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July 27, 2011

April 16, 2011

April 05, 2011

March 07, 2011
I have been searching online books for mentionings of our family.  It's a great way to find rosters and old documents hidden away.  Suprisingly, I found our family listed in an unexpected place; a Romance Novel.   Melanie Rawn, worte a book called "Spellbinder", copywrite 2006.  It is about a modern day Witch.  I have not read the book, so I can not tell you much about it, but the book is dedicated to her mother Alma Lucile Fisk.  Fisk is a name some of us are familiar with.  It is also dedicated to her ancestor Mary Bliss, 1625 - 1712, "accussed of witchcraft".

     The main character is "Denise McClure" (another surname we are familiar with).  On page 53, she is discussing her family history and states "Meet four generations of McClures, Flynns, Kirbys, McNichols, Coxes, Bellews, and Sherers."  Referring to some photographs she is showing her boyfriend.
    She continues in the next paragraph "Well...a few French and Welsh, plus an early Virginia cattle rancher named Domingo Madeiras, who was probaby a Portuguese Jew forced to convert by the  Inquisition."
     Seems our author is at least familiar with our research and her family history.  I thought some of you might find this interesting..

December 03, 2010

September 15, 2010
,   Well, I am surprised that no one pounced on the errors that I had in the last update! Perhaps no one has looked at it yet.  I have corrected the following lines and reposted them

September 13, 2010

July 31, 2010 

 I have started a Family Tree Online Store, where you can order original copies of Individual Confederate, Union or Revolutionary War service records on CD.  I will also be adding other files and offers as I can compile them.   Single files can still be requested at no charge.  These CD's are for multiple files that need to be put on CD and mailed.  It will help offset approximately $700 a year to operate the site, which is my honor to do so and have been doing since 1996.  I hope to offer Coffee Cups, T-Shirts and more as this progresses.  Let me know if you would like to see anything in particular offered !!

July 23, 2010

        Well it's been a while since our last update.  This is only the second one for the year.  I have been busy working some of my other family lines on my wifes and my mothers side.  Nowwhere near the success of the Madaris side because there are no other researchers out there to pull together.  I really appreciate everyone who has helped work on this site over the years.  We have 277 contributors to date.

        I have been adding information to and using Footnote as well to try and pull more sources and connections in.  I have learned to mine Ancestry pretty well and it should help in answering some of our unanswered queries as well as future ones showing up.  Some of the discoveries in this update were successful because of records on Ancestry and Footnote.

        I am running almost a year behind on updates again but I hope to get caught up soon.  The updates below are from e-mails recieved up to July 16th, 2009.

Updated the information onCharles F. Medaris (9) (Leonidas H. 8Charles 7, Malachi 6, Charles 5)

January 11, 2010.  

Wow.. here is our first update of 2010.  I can't believe the first decade of the century is almost history.  But we do have the release of the 1940 census this year !  I do look forward to diving into those.  Some of you might be able to find yourselves in these records.  

I have put some of our information on  It has allowed me to mine their files better and locate hard to find records by using their "hints" which searches for matching records.  It has been very helpful.  I am trying to get into the early Virginia census records, but nobody has scanned them yet.  Indexes are hard to find and not even Ancestry has them online yet.

December 06, 2009

November 02, 2009

October 03, 2009

July 06, 2009

                        Updated the following listings:

March 14, 2009

November 19, 2008

August 08, 2008

                                I have two updates for today. 

July 24, 2008

July 08, 2008        

A very small percentage of the tests we perform do not return conclusive results the first time we test. In these cases, the samples do not produce a reading that allows our lab to determine with 100% certainty the values for one or more markers or regions. When this happens, we re-test the sample. We repeat this procedure up to 3 times after the initial test fails to give a clear result.
Your result failed to produce a clear result in this run. Below is a status update for your test, as well as an estimated time of when the next rerun is expected to be completed:
DCLADE-R - 7/25/2008 This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your sample is being rerun now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date.

So now we have to wait until the 25th to get the remainder of our results.  Not a biggie, but I was looking forward to it.

June 26, 2008

May 08, 2008

April 01, 2008:   I have a lot of updates for this release.  Some small, but all significant.

Well I have started using a new composing program for writing the web pages.  For the first time I have found one with spell check included.  I think I heard a few "thank you Lord" comments out there just then... Yes...I can use all the help I can get....I just wish it had a grammar check !  Hopefully you will see some improvement in my writing.

I have sent my DNA sample back to FTDNA and have been given an expectation date of May 02.  I look forward to getting those results and hope they match my findings.  It should be interesting either way..I will keep you updated.


March 02, 2008

Well this update is a milestone. It completes e-mails received as of January 01, 2008. I am finally caught up to date. I have a few e-mails received in January and February 2008 and I hope to have them posted soon.


February 21, 2008

November 20, 2007


July 19, 2007


July 06, 2007

Another landmark update. I have finished the updates sent in 2006 and prepare to start 2007 updates.. I may actually get caught up one day soon.

If you sent me something in 2006 or before but do not yet see it let me know... I had a few computer changes during that time and hopefully did not loose anything. If you sent something in 2007, hold on, I will get to it soon. Snail mails are a little slower. I have a bunch of them to do as soon as I can get caught up on the e-mails.


July 04, 2007

I have added the following information for this update !!


April 29, 2007

Well it seems that our DNA Project will go slower than expected. The results from SMGF could take as long as 6 months to show up. I will keep a check and update everyone when they do begin to show.


April 17, 2007


April 03, 2007:


January 11, 2007

Well we have a pretty big update this time and it is a bit of a milestone for myself. I have completed e-mails sent through Dec. 31, 2005. I am now about to start 2006. I know to the average person that sounds like I am still way behind and yes.....I am. But until now I had been about 2 years I am only one so I am catching up fast.

There are some really good updates listed here and there is a little something for everyone and practically every line. I am still going by the generation 5 numbers for now downward, I will let you know when I start decreasing the generation numbers. Not that it likely matters to anyone, but it does help keep everyone in place for identification. THANKS to everyone who has contributed to the tree, please continue to do so, I am s-l-o-w, but I do eventually get the job done.


December 18, 2006,

Well here is the big update everyone has been waiting for. There are big changes in our early history. We have lost Generation 2, the family of Charles and Mary Toseley Maderas. It has been satisfactorily proven that Charles did not marry Mary Toseley, but Mary Beamon. Mary Toseley married Minor Minor and Charles' mother Elizabeth Maderas married Thomas Tosoley. The family previously listed in Generations 2 and 3 were duplicates and had always raised questions and uncertainty. This will shift everyone down a generation. The individual pages still show the previous generation numbers starting at (5), for example the Descendancy of Charles Madaris (5). I want to do a little more research before I re-number everyone on those pages. Please just keep in mind that for now the 6 brothers, sons of John Thomas are actually generation (4) now.

If anyone has census listings that you do not see on our site please contribute them. Census records are the key to solving mosts queries and mysteries in our family. You may be holding the key to someone elses roadblock.

June 22, 2006

June 02, 2006

Well I am getting up to date. I have just finished all of the e-mail updates from 2004. I am about to start on 2005 which only puts me a little over a year behind now. This is the closest I have come to being caught up in several years. I am determined to get caught up on e-mails. I probably also have several snail mails I have not gotten to yet as well. I appreciate everyones understanding and patients with such slow postings. I do not want to lose any contributors due to delays.

May 05, 2006

March 27, 2006

December 11, 2005


November 30, 2005

Well technology is catching up with me a bit. I started this web site in 1996 with a 286 Packard Bell and windows 3.11. I have always used Netscape Composer as both the browser and html writing software. The technology has upgraded over the years and I have tried to upgrade the pages as we went. Well Netscape no longer develops Composer and HTML technology has changed over the last few years. The result has been a degradation of the web site and I am finding out that some details do not show up in various browsers. For instance some images placed on the page was not showing up in Internet Explorer which was a newer browser than some may be using. Formatting would look different depending on what browser you were using. Some letters may be large while others are too small.

Well I finally hit a milestone this week when I could no longer update some pages. The mixture of Composer 2.0, 3.0 5.0 and 7.1 was beginning to conflict and some pages would no longer open or were no longer editable. So I am being dragged, kicking and sceaming, into new programs and technology. Not that I don't like new programs, but I am going to have to rewrite the entire site to bring it into the 21st century. What I hope you will see is a better looking web site, nicer pages and a more even formatting. You might even find a surprise or two with images you were not able to see before. I am using Front Page Express to start with. Works fairly easy and much like Composer did. But unfortunately it does not have spell check. I really need spell check.

I will list the pages in the updates as they are completed in the new script. Let me know if you see any spelling errors, bad links and such and I will correct them as we go along.

So far I have:


November 18, 2005   Although information has been slow coming out, it has not been as slow coming in.  I do want to send out a short although interesting update to let everyone know "yes I am still here". 


August 16, 2005  Well this update is a landmark of sorts.  This update completes e-mails and some snail mails sent in 2002.  I will now move into 2003.  If you sent information way back then, it is finally making it to the top of the stack.  Now I know why so many people wait to start genealogy after they retire.  I'm doing it backwards !

I have lost a lot of e-mails and contacts. If you have not been receiving updates, please re-submit your request with your current e-mail address.

June 29, 2005

December 10, 2004

Well I am on a roll for now.  A little extra time the last couple of weeks has allowed me to work on the web site a little more.  I am making really good progress with the information that people have donated.  I wish I could have posted this much earlier.  It is a very slow process .


December 01, 2004

This update has been a long time coming.  I have lost contact with many people in the automatic update lists as each time I send one out, more addresses come back as no longer in use.  I have been very slow to get to work on the updates and what you will see here today only brings me to e-mails received in August 2002.  I have a way to go.  So to make this update worth waiting for, I have provided a lot of new information with a big suprise at the end.  So please enjoy the updates, and although I may be slow, don't give up on me just yet.

Because of the big suprise, I dedicate this update to Floyd McKinley Medaris and William Clinton Madaris, two un-tiring researchers who wanted so dearly to see this update. 

A special Thanks to Jack E. Smith, for the charts demonstrating this connection.

July 13, 2004,
Updated the family of

May 21, 2003:

Well it has been a while since we have had any updates. I remain as always very far behind.
I have updated the listings of:

August 04, 2002:
    I have started the update to the page. You may notice a slightly new look to some of the pages, this one included. I found out what was causing my problems and am in the process of resolving the issues mentioned below.  Seems HTML language has changed over the 6 years that I have been doing this site and I haven't been keeping up. So... being behind I am essentially having to rewrite all of the web pages to update them to the new language. Some of the old formating was not being recognized by newer browsers. This site will be best when viewd by Netscape Navigator, a free download from  It should view alright with Internet Explorer, but some of the formating may be off a bit. So if you have problems please let me know.
    So far I have redone the following pages. If you find any missing links for problems please let me know.

March 01, 2002: Well I am getting caught up finally. I have completed e-mails up to 10 Jan. 2002. I'm actually into this year. I have also completed a few snail mail packets I recieved over time as well. Still more to go however. There are 213 e-mails still in my inbasket and a stack of snail mails collecting dust beside my desk. I'll get there though !

And I also have an apology. I had accidently listed Daisy Madaris Styles as deceased 01 July 2001. We are pleased to note that Daisy is still "Alive and Kickin" per her family. I haven't a clue how I made that one but I do apologize to Daisy and family.

February 23, 2002:  I am getting several returned updates undeliverable. If you are no longer receiving updates please send me your updated e-mail address. I may have an error in my address listing for you or it was not updated when you changed.  Thanks,

I am into e-mails received in October 20001. Yes I am way behind. I am trying to get caught up however so please bear with me if you do not yet see your contribution added yet.  This update I have added or updated the following:

February 19, 2002: I have added to the following families:

January 10, 2002:  Wow another year has gone by already. Seems we just celebrated the start of the new millineum a few months ago.  I believe I am experiencing time compression, something my elders warned me about when I reached this age. You will be glad to know that we are still making family connections and new discoveries. We are at the point where the discoveries are slowing down and getting further apart. Which means that we are getting as near to the complete story as we will likely get. We still have a few major lines out there to connect however so research will continue for a while. I do not forsee us placing an amen to this project as long as we have queries that need to be answered. I do hope at some point, with the assistance of many others, to put this into a final printed book form.  I think we are still a few years away from that and it will likely take about a year to put it into the format and order to make a printed version.  I look forward to corresponding with all of you this new year and it is still exciting to wonder what new information will grace the pages of this site before this year comes to an end.

     Joseph "Joe" Robert McDaris , Sr.(11) DOB:  4/13/41 past away on December 28th after a brief battle with cancer.  We laid him to rest at Copper Ridge Cemetery in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Joseph was the son of Roy "Jack" Delmar McDaris (9) and the grandson of Eutokia Guthrie (9) and Robert E. Lee McDaris (8) (William Taylor 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5)

For this update we have added to the families of:

August 18, 2001:  Well the summer is almost over and the kids are back in school. Genealogy has been going slow for the most part, but I have been busy working my other lines and doing research on my direct descendancy. I have made some great discoveries however. I have located the mill that was built by Thomas Madaris (7) (John 6, Charles 5) and his son's in Coweta County, Georgia.  The mill was built prior to 1847 and stood until the late 1980's. I have found a local photographer who has a great photo of the mill and he is making me a copy of it. I will share it with everyone when I receive it.
    We also have some sad news which I am always regretful to share. We have lost some of of our family, a part of our tree, some of our loved ones since the last update.

Roger Norman Medearis , (Thomas Whittier Jr. 9, Thomas Whittier Sr. 8, Henry M. 7, James Wilson 6, Benjamine 5) died on the evening of July 5, 2001. He left this earth at 5:45PM Pacific Time July 5, 2001.

Lillie Pearl Ruth Smith Madaris , my grandmother and first wife of James Henry Madaris (11) (Thomas Washington 10, William Alfred 9, William Fletcher 8, Thomas 7, John 6, Charles 5), passed away July 20, 2001.

    I have neglected a few announcements while I was away from the computer for a bit. So I plan to make a change in the way I handle notices. I use to hold notices until the next update. However, updates are getting farther apart as we move along. I just found a reunion for the Yancey's in my stacks that was in June. A little late on to make the notice. And the Death announcements are a bit behind. Therefore If you have an announcement you wish to share with our group, I will forward it immediatley rather than waiting for an update notice.  I apologize for those who I neglected and I hope you understand I did not place you to the side intentionally. Please continue to send notices especially on Births, Reunions and Deaths.

  • I have added information to the family of John Henry McDearis (9) (John Cleveland 8, James Hiram 7, William H. 6, Rice 5)
  • I have made some corrections to the 1900 Kansas Census identities. Thank you to all the proof readers out there !!
  • Added the family of Melinda Medearis (8) an new found daughter of Charles Medearis (7) (Malachi 6, Charles 5)
  • We have added to the 1850 Illinois Census . There are several people here who I have not yet tried to connect in. If you are in search of a lost relative, check here and see if you recognize anyone.

July 27, 2000:

July 21, 2000:

July 16, 2000:   Updated the following

May 31, 2000:

May 19, 2000:   Well as usual here lately, I've been way behind. I'm adding information from Nov 1999 - Feb 2000.  I'm finally in this century at least. I appreciate everyones patience. I am back at work on genealogy and the updates should continue for a while. I have a great deal of information to add.  This update is very exciting and has a little for everyone. I think the only line we didn't add to this time was Benjamin's.

March 08, 2000:

Feb. 24, 2000: Good and Bad news:  Lena Madaris Sentell, the youngest daughter of William Alfred Madaris (1848 -  1921) passed away in Meridian, Mississippi on 07 Dec 1999.  Lena was born 26 Dec 1914 and was only 6 when her father died. Lena married (1) Mr Thompson  (2) Clyde Ham (3) Floyd Sentell (pictured at left).   I had the pleasure of talking to Lena by phone about 2 years ago and was able to send her information on our family.  She was a pleasure to speak with and I regret I didn't take the opportunity to talk to her more.  She certainly will be missed. Our sympathies go out to her family.

We are proud to announce our first known addition to the tree this century. Aubrie Olivia McDaris was born 31 Jan. 2000.  She is the pride and joy of Kellie Marie McDaris, sister of our contributor Pamela McDaris Mashburn (Joseph Robert 10, Roy Delmar 9, Robert Lee 8, William Taylor 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5)

I have added:

  • Mary Maderes (7) (Benjamine 6, Benjamine 5)
  • Dr. Salathiel Medaris (7) (James Davis 6, Oliver 5)
  • Charles W. Medaris (8) (Charles R. 7, John 6, Charles 5)
  • William Medaris (6) (Charles 5)
  • Rachel Mederis (7) (William H. 6, Rice 5)
  • Newton Harris Medearis (8) (William Malcom 7, John Wesley 6, Massey 5)
  • Forsyth County, NC, Cemetery Page with the family of Newton Harris Medearis (8) (William Malcom 7, John Wesley 6, Massey 5)
  • Charles I. Medaris (8) (Colbert 7, Charles 6, Rice 5)
  • Jan. 07, 2000:  Wow, here it is a new century, and I feel like I am still a century behind.  I am slowly getting back to work on the tree. I have been distracted and working on other projects through the holidays. I have restarted and I am working on e-mails from Oct. 1999, so please be patient with me if you have sent information in.  I promise I will get to it this millineum.    8-)

    I have added additions to:

    Nov. 18, 1999: I have made additions to:

    Oct. 21, 1999:  I have added the families of:

    Sept. 25, 1999: I have:

    The family of Benjamine Medearis (6) (Benjamine 5)
    Added to the family of:
    Abigail Yancey Medearis (7) (Benjamin W.H. 6, John 5)
    Updated info on
    William Alfred Madaris (9) (William Fletcher 8, Thomas 7, John 5, Charles 5)
    Pike County, Alabama, Cemeteries

    Aug. 13, 1999: This update I have added:

    The families of:

    June 11, 1999: This update I:

    June 25, 1999: I have added the following:

    June 17, 1999: I have added:

    May 21, 1999:   This update is dedicated to our cousins who were recently lost. Evelyn E (McDARIS) Hampton of the Rice Descendancy, and John Pearson , who was an avid researcher on the Benjamin (5) line. John's work, enabled us to make the connection between Benjamin and his ancestors. Both of these cousins will be surely missed.
    I've added the following families:

    April 18, 1999: I've been on a bit of a break and have rejoined the search!
    Once again I have to make a very sad announcement . Lou Morsell, who was a major contributor to the McDaris line of Rice (5) passed away April 07, 1999.  Lou is the daughter of Edna McDaris Potts (9) (John Gather 8, Harvey P. 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5).  She was a great friend and she will be greatly missed. Everyone please stay healthy out there. Stop Smoking  Now !  It seems every other update lately has included a message of another lost cousin.

    I have added:

    February 25, 1999:  I have added the following families:

    January 06, 1999: I have added the following:

    We must say another sad farewell to another cousin.  Bessie Smith McDaris, widow of Carl Logan McDaris (8) (Jefferson Taylor 8, William Taylor 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5) passed away on 3 Feb. 1999.  Bessie was b. 12 April 1906.  Bessie was laid to rest at Breckenridge Cemetery, Breckenridge, Texas.  This is the grandmother of Howard McDaris. Please keep Howard and his family in your thoughts.
    This update is possible thanks to Jerry Wilson , descendant of Salathiel Medaris. From his information I was able to place and organize the families of:

    January 03, 1999: I have added the following:

    January 4, 1999:  Wow, it's hard to believe we are into the last year of this century.  As the year 2000 approaches, I try to think about what it was like for our grandparents or great grandparents when the date changed to the 1900's.  A lot has happened and I am sure a lot will happen.  Well for us genealogist we look forward to gaining access to the 1930 Census Records in 2000 now don't we !!  I hope everyone has a Great New Year !

    December 26, 1998:
    Our sympathies and prayers go out yet again to another lost cousin.  Nina Louise McDaris Grice passed away 09 Dec. 1998.  She is the mother of John Grice who has contributed much to our genealogy.

        This update I have added:

    December 04, 1998:  I have added:

    November 22, 1998:
    Our sympathies and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones recently. We have lost the following cousins:

    I have added the following families:

  • Mary J. Medaris (8) (Charles R. 7, John 6, Charles 5)
  • David Medearis (8) (Charles R. 7, John 6, Charles 5)
  • John Augustus Medearis (9) (John Wesley 8, Wilson Frank 7, James Wilson 6, Benjamine 5)
  • added the Will of Wiley Woodward Medearis (7) (George W. D. 6, John 5)

    October 02, 1998:  I have added a clarification onto the History Page regarding the listing of James Maderra and his descendants to our line.  They are listed here for comparison and reference purposes only and there has not yet been a definite tie to link them to Domingo or the rest of our family as of yet.  This should not be mistaken as fact.

    I have added the following:

    The families of

    September 13, 1998: Shirley and Ed Weeks...I'd like to get in contact with you.. don't have an e-mail address

        I have added the families of:

    August 21, 1998: I have

    August 06, 1998:

    July 31, 1998:

    July 25, 1998:  I have re-arranged the first 4 generations and made several additions and subtractions to these families.  Some of you knew about the alternate history page where I had listed debates and I now feel the information is conclusive.  The new information I feel supports the new lineup of our generations.  The changes can be summerized as:

  • Charles and Mary Beamon who were previously listed as Gen. (3) have been moved to Gen. (2).  Charles and Mary Toseley who were previously Gen (2) have been moved to Gen. (3).  They are no doubt the parents listed in the Christ Church Parish Register and the parents to John Thomas.
  • The Charles who signed his name Carlos, is actually Charles (4), brother to John Thomas and father in law to James McHan. It was previously thought that Charles (3) was the writer of this will.  The dates prooved this impossible.
  • I have also started working on the history of Domingo.  The possibilities of his "coming to America".  Domingo may very well be the original Immigrant.  However so far, research indicates he did not immigrate here. Recent developments found by Jeff McDaris, have brought new possibilities to our origins.  We still believe Domingo or his parents came ultimately from Madiera, Portugal, but there is evidence to believe they could have come here well before the English establishment of Jamestown in 1600.  Keep in mind as you see this develop that is only theory, and possibilities for us to consider.
    As always the changes are open to debate and challenges.  I have listed along with these changes a list of supporting documents or evidence.  Please feel free to comment or disagree. That is what will prevent inaccuracies and errors on this page.
    Click here to visit the new History Page !

    July 12, 1998: The following families have been added:

    July 05, 1998:  I updated some dates and names in the James Wilson Medearis (6) line, way to numerous to list here, but thanks to John Pearson and Jane Johnson for their contributions.  I have also updated some names and dates in the Rice line and the Indiana Census records, again too numerous to list here. I have also made spelling and error corrections to this page. Thanks to Charles Cabiac for these contributions and corrections.

    But our best addition this update is the posting of a painting by Roger Norman Medearis (10) (Thomas Whittier Jr. 9, Thomas Whittier Sr. 8, Henry Massey 7, James Wilson 6) titled: " We Shall Come Rejoicing ".  This 1975 painting details accurate portraits of Roger's ancestors and is an invaluable contribution to the genealogy of those descended from James Wilson Medearis.June 28, 1998: I have

    June 25, 1998: This is a large update for the descendants of Oliver (5).  Thanks to Brad Parks for his contribution to this line.  We have added the following families:

    June 07, 1998: I have added:

    May 16, 1998: I have added:

    May 07, 1998: I have added the family of

    April 08, 1998: I have updated the families of

    Added the families of

    April 02, 1998: I have added

  • 1880 Iowa Census Records
  • 1880 Illinois Census Records
  • 1820 - 80 Indiana Census Records
  • 1900 and 1910 Kansas Census Records  

    March 29, 1998: This update I have added the families of:

  • Lottie McDaris (9) (Joseph Taylor 8, Henry 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5)
  • Added to the family of William Oliver McDaris (8) (James Andrew 7, Oliver 6, Rice 5)
  • Added information and a family to the 1840 North Carolina Census Records
  • Added the 1880 Kansas Census Records . We have a lot of unidentified people in these records and need your help in making their connections.
  • March 20, 1998: Ok's Ladies Revenge Update !! I have added the families of:

    March 18, 1998: I have added the Cuba Cemetery Listing for Owen County Indiana. This cemetery contains the family of James Davis (6) (Oliver 5).

    March 13, 1998: I have added some new Revolutionary Soldiers to our list. They are yet to be identified and connected into the tree. However they are clues as to where to direct some new research. Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

    • Also as I have always warned on this page, that this is a work in progress and it may and most likely will change from time to time. Our 2nd and 3rd generations appear to be about to change. Current research has brought to light a probable error in our listing. If you would like to be involved in the debate, you can see the information at our " History2 " page. Maybe you have some info that will help. This page is set up as a debate page with lots of references and arguments.

    March 06, 1998: I solved the mystery of Haywood Madaris ( Querie 1). This was a 2 year search for me and I was glad to fit this son of Thomas 7 (John 5, Charles 5) into the proper family.

  • I have completed the move of our web page to it's new home. I hope to get caught up again sometime in this lifetime! 2 weeks ago I had 117 emails to go to get caught I have 187. I think I'm going backwards. 

    February 15, 1998: I have added the Missouri 1880 Federal Census , thanks to Charles Cabiac for compiling this info. I have also made all the cemetery links that are available at this time. I also corrected a lot of dates for births and deaths on the Rice (5) page based on the transcriptions found in cemeteries and other documents..

    Please remember, before you consider printing this out..this is not a complete work , it is a work in progress placed here for everyone to research and share. Please consider this a rough draft. None of these pages should be copied and placed in libraries or archives, due to it's incompleteness and limited proof reading. The information will change as continuing research mandates.

    February 13, 1998: I have made a great many additions to the families of James Andrew Mederis (6) (Rice 5) and his descendants. There are way too many to list here. Thanks to Bob Mittenzwie for his contributions to these families.

    February 12, 1998: The descendants of Rice seem be be the dominant researchers lately. I have added information on the families of:

    William Loving Medaris (8) (Oliver C. 7, Gabriel 6, Rice 5) and his son William Roy Medaris (9).
    Clinton Calvin McDearis (9) (John Cleveland 8, James Hiram 7, William H. 6, Rice 5)
    Added Querie #18

    Jan 30, 1998: I have started the Indiana census records with contribution's from Charles Cabiac. The family of William F. Medaris / McDaris (7) (Oliver 6, Rice 5) has been removed . The William listed as appearing in the 1900 census has turned out not to be the son of Oliver. He will be added to the Querie's page.

  • I have added the families of
  • Millie Maderas (6) (Rice 5).
    Mariah Medaris (7) (Charles 6, Rice 5) of Adair Co., Kent.
  • Added marriage information of some of the children of Oliver (5).
  • I have added more Queries . We now have 16 un-answered mysteries to solve.
  • I have made some date corrections on the pages of James Wilson, Massey C, and Rice. To many to point out here. Thanks to John Pearson for his proof reading. ;-)
  • Made some interesting discoveries about the " Halbert's" Coat of Arms .
    January 24, 1998: I have added the families of:
    Canaria Allman McDaris (9) (William Oliver 8, James Andrew 7, Oliver 6, Rice 5)
    Clarence M. Medaris (9) (Oliver E. Jr. 8, Oliver E. Sr. 7, Gabriel 6, Rice 5)
    Thanks to John Grice, I added the transcripts of headstones in the Bryan Cemetery in Madison County , NC. Photo's will be added later. This also updated the family of Gabriel Lovin (7), (Oliver 6, Rice 5)
    Added a New Queries ..Please see if we can help our cousins with their research.

    January 15, 1998: I have updated the family of James Marion Madaris (8) (James Hiram 7, William H. 6, Rice 5) and added his children and thier families:
    John Franklin Madaris (9)
    James Hiram Madaris (9)
    We morn the death of Franklin D. McDaris (9) (John Gather 8, Harvey P. 7, James A. 6, Rice 5) b. 22 Feb 1933 d. 14 Jan 1998. He is the brother to Edna McDaris Potts. Edna and Lou Morsell , (Edna's daughter) are contributors to this site. Our prayers go out to them tonight. The funeral is Friday, 16 Jan 1998, at Sosobee's Funeral Home in Canton Ga.
    January 02, 1998: I have added the families of
    William Harvey McDaris (7) (John 6, Rice 5),
    William Rice (8) (Rice 7, John 6, Rice 5)
    Jefferson Taylor (8) (William Taylor 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5)
    John David Campbell (8) (Robert Notion (Newman) 7, John 6, Rice 5)
    George Washington Medearis (6) (Oliver 5)
    added to the children of Oliver (6) (Rice 5)

    December 14, 1997: I have added the families of
    Thomas Edward Medaris (9) (Oliver E. Jr. 8, Oliver E. Sr. 7, Gabriel 6, Rice 5),
    Pinkney J. Medearis (7) (John Wesley 6, Massey 5),
    Alfred W. Medearis (7) (John 6, Charles 5)
    Added Gordon County, Georgia, Cemeteries . This contains the family of John W. Medaris (7) (James A. 6, Rice 5) and John Cleveland (8) (James Hiram 7, William H. 6, Rice 5).
    Posted a new Querie .
    December 10, 1997: I have added Clermont County, Ohio, Cemeteries . This information donated by John Pearson (credits 17). These cemeteries contain the families of Charles (5).
    December 07, 1997: I have added the family of John Cleveland Madaris (8) (James Hiram 7, William H. 6, Rice 5). He may be the original McDearis. I hope to find more info from his descendants in N. Georgia.

    December 03, 1997: I have transcribed the Revolutionary Pension Application of Massey Medaris (5). Copies of the original document were donated by David Medearis (credits 28) who is a descendant of this soldier. This is a fantastic document that reads like a diary of Massey's involvement in the revolution.

    November 21, 1997: I have taken a short break from construction to do a few updates. I have added quite a bit more on the children of John (5), more than I can list here. This page is under construction and some of info may appear incomplete. I have added some Missouri Yankee's who are form the John W. (6) (Rice 5) line. This info donated by John Pearson (credits 17). I'm way way behind now, and still in October e-mails for updates. I'll get caught up again eventually. Please don't let this discourage you from sending in any info. More to come soon.

    November 12, 1997: Added the family of John Thomas Medearis (7) (George W. D. 6, John 5)

    November 08, 1997: I have started working the descendancy of Maj. John (5) . Thanks to the great contribution to our family genealogy by Doug Willis this will be a very detailed lineage. Now that I am listing the families of the women, I realize why our family did not grow very large early on. We males are definitley outnumbered !! This will take some time to accomplish so check back occasionally for updates.

    November 01, 1997: I have corrected and updated the family of John Washington (6) (Rice 5) including his children: John Washington (7), Doctor B. (7), Robert Hamilton (8) (John W. 6, Rice 5)

    October 11, 1997: I have added the families of Dennis Grady Medearis (7) (Benjamin W. H. 6, John 5). I have added the photo's of James Andrew Mederis (6) (Rice 5) b. 1797 and Harvey P. McDaris (7) (son of James 6, Rice 5). These are splendid photo's indeed !! Thanks to EDNA McDARIS POTTS, a grandaughter of Harvey's and LOU MORSELL (Edna's daughter) for contributing these fine photo's to our cause.

    October 08, 1997: I have added the families of William Salter (7) (Washington 6, Oliver 5), Jonathan H. (7) (James Davis 6, Oliver 5). Abraham (7) (James Davis 6, Oliver 5). Added information to the Wilson Frank Medearis (7) line (James Wilson 6). John Lipscomb Medearis (8) (Wiley W. 7, Washington Davis 6, John 5) Want to know what Medearis Family was indirectly the subject of a TV Drama? Visit the addition of the family of Robert Summerfield (9) (Robert Anderson 8, Wilson Frank 7, James Wilson 6). And finally, call off the dogs, I'm adding the families of the Women of our family.

    October 05, 1997: I added Polk County, Carroll County, Douglas County, and Walker County, Georgia, Cemeteries .

    October 03, 1997: Added the family of William Loving Medaris (8) (Oliver C. 7, Gabriel 6, Rice 5). Made corrections to Park Hinds Medearis (9) and Robert Anderson 8 ( Wilson Frank 7, James Wilson 6).

    October 02, 1997: I have updated the family of Oliver (5). Added the families of Arthur Medearis (Alexander 8, John Wesley 7, John Redmon 6, Oliver 5), Dennis Grady (7) (Benjamin W.H. 6, John 5), Rice (7) (Charles 6, Rice 5) including the line of Joseph Dimmitt.. Rev. Robert Cummings Medaris (8) (Robert Newman 7, John 6, Rice 5). Added the obituary for Sally Buckner, wife of Oliver 6 , (Rice 5). Added the Clinton County, Tennessee Cemetery listings.

    October 01, 1997: I have added the family of John H. Medaris (7) (James A. 6, Rice 5) and made his connection to the Confederacy . Also found Charles W. Medaris' (7) (James A. 6, Rice 5) Confederate listing. A discussion over the involvement of William Oliver (8) (James A. 7, Oliver 6, Rice 5) in the civil war has been posted.

    September 28, 1997: I have added the families of Wilson Frank Medearis (7) (James Wilson 6) particularly his sons Robert Anderson (8), Wilson Frank Jr. (8) and John Wesley (8) and their families.

    September 27, 1997: I have added the families of Robert Hamilton Medaris (8) (Rice 7, John W. 6, Rice 5), Richard Enzer Madaris (9) (James Marion 8, James Hiram 7, William H. 6, Rice 5). Robert Newman Medaris ( John 6, Rice 5).

    September 25, 1997: I have added the family of Benjamin Washington Medearis (8) (Joel Bug 7, Benj. W. H. 6, John 5). Have added more of the family of John (6) (Rice 5) will be working through this branch to Dr. RK and Rev. RC Medaris. I corrected the son's of Gabriel L (6) and Oliver (6) ( Rice 5). Oliver C. and Oliver Erwin respectively. Both are in the correct family and Conf. regiment. Thanks to Charles Cabiac for noteing the error. We still have unanswered QUERIES , so please visit and see if you can help out our lost cousins!

    September 24, 1997: I have updated the page of Oliver (5). Welcome Timothy K. Medearis Major, US Army, (contributor #54 to our page) who fortunately just safely returned from duty in Bonsia. He has provided information on the family of Joseph Medearis (8) son of John Wesley 7 (John Redd 6, Oliver 5). He also filled some gaps of some of John Wesley's other children. This is the first updates on this line in some time. Thanks Tim!

    September 19, 1997: Thanks to Suzanne Medearis a great great granddaughter of Robert Anderson (8), (Wilson Frank 7, James Wilson 6) I have added the first update in a while to this lineage. The family of Robert Anderson and his son Park Hinds Medearis. There may be more to come! Have added more info on the descendancy of Charles (5).

    September 18, 1997: Added the Stark County, Illinois cemetery lists provided by Sandi Kurtz. Updated the family of Gabriel L. 7, (Oliver 6, Rice 5). Added the family of Robert Henry Jr. (8) (Henry 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5). I have also started additions to the Descenancy of Charles (5). This covers down the line of his sons John, Thomas and Malachi (including the lineage to General John Bruce Medaris) so far.

    September 12, 1997: I have added Maryland to our cemetery lists , updated some Buncombe County, NC cemeteries. I have added to the descendancy of Joseph Henry (son of Rufus 7, James Andrew 6, Rice 5). More updates in the Civil War pages. Also have started the Illinois census thanks to Lou Morselle. I have added the family of James Wiley (8) (James Andrew 7, Oliver 6, Rice 5 )

    September 10, 1997: I have updated information on Buncombe County, Cemeteries . I have added information to Rice's descendancy , particularly the line of James Andrew 6.

    September 3 - 4, 1997: You folks are wearing my fingers out ! I've shortened this page and removed some graphics to ease loading. I've updated the descendancy of Rice more, particularly the line of John (6) and William Oliver (7). More to come this week. I separated the Miscellaneous Wars from the Civil War Roster. This should aid in loading time, and makes it more accessable for the Miscellaneous War Index . I also wanted to seperate it before starting on the World Wars. Names were added to the War of 1812, and Volunteers from 1784 to 1851 was added. Information was added to the Arkansas and NC Civil War Rosters .

    I have started the Virginia Census . I currently have 1782, 1783, 1787 and 1790. I have added listings for 1790 - 1840 NC Census as well. I have made a change in the last name of Mary Bedmon, wife of Charles "Carlos" (3), and mother of John Thomas (4). All sources indicate her maiden name as Beamon not Bedmon. Bedmon only shows on 1 source, all others list Beamon. 

    August 28, 1997: It's a busy time, I've added more names to " What's in a Name ". Some of our Queries have been answered. I have added more info on the descendancy of Rice (5). We announce the birth of two more sons and a daughter of Rice and Rachel. John (6) is added, Charles will be added next (we just have to figure out where he fits).
    I make a special welcome to Charles Carrow Cabiac to our Online Family. He probably holds the largest collection of research information on all our surnames. I'm still back logged about a month, but catching up fast. If I have failed to add your credits with your info please let me know, I am trying to get caught up with that as well.

    August 22, 1997:
    I have made quite a few updates, more than I can name here. I have added more Cemeteries and updated some of the ones already listed. I have identified more of our Confederate Soldiers in the Civil War page who are from Rice's and Massey's branch in North Carolina. I have added and updated information in Rices descendancy as well as Massey's descendancy . I have also added some Queries and some Queries have been answered! This info will continue to grow fairly quick over the next week.
    August 11, 1997: I have started a new link called " What's in a name? " Ever wondered if Talitha Cumi was an Indian name? What about Bathsheba? Is Rice spelled Rice or Rhys? What difference does it make? Venture in and find out.
    August 08, 1997: I have added the 1900 Tennessee Census contributed by Doug Madaris. Thanks to Doug for his work in compiling this info. Some of the people seem to be from John (5) and Rice (5) as well as possibly Oliver's (5) branches. Take a look and see if you recognize anybody. I have also added some info to the Coweta County Cemetery listing. Mostly updates. I also added to the Georgia Census Records specifically info regarding Barbara Buford Madaris wife of Fletcher in 1880 Coweta County. I am still behind so if you have sent me info, please be patient. School starts in 2 weeks and i'll have or time when the munchkins go to bed earlier.

    July 25, 1997: I have added the Coweta County and Fayette County Cemetery Records for Georgia.

    July 19, 1997: I have updated the Descendancy or Charles , specifically the family of Charles (7), (John 6, Charles 5). I have also made additions to the Tennessee Census as provided by Doug Madaris.

    July 18, 1997: I updated more of the Descendancy or Rice . What started off as the slowest may be the first completed. Thanks to the tireless work of Edna McDaris Potts. I have also completed all the connections in the three cemeteries we just listed. Photo's are in place there as well. Now lets all brace for Hurricane Danny.

    July 16, 1997: I have started the Cemetery Listings for our departed ancestors. I've started with Georgia; Fannin, Union and Gilmer Counties. Here lies the children and grandchildren of Rice (5). If you have cemetery information please send it to us so we can list this very vital resource for genealogical research. I have also added information on the Descendancy of Massey (5), Delaney and John Wesley.July 03, 1997: I have finally made some more updates to the family tree home page. This time on the family of Charles Buchanan (9) , (William Fletcher 8, Thomas 7, John 6, Charles 5). I also updated information on the children of William Alfred (9) (William Fletcher 8, Thomas 7, John 6, Charles 5) and Alice Blackwell

    June 21, 1997: Wow it's been a while since the latest update. I'm way behind behind thanks to Louisiana Pacific. I'm replacing the siding on my house which has been keeping me pretty busy. I have added some great new info on the Rice Descendancy , thanks to Edna McDaris Potts through her daughter Lou Morsell . The branch's in particular for this update is James Andrew (6). It's great to see the Rice branch finally sprouting from the tree.

    New Link..... Addresses to State Archives Will be placed in "Direct Links" section.

    May 30, 1997: I have made what I think are some great changes to the Web Page. I have made links that will enable you to walk through the various branches of the tree, both forwards and backwards ! This wasn't easy, but a little education on LINKS made it possible. I think it has made navigation of the page extremely simple now. You can even link from one site to another and back. True WEB Crawling. Along with this change I have also added three Illinois Federal Soldiers from the Civil War. Visit this site, and help me identify these three men. Please visit and let me know if you have any ideas to make the site even easier.

    May 28, 1997: Added additional info to the 1860 Tennessee Census contributed by Doug Madaris.

    May 17, 1997: Congratulations to our Contributors, on winning the Award of Excellence. (see above) I have added some navigational help with a new link (above) for newcomers explaining the proper use and navigation of this site. Hopefully this will help newcomers to the page.

    I have added the Tennessee Census Records . Thanks to Doug Madaris, Jim Yancey, Cindy (my wife) and Lynnell Madaris (my mom) for their contributions to these records.

    May 11, 1997:
    I have added the 1870 andd 1880 Texas Census Records contributed by Doug Madaris. They tie in some of Rice's descendants, and well as some of Maj. John's

    May 08, 1997: I have added the long awaited " North Carolina Census Records " from 1783 to 1900.

    May 01, 1997: I have updated the family of Thomas P. Madaris / Medaries . It includes all three of his families. 

    April 26, 1997: In honor of Confederate Memorial Day, I have added Regimental information to all the Confederates listed on my Civil War Page . Arkansas will be added tomorrow.

    April 25, 1997: We went to the archives today and Cindy compiled the 1880-1920 Soundex for the MC Spellings in Georgia . This had been overlooked before. When checking Soundex files we must keep in mind to search the M236 as well as the M362. I have not yet fully cross referenced and identified everyone added yet. If you look and know who these new additions are, let me know.

    April 24, 1997: Information continues to flow in. I have updated the page of Capt. John Thomas Washington Medearis. Thanks to Jim Yancey , who is descended from Rachel Davis Medearis (6) (Capt. John 5) and David Yancey.
      I also finally located the Confederate Cemetery in Charleston SC where Franklin and Jefferson Madaris are buried. Tragically, the cemetery was supposed to have been moved to make way for the Johnson Hagood Stadium. The builders moved and destroyed the markers and memorial and built the stadium on top of the graves. 20 of the graves have recently been moved to the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston. The other 16 are scheduled to be moved during upcoming renevations of the stadium. I will keep you advised when this happens. The moving ceremony will be conducted with full Military honors and I hope to attend
    April 17, 1997: I've added a great deal of information to the Descendancy of Charles (5) . This branch is developing into a very intersting story. This happens to be my branch, but I think everyone will enjoy the stories found on this page. It is a true tale of the North and the South. It depicts a family torn between survival and pride, and defines a definite period and reason for the changing of the spelling of our Surname.

    Added a second item today, First We have added a new spelling to our tree ! Welcome the branch of Medaries to our group. Also I have added their branch as the Descendancy of Thomas P. I recommend catching it off the Descendancy of Charles page.

    April 16, 1997: Thanks to James D. Yancey a descendant of John Thomas Washington & William Yancey, who pointed out an error on my page. On the Descendancy of John T. W.'s page, his mother was Sarah Hicks Bell not Mary Bedmon. Mary Bedmon of course is the wife of Charles "Carlos" (3), John's great grandmother.

    April 12, 1997: I fell victim of a ComputerVirus this week, thanks to an e-mail from "Pen Pals Greetings". It destroyed my Computer Files and Programs completely. Fortunately I am very diligent about keeping duplicates and triplicates of my genealogy files, so my losses were minimal. I did loose my e-mails from April 05, to April 12. If you sent me something I likely do not have it. Please resend it again. I took advantage of the situation and replaced my old 410 mg HD with a 3.1 gig. There is no danger from my e-mails nor from my WEB Site which is stored on a remote server. I will start updates again this week as I slowly get my system back up to par. Take it from me. Don't put off backing up your files !

    April 03, 1997: Doug Madaris has started the Texas Census for us. He has completed the 1860 Records which I have posted today. Thanks Doug!March 21, 1997: I think I have my image problem solved. Well my WEB images that is, I still have to work on my personal image! If you haven't been able to view images before try it again now. Let me know if you still can't see an image. Thanks

    March 16, 1997: Added information on Oliver (5) descendancy . Particularly the line of James Davis (6) William Hasting (7). Also information added to the line of William H. (6) Rice (5), through William's son Charles (7).

    March 14, 1997: Working hard this week. Have included the Federal Census Records of Georgia. This should be a great reference and research tool for those still confirming. It has been invaluable to me.

    March 13, 1997: Another son of Rice has been identified and entered into the family tree. Visit Rice's Descendancy again to view the new information.

    March 12, 1997: More updates to the Rice Tree . The information is starting to really flow on this branch.

    March 08, 1997: I finally have gotten back to work on the Web Site. Thanks to all of our unselfish contributors who continue to share information with our extended family, the site continues to grow. The elusive family of Rice Medaris/McDaris is finally coming to light. Today I have updated Rice's Descendancy to reflect the latest Data. For the descendants of Rice both Medaris and McDaris I think you will find the information enlightening. 

    February 16, 1997: I have started adding the Federal Census Records to this site. They are a great tool for tracking our ancestors, and making connections. I have compiled quite a bit of the records for Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. I need help with the other states. If you have any census records, and are willing to share with us, please send them in.

    February 14, 1997: Happy Valentines Day...I have updated my history page. I believe the story of Domingo is as complete as will be for now. I have completely rewritten the information about Domingo and the origins of our surnames. I hope the story is more clear than before and answers some previously unanswered questions. I also made the correct connections for James Wilson. All on the History Page.

    Been on a bit of a vacation this week. I will get back to work on the page soon. Want to be e-mailed whenever there is an update? Just e-mail me and say "update me!" I will send you an e-mail everytime I add new infomation to the my pages with a brief update summary so you will not miss a thing. I have added a site called " WANTED " it will contain documents that we need to continue making connections. You can help, please check it out.

    February 02, 1997. Thanks to Charles Cabiac one of our major contributors, I believe we have solved the lineage of James Wilson (6). His wife, Margaret West had a sister named Sarah who married Benjamine (6). Sister/brother marriages were quite common and this should prove the link to James and Benjamine as brothers. Their father was Benjamine (5) nephew to John Thomas (4) (Charles 4, Charles Carlos 3, Carlos 2, Domingo 1). I will be updating the page soon, changing the "Descendancy of James Wilson" to the "Descendancy of Benjamine (5)".

     January 31, 1997. Cindy and I spent half of today at the Federal Archives. Cindy collected quite a bit of Civil War Records. Take a look at the Civil War Page to see if you find any of your relatives listed there; there are as many Union soldiers now as Confederate. If you checked in early today, go again, I added the Ohio Infantry and spruced things up a little.Please check the Queries Page .

    January 30, 1997. Please visit the Queries Page , and see if you can help out a cousin. I have added several mysteries today. I am still archiving this week and will work on the page again soon, updating with new found information (hopefully).

    January 27, 1997. I've been a little distracted this week from the page. I've been in the Archives and Library on my off days. Does anyone have any information on a Haywood Medaris? Was a Seminole Indian War Vet..1818-19.

    Januar 18, 1997. I added to the Descendancy of Charles still, with more children of Thomas (7). Particularly Thomas P. (8) a colorful family member who fought on both sides of the Civil War.

    January 17, 1997. The story continues. I have updated the story of William Fletcher (8) (Thomas 7, John 6, Charles 5). Fletcher my GGG Grandfather, and the link to most of the Alabama and mid Georgia Branches of Madaris and Medaris, was murdered in Newnan, Ga. in 1871. This discovery made the link to a story my grandfather had told before he died. I hope to obtain a newspaper article which talks about the murder soon. I must say I was shocked to find Fletcher to be the subject of this story.

    January 14, 1997. Thanks to John Pearson, I have added a photo of Thomas Whittier 4.

    January 10, 1997. Well besides getting myself into the correct year, I have made a few more corrections on the site. Thanks to Sandi, I now spell Illinois without the e. Please let me know of any errors you find. I try to use spell check when I can, but do not always remember (says a lot for my writing skills).
    I have added a photo of Thomas Whittier 3 , (Henry Massey 2, James Wilson 1)and Susan Mynatt Carns Medearis provided by John Pearson.
    I will be updating information on Domingo within the week. Thanks to the assistance of Jeff McDaris, I believe we have made some confirmations on his name. I have located some research materials in the Basement of the Dekalb Library from 1886 that may provide essential information on Domingo. It seems he may have come into the country around 1640 from Portugal with a Dutch ship to New Amsterdam (now New York) ! They will be locating this book for me this week.
    I also identified James Frank and John Wesley (sons of Wilson Frank Jr. 3, Wilson Frank 2, James Wilson 1) as our Spanish American War soldiers.


    January 09, 1997. I have updated and finished the branch of William Alfred (7) and Elizabeth, descendants of Charles (5). Also an error was made in the Charles (5) descendancy. The correct marriage year of Thomas (7) to Sarah Jane Preddy is 1819. Thanks John for your attention to detail!

    January 04, 1997. I have added a great deal of information into the descendancy of Oliver (5). Particularly down the branch form John Redmond (6), to his son J ohn Wesley(7). Thanks to the information provided by Sandra A. Duggan. If you have not made you connection with us yet, look here. We now have 24 registered contributors to our page!

    January 02, 1997. I added more descendants of Charles (5) , and their children. Included a will of Thomas (6) . I will be removing anyone born after 1920 at the request of several people. Since the Census Records are available for 1920 and before, I will use tht date as a stopping point.

    I also updated some new found information on the History page, relating to John Thomas's possible relationship to George Washington, and more speculation on the thought of an Irish descent. I was contacted by Charles McDarris this week, son of Judge Charles McDarris who did a great deal of research in the 50-80's. Charles has his fathers papers which may open a few more doors for us all.December 30, 1996. Gentlemen....We have a traitor among our midst. It seems that Joel Bug was not in the 7th Tenn. Cavalry CSA. He was a Yank in the 7th Tenn. Cavalry USA ! He has been relocated to the proper listing and flag in the Civil War listings. 

    December 29, 1996. I have added the Madaris Coat of Arms . Is it authentic?

    December 28, 1996. I entered the Will of Charles that I thought I had done on the 19th. My error. You can go directly there by clicking here!

    December 19, 1996. I added information about Bowler Madieros (3) (Carlos 2, Domingo 1). I am also adding the will of Charles (3), (Carlos 2, Domingo 1). His will clarifies the Carlos mystery. Even though the will lists his name as Charles Madaris, he signs his name on his will as Carlos Madris. Special Thanks to John Pearson (Credits 17) for providing these documents to us. These wills and their transcript are accessable from the History Page .

    December 12-13, 1996. I have finally started the descendancy of Oliver Medaris (5). This is the last of the Six brothers to get started. Thanks to the individuals who have contributed to this line, there is a great deal of information available. I will continue to add to this line and to James Wilson's line over the next few weeks.

    December 6, 1996. I have added a great deal on the Descendancy of James Wilson . Thanks to John Pearson and Steve and Betty Snow, descendants of this line themselves.

    November 29, 1996. I have added to the descendancy of James Wilson Medearis. I have also changed the History page , removing the Armada story so as to not cause confusion over our descent. I have added an explantion there as well to the stories of our descent from Ireland, that mystery has been solved.

    November 21, 1996. If you visited last week I spoke of a possible find of two more brothers of John Thomas (4). Well the theory has since been disproved and the 6 brothers remain as first thought. The Christ Church Parish Register, of Middlesex, Virginia disproved the theory of any other brothers. I am going to start the Descendancy of Oliver next. This is a very large line. Please remember to visit the Queries page and keep in mind that this is a participation sport.

    There has also been information added to the story of Domingo and the origins of the Madaris, Medearis, Medaris, McDaris surname. Take a look at the History Page to see the new information. As I have warned before this is an ever changing story as research continues to uncover more and more information.

    November 14, 1996. I have started the descendancy of James Wilson Medearis . Also thanks to Chip I have added a Guest Pad , please sign in this will help me track some of the visitors since I do not have a counter.

    Note that Charles (3) and Carlos "Charles" (2) have been changed from Charles Carlos (3), Charles Carlos (2). The thought is that Carlos (2), son of Domingo decided to go by the more English Version of Carlos.

    November 03, 1996. I have added photo's to three pages: the descendants of Rice , William and Elizabeth (9) (the GA branch of Charles (5), William and Alice (9) (the Ala. branch of Charles (5). I have also started the Alabama branch of William's family. Next week I will start the branch of Oliver (5). 

    October 26, 1996. Today I continued the descendants of Charles (5) from William Fletcher (8) to the branches of William Alfred (9).

    October 17, 1996...I have added more to Rice's Tree. Who is related to Daniel Boone in this section? I have also identified more soldiers in the Civil War Rosters .

    October 13, 1996.. I have started the Descendancy of Rice Medaris (5). What famous star is in our Family Tree? See this section for the answer! 

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