ean-ucg ˇ Employment Assistance Network

 Workshop Files
application/pdf Application.pdf
Employment Application Form
text/text Application.txt
Instructions for Employment Application
application/pdf Books.pdf
Recommended reading
directory Career
Help with your career
application/pdf Career Counseling.pdf
A Dilbert chuckle
directory Cover Letters
Help with cover letters
directory Follow up
Help with following up
directory For women only
sorry guys
directory Interview Skills
Help with interviewing
directory Networking
Help with networking
directory New Job
Help with starting that new job
directory References
Tips for handling your references
directory Résumés
Help with résumés
directory Salary Negotiations
Help with salary negotiations
directory Self Marketing
Tools to help you market yourself
application/ms-word So You have been laid off(HL).doc
A guide for the unemployed. Probably the most important document offered here.
directory Targeting
Help with targeting companies
directory Telephone
Help with phone skills
application/pdf Things to do if laid off.pdf
Tips if you've been laid off
application/pdf Willy n Ethyl.pdf
A chuckle
application/ms-word Work Worries and Woes.doc
What Can You Do in an Uncertain Job Market?

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