Image Entertainment Laserdisc Catalog
Volume 1 - Fall 1991

By Joshua Zyber
January 21, 2001

This may well be the shortest review that I will ever write for this web site.  The disc's title describes its contents pretty thoroughly. The Image Entertainment Laserdisc Catalog Volume 1 - Fall 1991 is an 8-inch laserdisc single recorded in CAV format. The disc contains approximately 3,500 still-frame images of laserdisc jacket artwork, arranged by category or genre. Each photo is followed by a single text frame with a brief synopsis of the film, the running time, the MPAA rating, and the names of featured performers.

Obviously enough, only laserdiscs manufactured by Image Entertainment up through the date in question are listed.

The photos are mostly small, and picture quality was not exactly the top concern when compiling the catalog. Many of the images with solid colors display strong chroma noise patterns. The small size and low weight of the disc may also cause tracking problems for laserdisc players even slightly out of alignment (it plays fine on one of my machines, but skips randomly on the other). Still, for what it is the disc is adequate. It will be of interest primarily to those who are able to download video captures to their computer, or possibly anyone desperate for a reference list of long out-of-print titles.

I find this catalog to be of mild curiosity value, and certainly not worth more than a few dollars. A printed catalog would probably be more useful.

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