Chapter 2: Who Writes These Reviews?

Q: Who are you and how can we find out more about you?
A: My name is Joshua Zyber. I was at one time a film student with dreams of becoming a famous director, but now I'd rather just watch movies than make them. For information on contacting me, see the Credits and Color Bars page.

Q: Why are your articles so long-winded?
A: I like to be thorough and comprehensive. Sometimes I ramble, but it's my web site and I can talk for as long as I want without length constrictions. I'm tired of reading sound bites from half-literate quote whores who may not have even seen the entire movie they're talking about. You will never read a review on this site which can be summarized with a "Thumbs Up!" or star-rating. I rewatch each disc immediately prior to writing about it, and I like to discuss both the quality of the movie itself as well as its home video presentation. If you don't like it, make your own web site. This one's mine.

Q: How can I contribute a review?
A: At the end of each article I will provide a link so that you can email me your thoughts and opinions. I reserve the right to choose which comments get posted to the site and I may edit them for space or content. You don't have to agree with my opinion to get posted to the site, but it helps if you can form a coherent sentence.

Q: Do you review PAL discs?
A: No. All of my reviews are limited to NTSC format, and when I reference video releases in either VHS or DVD I am also referring exclusively to NTSC unless otherwise noted.

Q: What type of laserdisc player do you use?
A: I own a Pioneer HLD-X9, one of the premiere laserdisc players ever manufactured, available only by import from Japan. See the Frequently Asked Questions section for more info.

Q: Why aren't there any DVD reviews here?
A: At one time I had intended to create a sister site called DVD Now to archive my DVD reviews, but these days it seems like everyone and their brother has a DVD web site. Rather than contribute to the internet clutter, I decided to focus my energies on this site and ally myself with some of the most prominent DVD web sites already in existence. If you wish to read any DVD reviews by me, I have written for DVDFile, DVDTalk, and High-Def Digest over the years. There is an index of my DVD and High Definition reviews at this page.

Q: Why are most of your film reviews positive?
A: That's simple. All of the titles reviewed on this web site are from my personal collection. I try not to own movies unless I am familiar with them beforehand and have found something of value in watching them. Not all of the movies I own are masterpieces, but I try to weed out the completely worthless garbage. Please note that although my reviews of the films themselves may be positive, that does not mean that my review of the disc quality will be.

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