bill Dalton to rob the First National Bank in Longview, TX. Bennett is killed and 1 citizen was killed and 3 were wounded in the attempted getaway. The law trailed Bill Dalton to his hideout near Ardmore, I. T. and surprise and kill him on the morning of June 8, 1894."

(credits 00, 36, 48, 136)  (Photo courtesy of George W. Colley #136)


Thomas Washington Medearis (7) (Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 12 Feb 1866 d. 17 Dec 1947 married Emma Magness on 10 May 1887. She was born 11 Mar 1869 d. 1 Dec 1917.

Thomas and Emma had the following children:

  1. Wiley Alice Medearis (8) b. 25 Feb 1888 married (1) William J. Rudolph  (2) Frederick S. Tew.
  2. Willis Washington Medearis (8) b. 18 Mar 1891 d. 5 Dec 1968. He married (1) Lola Puryear (2) Bessie Grein 
  3. Carl Smith Medearis (8) b. July 1894 d. 12 Dec 1909.
  4. Frances Medearis (8) b. 7 Aug 1898, d. 16 Apr 1964. Married Dorris S. Key 25 June 1936. She was b. 11 Jan 1896.
  5. Lucille Medearis (8) b. 16 June 1901. She married C. I. Van-Slyke.

(credits 36


James Smith Medearis (7) (Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 12 Sept 1867 d. 16 Nov 1946. He married Nancy Elizabeth Miles on 30 Oct 1887. They had the following children:

  1. Albert Medearis (8) b. 13 Dec 1890 d. 19 Jan 1953. He married Ruby Irene Willingham on 23 Dec 1917. She was b. 5 Nov 1896.
  2. Mary Ann Medearis (8) b. 15 Nov 1891, d. 26 Feb 1951. She married Roy Elmer Jones on 10 June 1912. He was b. 2 Apr 1890.
  3. Harriet Louella Medearis (8) b. 28 Feb 1893. Married (1) Luther Otto Vastbinder on 29 Nov 1913. He was b. 31 Jan 1893, d. 3 Dec 1959. They had 3 children. She married (2) Marshall Danner b. 20 Dec 1890. They had one son.
  4. Jennie Medearis (8) b. 11 Aug 1894. Married Arthur L. Rudd on 27 Apr 1927. He was b. 2 Oct 1900. They had 2 children.
  5. Otelia Kate Medearis (8) b. 25 Dec 1895, d. 2 Apr 1943. never married.
  6. James Andrew Medearis (8) b. 27 Dec 1897 married Eula Barrett on 3 July 1936. She was b. 11 Nov 1917. They had 2 sons.
  7. Hazel Maud Medearis (8) b. 13 Feb 1899 married Frederic Bell on 4 July 1926. He was b. 14 Feb 1901. They had 1 daughter.
  8. Wiley Richard Medearis (8) b. 10 June 1900 married Thelma Garner. no children.
  9. Miles C. Medearis (8) b. 18 Mar 1902 married Helen Hager on 3 Dec 1927. She was b. 25 June 1906. They had 2 children.
  10. Harold A. Medearis (8) b. 23 Jan 1904 married Anna Laura Nelson. They divorced with no children.
  11. Edna Ethel Medearis (8) b. 27 Sept 1905 married Herbert Allen Munson on 15 Sept 1928. He was b. 28 Oct 1905 d. March 1956. no children.

(credits 36


Sarah Annie Medearis (7) (Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 25 May 1870, d. 19 Jan. 1959 in Austin, Texas. She married George Washington Fritts. George was b. 30 Mar 1867, in Fordyce, Ark, d. 14 Mar. 1942 in Travis County, Texas.  He was the son of Levi John Valentine and Ailey Simpson Beasley Fritts.

It appears Sarah and George met when he lived for a time with the family of Mary E. Smith Jones.  Mary Jones was Sarah's aunt, one of Catherine (Kate) Smith's sisters.  Sarah and George had the following children:

  1. Kathryn ( Katie) Frances Fritts (8) b. 10 Jan. 1895, d. 2 Dec. 1934.  She was married to Louis Hartung.
  2. John Wiley Fritts (8) b. 18 Oct. 1896 in Travis County, Texas. He died January, 1972 in Houston, Texas.  While in the Navy during WWI John married Dosia ????.  Dosia was b. 29 July 1899, d. 1 May 1981.
  3. Roy Clifton Fritts (8) b. 8 Feb. 1899, d. 4 June 1978, married Bertha Willie Ellis on April 9, 1927.  She was b. 15 Oct.1911, d. 1981.
  4. Jim Smith Fritts (8) b. 3 Dec. 1901 in Bluff Springs, Travis County, Texas, d. 31 Dec. 1989 in Austin, Texas.  He married Elnora Adelia  Birkner,. "Dolly", 6 Jan.1925 in Austin, Texas. Dolly was the daughter of William and Theresa Siebert Birkner. She was b. 6  Jan. 1907.
  5. Alton Lee Fritts (8) b. 11 Sept. 1904 in Travis County, Texas, d. 1 Mar. 1905 in Travis County, Texas.
  6. Alice Edna Fritts (8) b. 11 Mar. 1906 in Travis County, Texas, d. 13 Oct. 1986 in Austin, Texas.  She married (1) Clyde Deane (2) Clinton Scott.  She had no children.
  7. Anna Mae Fritts (8) b. 28 April 1909 in Travis County, Texas, d. 13 June 1977 in Travis County, Texas.  She married (1) Marvin Lee Shaw (2) Louie B. Morgan (3) Bob Martin.

(credits 100)

Generation 8


Frances Medearis (8) (Harvey Dean  7, John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 27 Jan 1887, married Bennett Eslick, an attorney, on 15 Jan 1919. They had the following children:
      1. Brooks Breckenridge Eslick (9) b. 20 Jan 1920. Brooks served 6 years as a Tenn. State Senator. He married Jean Russell 7 July 1946.
      2. Edward Medearis Eslick (9) b. 31 Aug 1921 married Mary Eleanor West on 3 Sept 1945.
      3. Nancy Dean Eslick (9) b. 16 Sept 1922 married Rexford Taylor Wiley, 6 Mar 1948.

(credits 00, 36)

Harvey Dean Medearis Jr. (8) (Harvey Dean  7, John Thomas 6, George W. D. 5, John 4) b. 16 Dec 1891, d. 12 Aug 1936, married (1) Mary Elizabeth Thomison, 13 Nov 1913 in Lincoln Co., Tennessee . She was the daughter of Franklin Pierce and Sidney Suggs Thomison. Harvey and Mary had one child:
      1. Mary Syd Medearis (9) b. 18 Jan 1916 married Dr. Robert T. Odom, 29 Sept 1938.

The Kingsport Times
February 20, 1929
Hunts for Burglar But Shoots Herself

Fayetteville, Tenn.,  Feb. 20. (AP)-- Mrs. Mary Thomison Medearis, a trained nurse, was in a critical condition today at a local hospital, the result of a gunshot wound to the abdomen.  Mrs. Medearis went down stairs at her home near Fayetteville with a gun in her hand.  She accidentally struck the gun against a door and it was discharged, the bullet striking her.

(credits 00, 36)

Mary Eleanor  Medearis (8) (Thomas Benjamin 7, Dennis Grady 6, Benjamin W. H. 5, John 4) b. 23 Jan 1887 married William Buck Cloud on 5 Feb 1914.

Mary and William had the following children:

  1. William Montjoy Cloud (9) b. 23 Nov 1914, married Evelyn Like b. 5 Feb 1918.
  2. Thomas Edward Cloud (9) b. 7 Aug 1916, married Nancy Beaumont.
  3. Margaret Eleanor Cloud (9) b. 2 Mar 1919, married Phillip Evaul b. 30 Sept 1914.
  4. Dudley Medearis Cloud (9) b. 25 Oct 1920, married Pauline Raymond.
  5. Martha Elizabeth Cloud (9) b. 19 May 1928, married Trez Tiffany Thompson Jr., b. 3 June 1925.

(credits 36

Mattie Irene Medearis
(8) (Columbus L. 7, Joel B. 6, BenjaminW.H. 5, John 4) b. 1886 in Arkansas.  She married Roma Robert Roland, 23 Feb 1903 in Arkansas.

Roma and Mattie had the following children:
    1. Perea Lindsey Roland (9) b. 1904 in Arkansas.
    2. Norma H. Roland (9) b. 1907 in Arkansas.
    3. Velma Faye Roland (9) b. 1910 in Arkansas.
    4. Melba Louise Roland (9) b. 1918 in Oklahoma.

William E. Medearis (8) (Benjamin W. 7, Joel B. 6, Benjamin W.H. 5, John 4) b. 02 Aug 1880 in Penuibscott, Missouri; d. 11 Aug. 1947 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He married Ada Lee Partin.  William was the proprietor of the Central Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee.  At the time of his death he was working for Medearis Chemical Lab.

William and Ada had the following known children:
    1. Howard Medearis (7) b. 1915 in Tennessee
    2. June Medearis (7) b. 1918 in Tennessee
William and Ada are buried in Parsons Cemetery, Decatur Coiunty, Tennessee.

Robert Ernest Medearis (8) (Benjamin W. 7, Joel B. 6, Benjamin W.H. 5, John 4) b. Dec 1897; d. 08 Oct 1970 in Old Hickory, Tennessee.  He he married Sue Helen Walker, 08 Sept 1923 in Nashville, Tennessee. Sue was born 04 Apr 1902 in Lebanon, Tennessee; d. 15 May 1984 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Robert operated Medearis Equipment Co., in Nashville, Tenn.

Robert and Sue had the following children:
  1. Mary Helen Medearis (9) b. 09 Dec 1926 in Nashville, Tennessee; d. 31 Dec 2002 in Nashville, Tennessee.  She married ???? Granstaff
  2. Robert E. Medearis (9) b. 1925 in Tennessee.
  3. Billy S. Medearis (9) b. 1936 in Tennessee.

Lucy Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 27 May 1883 d. 26 Nov 1950. Married Monroe Garner.

Lucy and Monroe had the following children:

  1. Annie May Garner (9) b. 1901 d. 1914.
  2. Leonard Garner (9) b. 1905 married Hazel ????.
  3. Craig Garner (9) married Margaret Germer.
  4. Chrystal Garner (9) married H. E. Stagman.

(credits 36


Mary Addie Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 22 Jan 1885, d. 31 Aug. 1975  in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. She married Elijah Charles Cozart on 05 May 1906 in Texas.

Mary and Elijah had the following children:

  1. Charles Cozart (9) d. as infant
  2. Gertrude Octavia Cozart (9) b. 14 Feb. 1911 in Texas, d. 24 Dec. 1985.  She married Winfred Sinclair Lawson on 15 Sept. 1931, TX.
  3. Helen Cozart (9) married Wesley House.

(credits 36, 98


Eva Ellen Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 23 Jan 1887, d. 24 May 1976, was married to William Oscar Martin on 29 Jan. 1904.

Eva and William had the following children:

  1. Lowell Curtis Martin (9) b. 28 May 1905, d. 1978 married Joe Bailey Brite.
  2. Johnie Estelle Martin (9) b. 01 Oct. 1907, d. 20 Oct. 1978 married 1) George W. Colley 2) Charels Arthur Dickerson (3) Robert Hayes.
  3. Delia Lou Martin (9) b. 16 Jan 1910, d. 16 Aug. 1977, married James B. Fanning.
  4. Meda Lora Martin (9) b. 6 Mar 1912, d. 1 Mar. 1969, married William McLennan.
  5. Mable Alvida Martin (9) b. 3 May 1914, d. 5 Mar. 1993, married Manuel Teague.
  6. Luther Alton Martin (9) b. 28 Mar. 1916, married Louise Kneuper.
  7. Oscar Bain Martin (9) b. 12 Apr 1918, d. 25 Feb. 1945, married Norma Jordan.
  8. Elmore Chestine Martin (9) b. 12 Jan 1922, married Virginia Alexander.

(credits 36, 136)


Wiley Wood Medearis (8) (twin to Meda) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 26 Dec 1890 d. 17 July 1942 married Bertha Stevenson.

Wiley and Bertha had the following children:

  1. Wiley Wood Medearis Jr. (9) married ???? ????. They had the following children:
  1. Lucian Medearis (10)
  2. Margaret Medearis (10) married R. W. Blumenshine.
  1. Mary Joe Medearis (9)

(credits 36)


Meda Medearis (8) (twin to Wiley) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 26 Dec 1890 d. Dec 1918. She married Wiley Montgomery.

Meda and Wiley had the following children:

  1. Robin Montgomery (9)
  2. Lola Montgomery (9)
  3. Edith Montgomery (9)
  4. Mary Montgomery (9) married Frank Jennel.
  5. Wilbur Montgomery (9) b. 5 Dec 1918 married Ruby ????

(credits 36


Harvey H. Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 8 Sept 1892 married Elmira Hicks. They had the following children:

  1. Hicks Medearis (9)
  2. Dorothy Medearis (9)

(credits 36


Edna Etta Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 18 May 1895  in Stockdale, Wilson County, Texas. She married Ross Hemby. They had the following children:

  1. John Medearis Hemby (9) married Johnnie Mae.
  2. Woodrow Hemby (9) never married.

(credits 36


Fannie Lou Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 6 Feb 1898 married Charley Smalley.

Fannie and Charley had the following child:

  1. Ralph Smalley (9) b. 24 Dec 1916

(credits 36


Ira Olof Medearis (f) (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 12 June 1900 married Leo Hightower and they had the following child:

  1. Leo Hightower Jr. (9) married Dora Lou Russell.


(credits 36)


John Holland Medearis (8) (John Lipscomb 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 24 March 1904 in Stockdale, Wilson Co., Texas. He died 5 Aug 1955 in Long Beach, CA. He married Addie Mae Burris b. 20 Feb 1905 in Stockdale, Texas d. 14 June 1964 in Newport Beach, CA.

  1. John Holland Medearis Jr. (9) 06 Oct. 1924. He married Beulah Jones. John was a Sergeant in WWII.
  2. Francis Mozelle Medearis (9) b. 04 April 1927. She married Dick Townsend.
  3. Betty Jean Medearis (9) born abt. 1930. She died in a car accident in 1948 as a Jr. in High School.


(credits 36, 48, 192)


Wiley Alice Medearis (8) (Thomas Washington 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 25 Feb 1888 married 1) William J. Rudolph on 15 Nov 1911. Divorced in 1914.

Wiley and William had one child:

  1. William Lorenz Rudolph (9) b. 18 Mar 1913 d. 2 Apr 1956.

After the divorce Wiley married 2) Frederick S. Tew in 1920.


Willis Washington Medearis (8) (Thomas Washington 7, Wiley W. 6, Washington Davis 5, John 4) b. 18 Mar 1891 d. 5 Dec 1968. He married (1) Lola Puryear in 1909 and they had one child before their divorce. He then married (2) Bessie Grein and they had 2 children.

  1. Billy Miller Medearis (9)  He married Helen Reese. Billy and Helen had the following children:
    1. Billy Miller Medearis Jr. (10)
    2. James Medearis (10)
    3. Yavonne Elaine Medearis (10)
    4. Deborah Lynn Medearis (10)


to be continued......

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