A 20 minute Nature story: This started out when I was trapped in a long winding traffic jam. I finally gave up waiting and turned off into a side street that led into in a peaceful shady neighborhood with hardly any traffic. Within a block or two I thought I saw a small natural area where I thought I would stop and use up a bit of remaining film on some idle pictures. The only other thing I could see at first was a lone duck, but  creeping up to him I became aware of dragonflies as well......black and blue ones that darted over the water and among small flowers along the bank. After a few minutes it was obvious there was another bird that also swooped over the water, and then disappeared near the flowery edges. After these, I decided to focus at the water just beyond some weeds. While looking through the camera to get ready for more dragonflies, a shelled image materialized in the lens.  Maybe I hadn't found everything this place could reveal! As I watched and finally caught the fast air bird, I could see it frequently landed in the same spot on the other side. I had seen dragonflies resting occasionally on a small rock "island," and in my last inch of film, I discovered that the aerobic bird used it for a perch as well.

All that coming and going and competing and lurking and darting about was going on while not so far away piles of cars were jammed against each other. How lucky I was to have made my impatient detour. The little realm was hardly more than a major puddle, but getting back in the car, I spotted a small wooden sign someone had put in a tree, which simply said: Lake Luvene.

I named the piece after the lord of the lake.

This sheet music is at http://www.mindspring.com/~lesmuskey/WBH/Luvene.pdf

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