Spirit Trail






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This piece came about after my husband discovered the arrowhead above when doing groundwork for a brick patio behind our house. I can imagine with the streams in the area, it was aimed at a fleeing deer.
Then on a farm next door, he mentioned that there was a stone under a hickory tree where the nuts still fall (perhaps where a larger grove used to be) that appears like it has a depression in it...as if it was used to crack nuts by native people long ago. Who can say? But to me it suggested that we are surrounded by deeper history than we know.
And when I was "stuck" at one point trying to complete the piece, I happened to hear an old melody I assume is from the heritage of later settlers. I have since seen it in a hymn arrangement book under the title "I will Arise and Go to Jesus," but I don't know the words. It intrigued me how in spite of a difference in their rhythms, the imaginary and literal themes seemed to blend. Coincidentally, the two ideas came together near the American observance of Thanksgiving. I think the meaning is that we are all on a spirit trail.
You can find the piece in the Collection of 2003; look for title above from this link: