Alamance CreekMusic 2010

These pieces are offered with a bit of concern on my part because the first 3 are rather pensive, #1 even a little angry. if you need
to stay in an upbeat feeling, you may want to start with or concentrate on the last half of the group, which are more "hopeful" sounding. For interpretation of the cycle,  it moves from B flat minor to G flat major (same signature) and the MP3s again were software generated for playing guidance, not as studio productions. You may want to listen while looking at the printed sheet music. I would offer hints that #2 has a feeling like clockwork with a hint of relief, #3-#4 are transitional with more "sunlight," #5 is a dancelike one with some nostalgia or "looking back," and #6 should sound like it points to a "new horizon."

Music has the power to put us in touch with something deeper than passing feelings and I tried to express a cycle of inner experiences in these pieces.

Otherwise, the basic materials are:
pdf sheet music:

Links to the MP3 sound files:
Interval 1
Interval 2
Interval 3

Interval 4
Interval 5
Interval 6

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(Seen 6/26/2010 on a thrift shop painting): "Patience with others is LOVE.  Patience with yourself is HOPE.  Patience with God is FAITH."

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