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How do I navigate this Site?

All names are entered with a descendant string. For example

Charles (5) (John Thomas 4, Charles  3, Charles 2, Domingo 1)

In the example above, the Person "Charles" is the fifth generation listed. His father is John Thomas, whose father is Charles, whose father is Charles, whose father is Domingo. All the blue links are hot links. If you click on them they will take you to their listing. For example if you click on "John Thomas" you will go to the "History Page" where John Thomas is listed with his family and Charles is listed as a child. You can walk forwards and backwards through the individual family branches. 

The most practical way of finding your starting point is to send me a list of information about your ancestry. If I can locate your ancestors within our site I can usually make your connection and send you a full lineage. You can then follow this lineage through the site.

If you are not aware of your ancestry or I am unable to connect you with the information provided, this site will become your research tool. By researching the information, contacting researchers (contributors) who are working your line, donating your known information for posting and by posting queries on this site, we will likely put together your ancestry with a little time.

When you visit this page at later times, consult the "Updates" section of the Home Page for Updates. This way you will not have to search through all the information looking for additions or changes. I will also update you to all changes on request. Important changes warrant a notice to all contributors and sometimes I send automatic updates to researchers of a changed line.

So are you ready to get started ?

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Madaris, Medearis, Medaris, McDaris, McDearis, Medaries
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