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While employment in California goes on a roller-coaster ride with the economy, most available jobs are in the lower paying "service" areas. Older skilled workers are finding it hard to keep their jobs and even harder to find employment.

At the present time, there are several people who are unemployed in our local congregation, and maybe many more who are underemployed. We assume it is similar in other California congregations and throughout the nation as a whole. Sadly, these within our church are not people who do not want to work, but many are solid, long-time, contributing church members.

In today's economy, most jobs are not found through traditional means such as answering want-ads but rather by referral and recommendation. Therefore, those who are unemployed need the help of those who are working.

If you are unemployed or looking for better employment, please use the resources in our website and if you like please e-mail us. We hope it is helpful in your search. May we recommend the section on Networking.

If you are a member of another church congregation other than The United Church of God, Garden Grove, CA, we hope you will set-up a networking/support group where you attend church.

For those who attend UCG, Garden Grove:

You may be asking, "What can I do to help?"

If so: if you are employed, you can check with your Human Resources or Personnel Department for job listings. Many companies post openings "in-house" weeks before publishing them in the papers or offering them to agencies so that employees can apply first or can recommend someone. This is a company's most economical method of recruiting. Some companies even offer cash rewards to employees who recommend successful candidates. So, check weekly and, if we have a qualified person, notify them directly, or contact me. It would benefit much if you could help the candidate by filling him or her in on the workings of your company; it is also very encouraging to the candidate to know someone is in their corner even if you don't think you are of any importance. Talk to me, Knute Josifek, sometime about networking and I'll explain how it works.





Knute Josifek, Coordinator


Website: www.ean-ucg.org

e-mail: mailto:kjosifek@mindspring.com



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