Chapter 16: Credits and Color Bars



I've created a new section on the site for feature articles, and I'm looking for people who are interested in writing about the LD format. Topics I think would be interesting include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • LaserActive - What it is, how it works, what the best games are
  • LD players in industrial usage
  • Karaoke - LD's dirty little secret
  • Hi-Vision/MUSE
  • The history of the laserdisc format
  • Hardward reviews
  • LD player repair and maintenance
  • Other interesting topics
I can't pay anything, but of course full credit will be given to the orignal author. If something like that interests you, please let me know at:

jzyber @ mind spring . com (remove spaces)


To read more of my reviews visit the DVD Review Index for Joshua Zyber.

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Bob Niland's Laserdisc FAQ
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Laserdisc Archive - Hardware Reviews and Specifications
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Laserdisc Technical Specs
Thad Labs - LD Player Specifications

Laserdisc Resources

BLAM Entertainment Group
     (Excellent Resource for DiscoVision, Dolby Digital, DTS, Mintmark 
      Identification, Star Trek on LD, and the Universal Signature Collection)
Criterion Collection Laserdisc List - Former LD Producers
CriterionDVD - Unofficial Site, with Laserdisc Info
DVD-Laserdisc Newsletter - 1000s of Detailed LD Reviews
DVD Scan - DVD & Laserdisc Reviews
Europe LD - PAL Laserdisc Info & Reviews
Image Entertainment - Former LD Producers
Ka Chun's Laserdisc Links
Laserdisc Database- Catalog of All Laserdisc Titles
Laserdisc Information Page - News & Reviews
Laserdisc Related Links - European Emphasis
The Laserdisc Review - NTSC & PAL Reviews
Laserdisc Section - Links Page (not updated)
LaserVision: The Early Days of Laserdisc
Orlofsky's Laserdisc Register Software
THX Digitally Mastered Titles
Tribute to Laserdisc
Walt Disney Japanese Laserdiscs (with pictures)

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Jeff's Used LD/DVD Search Engine - Invaluable Resource
Big Emma's Laserdiscs and DVDs
Laser Town
Nicolas Santini's LD Sales - Recommended Source for Japanese Imports
Nicolas Santini's eBay Store
Playback Trading LD/DVD Sales (formerly Laser Exchange) - Many Imports
Randy Chase's LD Sales
RecoBANCHOU - Japanese Imports

Laserdisc Auctions

eBay Laserdisc Category
eBay Laserdisc Player Category
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LaserActive Resources (LD-based video game system)

Dragon's Lair Project - Laserdisc Gaming Info & Discussion Forum
Pioneer LaserActive Station - Discussion Forum
The Virtual LaserActive Museum

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Cheap DVD Guide
The Digital Bits - News and Reviews
DVD-Basen - DVD Review Search Engine
DVD Demystified - DVD FAQ
DVDFile - News and Reviews
DVD Talk - News & Discussion Forum

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DVD Price Search - Invaluable Resource
Amazon - Region 1 NTSC USA
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CD Japan - Region 2 NTSC
Diabolik DVD- Rare and Obscure Import DVD Sales (Many Regions)
DVD Empire - Region 1 NTSC USA
DVD.IT - Region 2 PAL Italy
EzyDVD - Region 4 PAL Australia
HiViZone - Region 3 NTSC Hong Kong
HMV Japan - Region 2 NTSC
YesAsia - Regions 2 & 3 NTSC (Japan, Hong Kong, Korea)

Other Obscure Video Disc Formats

CED Magic
Dead Media Project: McDonnell Douglas LaserFilm
EVD Enhanced Video Disc & HVD High-Clearness Video Disc (Chinese High-Definition Formats)
MUSE Reviews
VCD Help
VHD Discworld (Video High Density)
VHD Sales by Nicolas Santini

(Please email me if you know of more good, comprehensive sites related to MUSE/Hi-Vision or LaserFilm.)

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AVS Forum - Discussion
Guide to OAR (Original Aspect Ratio)
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Joe Kane Productions: Video Essentials
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

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