"Romantic" Material by other composers

Arcady Cousminer -available here:

Preludes 1 - 3
Arcady Cousminer is a previously unpublished composer I have permission from his family to share with you. Arcady was trained in the St. Peterburg Conservatory prior to 1917, and a letter he left says that he studied further under a student of Rimsky-Korsakov. Sadly, there was a time at a train station in Russia where a suitcase full of his work was misplaced and never recovered. He came to the US about 1922 and made his living as a conductor in silent movie theatres and struggled through the depression playing piano in bars and hotels. He may have taught a few students. After the suitcase disaster, he eventually gave up composing, although at least he courageously either recreated some works, or wrote a few entirely new samples. These found pieces date from after his arrival, since the manuscript paper is marked "Litho'd in U.S.A.". A friend of both mine and the family (Miro Lehtonen of Helsinki) found what still exists while visiting Arcady's relatives, so now the music is going to emerge at last to be played somewhere. Think of Arcady Cousminer if you ever have a bad day...

"Oldies"-available here (many former monthly features):


and here:

Song Transcriptions available here:

Roses Say Remember
Sometimes I Feel
"Danny Boy"
A Song of Night
Chanson d'Amour
Dans les Ruines
My Rose of Yester-e'en
Another Tomorrow
Beautiful Dreamer
Do Not Go, My Love
All For You
Arpege/A Clymene
Cradle Song
Twilight Song
April's Door
Underneath the Stars
Cloud Messengers
Radiant Stars
Hearth's Blaze
Love Me or Not
Harbor of Dreams
At Parting

Songbeams (annex) available here:

    Flight of Ages
    For All Eternity
    O Lovely Night
  Les Berceaux
     Thou art the Night Wind


Amalgamation Suite #3 -available here:

A Place for Everything
Bird at the Well
Joined Fragments
One Rainbow
Summer Moonlight
Tender Associations

Amalgamation Suite #2 -available here:

Viola's Flower Song
Snow Cradle Barcarolle
Patchwork Valse Caprice
Pink Magnolias 

Amalgamation Suite #1 -available here:

Love Dream
Boat Song
Moonlit Water
Floating Midnight Echoes
(Note: "Amalgamation Suites" are based on small "advertising samples" of compositions found on the covers of old sheet music)

Sacred Song Transcriptions & Christmas-available here:



En Priere
Lead Kindly Light
Great Peace Have They
Holy Spirit, Light Divine
Love Divine/ My Father's World
Not A Sparrow Falleth
Softly Sweet Spirit
Teach Me Thy Way
Hymn Contemplation
Carol Arabesque
(also see "Starry Grotto"- formerly Stable in the Starlight- under Colored Pebbles in Leslie's pieces)
Holy Spirit, Light Divine