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This page will be dedicated to providing ideas and assistance in collecting and preserving genealogical information.  Our generation is in an ideal situation to perform genealogy.  Our grandparents were in a much better situation and those of that generation who did preserve our histories have made an incredible contribution the future generations.

Preserve History Now
There are many things we can do now to preserve our recent and current "future gifts" to our descendants.  We must think as genealogist and think about the things we wish our ancestors had left for us.  Genealogy is much more than preserving the past, we must realize that we are also creating a past.  We will someday be the people in our books.  Here are a few things that I came up with that I hope you will find intrigueing.
This list will continue to grow.  Do you have any suggestions?
Also coming soon, research ideas.  Where to look for those lost gems of information. How to find those ancestors who are just plain elusive. 

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