I. Other sites of general musical interest:

1. http:thelinks.html

2. http:home.html

3. http:music.html

4. http:pnolinks.html

5. http:hotmain.html

6. http:primotema

7. http:rmnfaq/ (Interesting thoughts on the definition of New Age Music)

8. http:references.htm (If you look at the Free Music link list on this site, notice there is a library now offering lots of early era sheet music)

9. http:pnoedmn.html (Piano Education Page, U. of New Mexico)

10. http://www.uk-piano.org/

11. http:links.htm (Canadian Piano Page)

12. http://richsguitarsite.homepage.com(Classical Guitar Site)


 II. Other sites with sheet music for sale :

1. http:compositions.htm

2. http:index.html

3. http://www.jonschmidt.com/

4. http:?nl28

5. http://www.robinspielberg.com/

6. http://www.musica21.com/

7. http:fnordberg.html


III. Other sites with free sheet music (generally piano and fairly basic purpose of site). Note: DJ #5, Frank Nordberg #7, Makoto Natsui #10 and OddRealm #11 are especially generous.....

1. http:index.html (Also a great pdf/Acrobat Reader Help Site)

2. http:home.html

3. http:howfree.html

4. http:index.html

5. http://www.geocities.com/pianodj/dpt.htm

6. http:notes2u/

7. http:~fnordber/

8. www.hsimusic.com

9. http:Piano.htmlhttp://alexexela.cjb.net/

10. http:Score2.htm

11. http://www.oddrealm.com/



New Links of Interest: Vee Tac asked for his site to be featured

Jurgen Van den Bossche also forwarded his site link: http://www.anyscore.com

Marc Corominas forwarded his site link: http://es.geocities.com/kannonh

Also Atilla Kovacs: http:dawn.html

And Pablo Pardini: http://www.musicapardini.netfirms.com/