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I am descended from George Cummins (Cummings) of Guilford Co., NC. His first wife is said to have been Elizabeth Medearis. I have no documentation on this. I am descended from their son, John C. Cummings who married Jean Blair in Guilford Co. George died abt 1808. His second wife was Mrs. Sarah Collins. He had only one child by his first wife, that was John C.

John C. Cummings died before his father in abt 1806. His son Thomas Cummings and his widow, Jean Blair went to Bedford Co., Tn where Thomas owned land in the Liberty Valley area where Capt. John Medearis also owned land. Can anyone help me verify if Elizabeth Medearis was the first wife of George Cummins?


Leslie Cummings Lindsey



James Hiram 7, (William H. 6, Rice 5) had several children. I am looking for the three youngest sons. They were: Milton (Bud) born Tenn. 1855, William (Billy) born Tenn. 1859, Clinton Dewitt born Tenn. 1863.

Doug Madaris

Thanks to Edna Potts and Lou Morselle who located Milton "Bud" Madaris. Still Looking for William and Clinton Dewitt's families.


Charles Roberson  Medaris  b. 1862 in Illinois.  He married Lulia Orpha McLaughlin. who was b. 27 Nov. 1864, in Pike Co., Ill., d. 19 Dec. 1928, in Hamilton Co., Aurora, Nebraska.  They were married on 21 Oct. 1891, in Pike Co., Ill. Lulia was the daughter of John and Mary B. Medaris McLaughlin.  Mary is the daugher of Roberson Medaris (7), (Charles 6, Rice 5) and Felicia McClain Medaris.

      1. Avery L. Medaris (9) b. Mar. 1892 in Illinios
      2. Austin John Medaris (9) b. 23 May 1896 in Griggsville, Illinios. He lived in Humphries, Nebraska in 1917., 1900 Fairmont, Pike, Illinois. 1920 and 1930 as Austin, Orville, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.
      3. Mary Medaris (9) b. Aug. 1899 in Illinios

(CR: 1900 Pike Co., Illinios, 1930 Hamilton Co., Nebraska)

 Charles R. Medaris, b. 1862 is found in 1900 Pike Co, Illinios, 1930 Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  

John Austin Medaris  b. 23 may 1896 in Griggsville, Illinios, lived in Humphries NEb. in 1917., 1900 Fairmont, Pike, Illinois. 1920 and 1930 as Austin, Orville, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

Austin Medaris (7) was born in 1805, and could not be ther father of Charles Robinson b. 1862.  

I am looking for information on Austin Medaris. I am decended from Maurice Eugene Medaris (1918) Stockham .NE; from John Austin Medaris (1896) Griggsville IL.; from Charles Robinson Medaris (1862); from Austin Medaris (?). Also, Charles Robinson Medaris married Lulia Orpha McLaughlin from Pike Co IL. who was descended from John Wesley McLaughlin (1829) & Mary B. Medaris (1835) New Salem/Pike Co., IL. The McLaughlin family is traced to 1760 in Ireland.

Jerry Medaris

I found in Sec IV, Chp 1,

Adair Co. Ky. 1802 to 1842, Marriage records. the following.

Austin Medaris wed Lidia D. Booher on 12/15/1826 . In reply to Q-19-97, the only Austin that we have ever had was this one. I figure , like some others , that we just did not have all of the children for Austin. It fits that one of the chiildren would be named Charles Robinson because the father of Austin is Charles and his brother is Robinson.

Lou Morsell



Andrew L. Medearis and wife Mary A. Stewart (1835- 22 Dec. 1914) had at least two children. They were twin sisters Adah Belle Medearis(1869-1940) and Emma Jane Medearis (1869-1950) who never married. They and mother buried at Highland Lawn Cem., Terre Haute, IN. My interest is in Mary A. Stewart's sister Elizabeth Luticia Stewart (1840-1896) who married Wm. Henry Sell (1819-1867) then married Joseph L. McCluskey (1847-unk).

Any clues?


Charles E. Sell



My name is Debbie Madearis, I am married to Roy Dean Madearis, son of Alfred Madearis. We are seeking information regarding his father and his grandparents etc. All we really know is that Alfred Madearis before he died (Fort Worth, Texas died approximately 1985)stated he was placed in an orphanage during the depression. He did not know the spelling of his name, the nuns at the orphanage sounded out MADEARIS, we assume it should have been MEDEARIS. Alfred reported that his father's name was Frank Madearis, and his mother Maggie Prentice Campbell. Frank died in Wichita Falls, Texas. That is the extent of our information. Please contact me if you know any link to a Madearis branch in Texas. Thank you.

Debbie Madearis

I have found Alfred James Medearis b. 27 May, 1925 in Oklahoma. Moved to Pasadena, Texas in 1946. His father was Lloyd Alfonso Medearis and mother as Martha Ruby Reesewere. He was the son of James William Medearis and Nellie Della Butler

(James William Medearis 10, Christian Penner 9, James Wood 8, Malachi 7, Thomas 6, Charles 5)

James disappeared from his home in Toronto Kansas in 1916. He was never heard from again. Nellie died when Lloyd was 9 yrs old. His grandparents tried to raise him but he would not stay with them. He ran away and stayed with an aunt in Oklahoma. Lloyd was blind, losing his eyesight in 1936.



My grandfather was Eugene Barton Medaris born 5-16-1881 at Dale, Texas. Died Nov. 13,1950 in Mendoza, Texas. Married Louisa Kelley at Lytton Springs, Tx on December 5, 1907. Son of James S. and Albertine Carter Medaris. Sister Pearl Williams of Lytton Springs, Tx. Children were Eva Beazley of Brenham, Veda Brigham of Austin and Emma Louise White of Uvalde who are all deceased. I am wondering if you are able to tie James S. Medaris into any other Medaris branch. I would love to know my genealogy. Thanks for any help you can give me. I live in San Antonio, Texas.

Sandra White Templer



I was contacted by a fellow last week that lives here locally. He is James Henry McDaris, born 1932. He was looking for info on his family and knew very little about them. He only knew that his father was Martin Van Buren McDaris, born in 1901. After a little research based on some sketchy information that he had, I found that his grandfather was listed as John L. Mederris in the 1900 Gilmer County, GA. census. I also found him in the 1910 Bradley County, TN census. You had noted in your 1900 Ga. Listings that you had not determined his connection in the family. Would you look at this and see if you can give me any possibilities to research. I would like to tie him in since he has shown so much interest.


Doug Madaris



Does anybody know who this is?

Amelia County, Virginia.

28 Aug 1800, John T. Maddeira and Patty Avery, who writes her own consent. Wit to consent Joel Avery and George Avery, Surety George Avery.

Kelly Madaris



I have some sketchy information relative to the marriage of my Russell ancestors to Medaris or Medearis surnames.

Two children of Vinnedge Russell, b. 1811 in Ohio, who marr. Jane Rich of Guildford Co, NC in Richmond Indiana in 1834. These two children were born in Centerville, Wayne Co. Indiana:

  1. Joseph Russell, b. Jun 11, 1844 marr. Sarah C Medaris on Feb 22, 1867.
  2. DeWitt Clinton Russell, b. Sep 27, 1847 marr. Luella (Medearis) Davis Mar 10, 1880. This was his second marr. He marr. first, Margaret A Hammond, 1870

That is all the data I have.

Thank you for your help.

Glen Russell



My name is Joel Ray Medearis. As I am unfamiliar with my family history I am trying to find possible relatives and other descendants. I was born in El Dorado Springs, Mo. My father was Joseph Ray Medearis and the only two uncles I am aware of are Paul John Medearis and Abraham Medearis. I have one full brother named Samuel Dee Medearis and I am aware of possibly 3 half brothers and sisters but I am not sure of the names. My uncles are up in years and unable to supply any information to the whereabouts of other family members. My father was married on two occasions, his second wife was my mother Myrtle Allene Porter. I have very little information with which to form any kind of family lineage and would appreciate any help you could supply.


Joel Ray Medearis


These two Queries are referring to the same family



Can anyone identify the parents and ancestral line of Claude Medearis b. Eldorado Springs, Cedar Co., MO, May, 1881; m. Emma May Shade, Cedar Co., MO, ?????; d. Eldorado Springs, Cedar Co., MO, ?????. He was enumerated as Claud Medaris in the 1880 Census in Box Twp., Eldorado Springs, MO, at age=19 (he b. MO, his father b. VA, his mother b. IL...it appears that the birthplaces of the parents were transposed by the censustaker), with his brother, George Medaris (age=17, b. March, 1883), and his mother, Cary Medaris, a widow (age=40, she b. VA, her father b. VA, her mother b. OH). Claude and Emma (Shade) Medearis had 12 children, i.e.,

  1. George d. Kansas City, MO
  2. Samuel (Sam) d. Eldorado Springs, MO
  3. Claudine Katherine m. Archie Buxton r. Eldorado Springs, MO
  4. Joseph Ray (Joe) d. Eldorado Springs, MO
  5. Elmer Crawford d. Banks, OR
  6. Abraham Arnold (Abe) r. Eldorado Springs, MO
  7. Paul John r. Eldorado Springs, MO
  8. Robert Bill d. Duval, WA
  9. Emma Jean m. Ray Cutright r. Forest Grove, OR
  10. Freeman Jared r. Ferndale, WA
  11. Nelliouse m. Paul Crusi r. Brownville, OR
  12. Virginia June m. Jim Stemmons r. Portland, OR

Charlie Cabiac

I believe I might be able to shed a little light on Joels missing brothers and sister if Joseph Ray was a Dairy farmer most of his life and Abraham ( "Abe") owned the Coast - to - Coast store in El Dorado.

E-Mail me at Dlmedearis@uswest.net Dave Medearis



I am originally from Russell Springs, Kentucky........I am the daughter of Roger Dean Medaris and grand daughter of the late Joe Allen Medaris. The family previously owned a large houseboat plant for over 30 years up until last April. At that time my father and uncle retired. We are the only family of Medaris' in our county. The name was adopted in around the late 1800's.

If you know anything of the Kentucky Medaris', I would be interested.


Venus Medaris Popplewell



I am descended from Elizabeth Madeira who married Thomas James Crockwell in 20 Sep 1813 in Ross, Ohio. I do not know if this is the same family since spellings vary so much. I would appreciate any information or suggestions that could help me trace Elizabeth's ancestry.

Dick Wells



Hi, I am Kevin Christopher Medaris, and my sister is Elizabeth Sue Medaris. Our dad, Gale "Butch" Medaris, pasted away in Feb 1999. We were browsing and saw your page. We have never known anything about the Medaris name until now! Butch's parents were Charles and Karthleen Medaris. We are in Muncie, Indiana. Charles originally came from a town in Kentucky (we do not know the town).

Thanks for your work.

Kevin & Susie



I am looking for the place of death, and the reason for, the death of Curtis Stephen Medaris. He was born on May 27, 1875 in Indiana. He was born to William Hastings Medaris and Ruth Temperacne Melick. Curtis supposedly died on February 7, 1903 in ALABAMA. He was buried in Worthington, in Greene Co, Indiana. He was married to Emma Florence Franklin and had three very young chidlren at the time of his death. Clarence Odell, Dessie Cleathel and Floney Ruth. After Curtis' death Emma remarried, to Charles T Hess.

Would anyone know where and why he was in Alabama?


Brad Parks



I've just visited your website and read the possibility of all the Medaris in the country being connected. So I thought I would give it a shot. I have a Lilly Medaris who was born around 1865, maybe in Indiana, parents unknown. She married a man named Walstein Webster Tyrrell, maybe in Kansas. They had at least one child Chester Earl, born Oct. 1885 in Junction City, KS., and possibly another child Jack or James Walter., maybe more, I don't know. At some point, they moved to Humboldt Co. Iowa where Lilly died around 1895. I'd like to know all I can about this family if you can help.

Thank you,


The closest match I have is Lilly May Medaris b. in Illinois in 1865/66. She is the daughter of John S. and Marinda T. Medaris. Lilly's sister Maud Anna was born in Illinois as well, but all her other siblings were born in Indiana after 1866. In 1880 they lived in Davis County, Junction City, Kansas. Now the bad news. I do not yet know where John S. fits into the family.

There is a group of Medaris' who lived in this area that I have not yet been able to fit just yet. They are either from the Oliver (5) or Charles (5) line. I do hope to solve this problem soon, but it is not solved yet.

K. Madaris



I have information on my great-grandfather Philip Medearis. I copied this information off the grave stone. Philip medearis born 11/3/1894 died 4/18/1935 married to Jessie Odom. Does anybody know who this is?

Shelley McBride



Searching for book about Vietnam called "Faces". Had Rick Medaris' story in it. Saw the book in 1972. Amazon.com doesn't have it. Don't get to come to this site often, but do love knowing something about the Medaris'. We were a mystery before.

Patti Medaris Culea



I have happened upon your ancestory site while doing a search from msn.com "search the web" function. I searched for my mother's maiden name (Madera) and you were among some of the hits. Could my mother also be related to Domingo? Here is what I know off the top of my head, as my mother, Marian, is researching her family tree and she is stuck at her great great grandfather, Charles, born in 1805 though she has no birth certificate to prove that. She does know he was married twice.

Marian Madera-Dyson was born May 18, 1925 in Niagara Falls, NY. Her father was Frederick George Madera and her mother was Grace Marble. Grace was born in the Springfield, MA area. Marian knows that her family lived in the Isle of Wight in Virgina because she has documents such as Wills and such. Is there a way that she can get past this road block? Would you mind giving her a hand? She is 76 and is starting to get frustrated with Charles' lack of information on parents, etc. Please respond when you can. In the meantime, your site will provide plenty of reading time

Margaret Fiume



My husband and I are working on his family. He had a great great aunt named Anna Hansen who married Henry Medaris in IL. They had 2 children Jessie Belle b. 30 Sept. 1885 and LeRoy b. 1888. Henry abandoned the family following LeRoy's birth and died, I believe, in WY. We are interested in the Medaris' and also any information you might have on his wife Anna Hansen Medaris.

Thank you for you help.

Michaelene "Mike" Miles



I am looking for documentation of the death of Sally Medaris Grider (Born Abt 1789, Died 1869 in Russell County, KY). She married James Grider in about 1803. Does anyone have the documentation that she died in 1869 in Russell County, KY? Also, I have heard that the courthouse had a fire and the marriage record of James and Sarah was destroyed. The only proof that I have is the Kentucky death certificate of their daughter Rachel McKinley. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tina Pierce



Researching spouse of John Moore - born TN - Susan Merderis (spelling may not be correct). Susan was born in either NC or SC about 1838. She and John lived in Webster County, MO during late 1800's and had son Robert Houston Moore who married Sarah C. Maghan (McGhan) in 1890, Straford Cty, MO. Susan on 1920 Census in Seymor, MO with daughter Jessie Heard & children. Both were widows in 1920. Lost track of Susan after 1920. Also lost track of any oth e r family members. A daughter was to have married Marcus Markham (Marcum) who was in Missouri in 1940 at Robert H. Moore's death. Robert & Sarah had 10 children who lived, my mother was one. They relocated from Missouri to Grayton County, TX in the earl y 1900's and lived in Tioga, TX. Have found Maghan and Allmon families who are related also. Any connection information would be appreciated.

Doris (Turner) Cunningham, Indiana



My name is Michael Medearis(43) B.in Mpls.MN. My father is Louis F. Medearis (72) B.in Detroit Michigan. He (Louis) never knew his father, therin lies the mystery! He thinks his name may have been Paul Medearis (no idea where bor n).His (Louis') mothers name was Rosalia (Zaglen?).She and my father, moved from Detroit to Mpls. when my father was 2. Thats all we know . The rest has been a mystery for quite some time. It would of remained a mystery until I was poking around on this c omputer, and typed in my last name.What surprise to find out there are Medearis' all over the country! I had heard of a few here and there but never met another. We are the only "Medearis' in Minnesota as far as we know.

Hope this helps!

Looking forward to your response!

Thanks Much!

Mike Medearis



Am looking for any info on a John Rufus McDaris born about 1850. His son, my grandfather, was Tom Olan McDaris and is listed in the Oklahoma census of 1930 along w/ my father Olan McDaris. Have searched fairly extensively and not been able to find anything. What little info I have I'm not sure if correct, but believe my grandfather, Tom, was born in Stone County Missouri. Thanks!!

Matt McDaris


 Can anyone make the connection of William M Madaries b. 1849 (maybe Texas) d. 19 apr 1929 in DeSoto Parish LA (one record shows Shelby Cty, Ohio) married to Nellie E. Hunt b. abt 1872 in Waterford IR d. 1969 Cape Cod MA (yes she was much younger)  they had two daughters -

Nora M Madaries b. 1918 in DeSoto Parish (Mansfield La) d. 1984 Cape Cod Mass (my Grandmother)  
Nora was married to Paul L Kenney b. 1916 Newton Ma, d. 1945 MIA WW2 -- remarried to Eugene Kiernan in 1948
2nd daughter Margaret M Madaries b. 1914 Muscogee OK d. 1979  Cape Cod, MA
records show she was married to Ed Crawford b. 1911 d.1976

I got my Grandmothers La Birth Cert (Nora Madaries)
It shows he dad as Wm M Madaries, residence: Mansfield, La RD3, his race as white and his birth place Shelby County Ohio as a Farmer
On the 1920 census, it shows birthplace - Texas

I'll tell you what I have on James and Cassie.  Cassie is my side of the family, Catherine A. Adcock Medaris.  The following is what I have on James.  I can't locate his parents because of various surname spellings, and he lists his father as being born in three different states, 1880 census in IN, 1900 census in KY and 1920 census in IL.  He and Cassie were married 4 July 1869 in Sullivan Co., IN.  He was granted a patent from the U. S. Patent Office on 21 Jan 1871 for "Improvement in Combined Gang-Plows and Cultivators."  He and Cassie went to KS between date of patent and birth of son Winfred on 24 Feb 1873 in Junction City, Geary Co., KS.  They were back in Sullivan Co., IN for 1900 census.  In 1910 census he is listed with Cassie in Sullivan Co., IN and also in the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Danville, IL.  I can't find Civil War records.  His obit states he a member of Battery D of the Second Indiana Light Artillery.  He died at the NHDVS in Danville, IL.  Cassie was still living in Sullivan City at the age of 92 when the local newspaper ran a lengthy article for her birthday in the Dec. 31 1939 issue.  I have a date of 1941 for death from her grave marker.  I can locate no death record or obituary.  The birthday article does mention that James was residing in New Lebanon, IN at the time of their marriage.  I'm hoping you can add some information to what I have.  Waiting to hear from you.

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