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Eclectic Information and Specialty Search Tools
Congressional E-Mail C-SPAN's list of U.S. Congress members' E-Mail addresses!
Maps of the World Some very nice maps!
IP Address Latitude/Longitude Where on earth is that IP address?
Gopher University of Minnesota's GOPHER.
Area Code / Prefix I love it! Match area code to prefix or vice versa.
DigitalThink Web-based training / online courses.
Flower Link View & order floral arrangements online!
Zip Code Directory Talk about handy! Get that ZIP+4 the easy way.
Reference Info Dictionaries, Acronyms, Quotations ... tons of reference links.
Cybertown's Web Reference Another terrific reference site ...
Archive of Useless Facts Everything you never needed to know ...
Gadget Boy Consumer Electronics and Personal Computing reviews.
Random Number Generator In case your life is a bit too orderly :-)
Consumer Information Center All that great information your taxes pay for ... FREE!
United Parcel Service Package tracking, pickup requests, etc.
Federal Express Package tracking, pickup requests, etc.
Internet Shopping Network One stop shopping in cyberspace!
AT&T 800 Directory Directory assistance for Toll Free numbers.
The Acronym Finder Over 63,000 Acronyms / Abbreviations !
How Far Is It? Get the distance between cities and see a map.
MapQuest Everything you need to get from here to there.
Cost of Living Compare the Cost of Living in various locales!
Currency Converter So, uh, how many drachmas in a ruble?
What time is it NOW? Current time from the U.S. Naval Observatory.
Anagram Generator Creates anagrams for any word or phrase!
The World Clock The local time in almost any city you name!
Humor on the Web The mother of all humor archives!
Electronic Kisses Send someone a virtual smooch!
URL-minder Be notified when your favorite web pages change!
Canonical Joke List Blond jokes, lawyer jokes ... every joke ever told?
Worldwide Subway Navigator Plot your trip through the bowels of the earth!
On-Line Calculator For those who are math impaired.
On-Line Calendar In case you've lost track of what day it is :-)
Privacy on the Net Get your copy of PGP and learn about cryptography.
Apartment Hunting Find that new place to live ... nationwide.
The NYNEX Yellow Pages If you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere.
World Population NOW Plus or minus 2 people :-)
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