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Below is a partial list of formerly published "New Age" Material arranged by collection title.
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Wind in the Grass (2003) -Sheets available here:

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Garland's Meadow
Passing Time
Oakdale Church
Secret Waterfall
Bird Song
After the Recital
Spirit Trail (see link at right)




Spirit Trail

Colored Pebbles (2002) -Sheets available here:

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Lotus in a Painting
Long Awaited Rain
Starry Grotto
Long Awaited Rain

Where You Belong (2001) -Sheets available here:

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In an April Mood
Forgotten Longings
Needing Forgiveness
November Butterfly
Forest Shadows
A Light in the Woods
Listen to the Night
It's Love After All


Intermittent Stream (2000) -Sheets available here:


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Waiting for the Unknown
Prayer for Corinna
Song Before Spring
Timely Encounter
Day at the Eno River
Gentle Rain
Passing Notion
Hymn of the Oak
Waiting for the Unknown

Mahogany Sculptures (1999) -Sheets available here:

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Return to Sarah
Lonely Sparrow
Circle of Trees
Realm of Misplaced Things
Ivory and Wood
Oceans Apart
Camellias in the Snow
Lighthouses and Windmills
Whatever May Come

Camellias in the Snow

Deep River Crossing (1998) -Sheets available here:


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Quiet Pond
Millstream Waterdance
Hamlet Chapel Road
Smithwood Church
Imaginary Tale
Sunlit Winter Day
After the Storm
Campus Owls
Evening with the Comet
Hidden Moon
Golden Clouds
Wild Geese
Last Leaves of Autumn
Imaginary Tale

Wayside Fieldnotes (1996-1997) -Sheets available here:


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Uncertain Friendship
Broken Promise
Unwelcome Conflict
Early Morning
Hopeful Change
Lingering Love
Family Album
Beyond Yesterday
August Lullaby
A Path to Take
Lost Sounds
Rekindled Melody
Heart-Shaped Box
Daydream Prelude
Keys of Pearl
Hopeful Change