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To feel the connection between nature and music is my life's pursuit. This site is intended to help that unknown person, that dreamer out be led by an inner voice, to go down a personal path.
...Matthew 13:44  ...Ephesians 4:23-24 ...Phillipians 2:13

I have a lot of lesser-known historic piano pieces to post and share with you as time goes on.

Sorry to have been inactive for awhile due to some outside challenges, causing the site to become more obscure in search engines. However, it is BACK and has new support with Pinterest. The March 2016 featured historic piece will be found as before, from the butterfly-on-pages symbol below!

A "shortcut" list of all New Age Pieces published between 1998 and 2013  is available below.  It also has a link to the "deeper meaning" pages for the seekers of additional insights about the compositions. More will be coming later this year.

Also, ALL NEW AGE work is now shown on one graphics page. If you prefer to see on Pinterest,
my recently made (Jan. 2016) access to pieces is HERE

Here is the path to all previously published Historic music:


This is how the site works. I do not try to be like sites that engage in teaching or in furnishing well-known classics or "pop" music. My focus is on lesser-known and neglected works.

Every month I feature a historic piece, which you will find out about with the butterfly on music button at the top. It goes to a page with a few words about the feature and another butterfly there leads to the sheet music. After the feature expires, the piece just moves into the list above. You don't have to worry about missing anything.

Inside these list pages of previously published music, the pieces are grouped into collections. Click on the collection buttons (blue butterflies) and you will arrive at a list of several titles. Then, click on the name of a piece and if you have Acrobat Reader, the sheet music should appear. When it does, you should be able to view and print.

  There are many titles stored on the site and the styles vary, so if you don't want to learn the current monthly feature, it's likely something else will appeal to you from the above link.

Other resources:

Non- Music Contents & Links

Images of Brevard County  There are many other good sites for Florida Space Coast photograhy and nature lore you might want to find from an internet search. (This is where I lived when in High School). A few I know about are: and

Waterfalls of the South  I have always loved the upper South where I live now, for its watercolor seasons that flow into each other and its ancient unique character. Here is a site you can go to for "escape" even if  you can't walk the trails themselves. It has great Appalachian scenery that is just a little more dramatic than the Piedmont of Alamance Creek, and it seems to emphasize my favorite season, Fall. Take your time to explore all the left sidebar lnks that he has, and you won't be disappointed. Also check out I especially enjoyed "bubble fun" under the video section. 

If you need Acrobat Reader, download from Adobe by using this button:


Once you are equipped with Reader, you can see and print all the music. 


My thanks to Miro for proofreading the medleys.

Thanks to David Nevue over the years for exposure through The Free Sheet Music Guide Here

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Thanks to everyone who developed the Internet;  to Miro for encouragement and Tom and Carmen for help; to those I'll never meet who still shared piano and music thoughts along the way; to everyone in my life for putting up with whatever I continue to neglect while I work on this; and most of all to the many and far better "unknown" composers, who have so enriched my own life of playing.