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Our Family

Virginia and I have been married since December, 1986, and are still putting up with each other. We have been blessed with five daughters and one son (though we may not think so when they are teenagers).

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Our Favorite Activities

We all love to ski, but probably won't be doing too much of it now that we are living in sunny Florida. Even Laura Beth and Susan do OK for beginners. I guess we will just have to make up for it with some water skiing! Virginia and I have also recently re-taken-up tennis and are trying to build up our skill. The kids love the pool and all water activities. I also enjoy SCUBA diving, and hope to be doing some more of it now that I am back near the warm water.

As far as hobbies I also want to learn more about RC modeling and have a RC boat that is waiting for me to finish it. Eventually I would like to get into airplanes.

Virginia's hobby is to create family scrapbooks/photo albums. In fact she does this for a home business as a consultant, teaching how to preserve family photographs and memories through creative designs using photo-safe materials.

Our Travels

We have been very fortunate to live and travel to several places. For the first three years after being married, we lived in Berlin, Germany. In fact, we were there when the wall came down. What an experience! Please look at some of our pictures of Berlin and pictures from November 10, 1989. We then moved to Lawton/Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where we lived for another three years. Fort Sill is best known as the home of the Field Artillery. Next we moved on to Atlanta, Georgia, for two years while I went to graduate school at GA Tech. Atlanta, obviously, is best known today as the site of the 1996 Olympic Games. From there we moved to New Mexico where we lived at the base of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque. We have recently moved back to our permanent home in Orlando, Florida.

While we lived in Germany, we were able to travel throughout Europe, including cities such as London, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, and Rome. Our favorite was probably Salzburg, Austria, which would have been Virginia's pick just because it was the location of "The Sound of Music". We also drove through Switzerland, stopping at a town called Interlaken, at the base of the Alpine mountains the Jungfrau, where we did some skiing, and the Schilthorn, where the James Bond movie "In Her Majesty's Secret Service" was filmed. We also enjoyed a few trips to Bavaria, visiting Munich, Nurnburg, and Garmisch, the last of which was an annual skiing spot for us.

More recently, we had the opportunity to travel to Colombia, South America, where we have some friends in the Colombian Army. There we were able to visit Bogota, Cali, and the Caribbean port/resort city of Cartegena. We found Colombia to be a wonderful and beautiful country, undeserving of the stereotype most Americans give to it!


We think that some of the links below will tell you a little about ourselves and the things that we like and support.

Family & Christian Places

Virginia and I are Christians and strive to live our lives and bring up our children according to Christian principles. We are very supportive of family issues and traditional values. Though we are far from perfect, we would encourage anyone happening upon this who would like to know more about Christ to feel free to contact us.

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Visit Virginia's dad, Frank Walker, from St Cloud, FL.

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