A couple of years ago, my husband built a small concrete pool in the woods. It is a simple circle surrounded by a circular brick-in-sand paved area. He lined the water with a rough rock edge and has tended to a changing scene of border flowers around the brick area. I have been amazed in its simplicity how it has had such appeal over time. The circular water lily leaves and fish ripples mirror the way the pool sits in a circle of tall pine trees and we have seen the moon rise and cross over it several times. It also  has two round stone spheres he placed on the rock walls for interest....which all led to it being called the "moon pool."

Some rather simple new pieces came to mind this summer, which I felt were tied to things about this garden, and I named them accordingly (See small images below). I also have earlier pieces called "Circle of Trees" (1999) and "Floating Flower" and "Moon Petals" (2005) that could be part of this set as well. The circle of trees surrounds the place we later put the pool. Floating Flower refers to natural water lilies but the planted lilies that decorate the pool in summer remind me of the wild type. The Moon Petals piece was named for a night flower that grows on a fence beside the entry path, which continues beyond the pool through the woods into Jobe's Farm (the subject of the 2004 pieces).

We have watched tadpoles and frogs as never before, and of course have attracted lots of bees and some rock spiders. We also know from their tracks that deer attracted by Mr. Jobe's apple trees also come up the trail and visit the garden.  So....improvise and interpret these freely using your own thoughts.  Pieces in this collection are (use pictures as buttons to see film files):

Crystal Twilight


Hiding Places - Silver Ripples -  Zinnias

The sheet music for Pool of Reflections can be found here: http://www.mindspring.com/%7Ecwagle/lesextra7/POR/

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