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 In order to help fund the site, items are for sale on CD.  You can obtain the complete records on an individual listed at this web site on CD for one price !
Individual  E-mail-able files will still be sent FREE when possible, CD is for multiple files or higher quality images.

1. Make a request.  
        For example: I would like a copy of the Confederate Records for Franklin Medaris (9) (William Fletcher 8,  Thomas J. 7, John 6, Charles 5)

2.  Then I will compile all of the records and let you know what I have available.
        For example:   I have 19 pages of Confederate Roster files including his enlistment paper from the Georgia Archives.

3. You then decide if you want to order the CD.

4. Pay by Paypal (membership not required), Check or Money order.  
  • Payments by check will not be mailed until the check clears.
  • Paypal payments are sent to my e-mail address: using a credit card.

What Is Available

$12.50 per CD,
(Free Postage)

As I compile and organize the files for easier copying I will start listing what I have avaiilable.  You may also request something you do not see listed yet and see if I have it.  
  • Military Files:  
      • Confederate  I have most, if not all of the Confederate Records on everyone listed on my Civil War page as a Confederate.
      • Union             Not as complete as the Confederate Records yet, but I do have or can obtain most Union records now. Check with me and see !
      • Revolutionary War    John, Massey and Rice (5)
  • Reinterment of Confederate Veterans, Charleston SC, 1999
      • Newspaper articles from the 1993 and 1999 projects.
      • Photographs of the archeological dig of 1999.
      • Biography of Franklin Madaris, one of the men reinterred at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston.
      • Photographs and Sound files of the Funeral Procession and Ceremonies.
      • All in a Digital Photo Album.
  • Some Yancey, Medearis, and Hicks Descendants, Compiled by Descendants, Edited by Douglas M. Willis, 1973
      • The complete book. I have obtained permission for reprint and distribution for this book for our project from Douglas M. Willis' widow.
      • Detailed eary history of the John (5) line.  
      • Family Letters and Stories written at the time
      • Story of the move from Tennessee to Texas, written by Mary Elizabeth Medearis Feeney
      • Photographs of many individuals.Coffee Mugs

  • Coat of Arms Coffee Mug
    • Halberts Design or Madeiras Design          $18.50
      • Not ordered in bulk but individually because of the various spellings of our Surnames.
      • 11oz, dishwasher and microwave safe.
      • Specify the spelling of the last name.
      • Shown is the Halberts design that I drew.  If you prefer the Madeiras version with your name spelling, I can do that also.
      • READ the Coat of Arms Page before ordering so you fully understand about the Coat of Arms. I like the Halberts design and it was the first COA I ever saw for our family.
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More to be listed !

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