The M102 Light Howitzer

A M102 howitzer being emplaced so that it can conduct fire missions.

The crew during a fire mission.

The excitement of Air Mobile Artillery!

These pictures were taken during an exercise when I was Battery Commander. Two M102 howitzers are being placed into position by a Chinook helicopter. The crews are inside the helicopter and will be let out once the sling lines are disconnected and the helicopter touches down next to the guns. After completion of the fire missions, the crews will rig the slings back on the guns and the helicopter will return to pick up the crews and guns.

The helicopter sets the guns down on a predetermined spot. At this point, the pilot is ready to let the slings loose.

The whole crew must work quickly and as a team to prepare the howitzers to be picked up again.

Two soldiers remain on the ground to connect the slings to hooks on the bottom of the Chinnok helicopter. As can be seen, the prop blast gets pretty rough. They will be picked up by another helicopter.

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