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At Work Under Construction At Work

Yup ... another Global Village Idiot at work. Like so many other things on the WWW, my pages are always under construction. So put on your hard hat, and please watch your step ... there may be some rough road ahead!
Silly Hole

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Hotlanta - My Home Town !

I'm a Chicago transplant who now lives in Atlanta.

The natives claim that far too many of us yankees have migrated here ... so in the interest of cultural detente, here's a little home town boosterism, and some things that might help acquaint you with Hotlanta, GA!
Atlanta Hot Shot
Atlanta At Night

If you have trouble understanding my syrupy southern accent (NOT!), I suggest that you take a gander at Patrick Douglas Crispen's Southern Word of the Day archives.

And while you're visiting Atlanta, don't forget to send an Electric Postcard to the folks back home!

Atlanta info:

  • Tour of Atlanta
    Rapid Transit (MARTA)
    City Net's Atlanta Guide
    Atlanta Graphic City Guide
    Atlanta Magazine

  • If you want some more Atlanta information, try these links ...

    GUIDE Atlanta Guide & E-Mail ( Clever Computers, Inc. )

    WEATHER Atlanta Weather ( NBC News INTELLICAST )

    METROSCOPE Atlanta METROSCOPE ( The Isotropic Media Group )

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    Git yer Culture here !

    You say you like art? Here are a few of my favorites places:

    Mark Tomlinson (The Homepage-Guy) maintains a tremendous list of Museums and Museum Resources. If you like museums, he's got them all. (Thanks, Mark!)

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    Are you getting hungry?

    Surfing the web is strenuous armchair exercise! By now you've probably worked up quite an appetite ... so why don't you take a break and grab some Great Eats? My treat!

    How about an Internet Pizza? They'll deliver it hot to your screen ... or within 30 minutes via E-mail!

    Perhaps you'd prefer a quick visit to The Internet Lunchcounter. Plenty of tables ... no waiting!

    In the mood for black beans and salsa? Stop in at The Burrito Page. Be careful ... the plates are very hot!

    Or maybe you'd just like a slice of WWW Spam?

    YUK Worst of the Web -- Mirsky's monthly selections of WWW drivel

    YUK WWW Hall of Shame -- Steve McInnis' collection of putrid debris

    YUK the Useless Pages -- Steve Berlin's choices of wasted electrons

    YUK the Spam Cam -- is decomposing Spam as fuzzy as a Chia pet?

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    Gimme that feedback !

    I'd like to know what you think! This is the shameless self promotion area, in which I'm soliciting effusive praise ... but I'll accept bouquets or brickbats, suggestions, comments, flames, love letters, death threats, bomb scares, notification of obsolete links, recommendations for additional links ... anything at all you'd like to say!

    You can E-Mail KudzuKat to give me a piece of your mind. I'd love to hear from you!

    Guest Book
    I'd like to know who's been scratching around in my Litter Box.
    Would you please sign my Guest Book?

    If you'd like to know who else has dropped by, you can view my Guest Book

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    For you HTML Junkies !

    WebEdit Logo

    My pages are constructed with Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit. Kenn & Company have developed a wonderful HTML editing product. WebEdit is powerful, but it's easy to use. This page is my first-ever HTML effort ... so you can see that WebEdit does wonders even for incompetents such as me!

    How I checked it:

    When you want to see if your HTML pages are correct, you can take advantage of one of the many available HTML validation services. These services will check your HTML syntax and tell you where you've gone astray. Two such services that I've found extremely helpful are the Kinder, Gentler Validator and Doctor HTML.

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    Look! I got an award :-)

    Bottom 95% of the Web Bottom 95% of the Web

    OK, I admit it's not much ... but hey, it's the only award I've received!

    And the best part is that you can have one too! You don't have to rely on someone else's dubious judgement ... if you know you deserve this, the fine folks at Pointless Communications will let you bestow the award on yourself.

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