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Welcome to KudzuKat's "KAT SCAN" page!
If you're trying to find something on or through the internet, this is the place to be.
This site provides a convenient and consistent interface to some of the internet's best search engines. If you can't find what you're looking for through a quick search here, choose "more options" in the appropriate search category and you will be presented with a more detailed search page that includes other search engine options for that search category.


"Kat Scan" Search Engines
Web Search Engine   
( AltaVista )   

Format: searchword [searchword ...]

More options
Web Directory   
( Yahoo )   

Format: searchword [searchword ...]

More options
Software Libraries   
( Shareware.com )   




More options
Usenet Newsgroups   
( DejaNews )   

Format: searchword [searchword ...]

More options
( IAF )   

first name

last name

More options
Yahoo's List of Search Engines
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