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Note: Above photos operate as buttons to the sound files; also I did make 2 of the scores (Moonpetals and Eye of the Beholder) into "movies" you can access below or at Pinterest. (The third one uses a score originally called Lotus from the "Colored Pebbles" collection):

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The sheet music below can be found here: 
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WOVEN BY HAND is a collection of unrelated images which became the thought acorns for each of the pieces.  A few explanations:

The water spiral forms slowly from air currents passing over surfaces of ponds with an algae bloom in the summer. The deer in the "Glimpse" piece came from one late afternoon, when I saw two were just grazing along the Interstate. (They were equally keen on keeping an eye on me - while I stopped the car and got out on the shoulder of the road to just watch them).

The bridge is on the Buffalo Creek near downtown Greensboro, the melody is from a dream. The waterlily, butterfly in "Eye of the Beholder," and silk veil (a collapsed caterpillar tent draped over some small branches) were from nature walks/bike rides, and Lord of Luvene has its own story. Rainbeads were in my yard hanging to the fronds of some ferns, and the figurines piece was inspired by a porcelain of a lady playing, a gift from an aunt to my husband, which she had loved for many years but decided to pass on to us.

Finally, my thanks to the 2 nameless moths on "Moment in the Mirror." How in the world in a vast asphalt shopping center parking lot could they have found each other and landed together on my side view mirror?  By the time I shot their photo, before I could wind the film forward, they were already gone!
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