Alamance CreekMusic 2011

Pieces of a Mind

This small group of six pieces reflects the significance of trees to me; some environments may not have as many, but they surround me on my walks and from my windows and I'm extremely aware of them. Besides having great folk symbolism in various myths and religions, they parallel human life in some ways: being more uniform when young, more scarred but also more individual when older, suffering hidden infirmities but responding to care, struggling for the elements they need but sheltering and replenishing other life around them. 

As I said last year, music has the power to put us in touch with something deeper than passing feelings. One of the pieces is named for the winged seeds that spiral down from our Japanese maples in the spring (called samaras). Many fall on the pavement or wash down into a drain or get eaten by wildlife. But some fall in good places and sleep there until the right time to germinate. This reminds me of so many historic music pieces where I see the composer gave an opus number, yet all the missing numbers are probably lost. I hope that some of what I scatter may fall into a few hands somewhere, and I'm hoping those hands will be yours.

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By the way, there are other earlier pieces in the collections of previous years at the "Leslie's Pieces" link below, that also relate to this theme, such as Forest Shadows, After the Storm, Gentle Rain, Moonlit Pines, Mimosa, Pink Magnolia, Eyes in the Trees, Camellias in the Snow, and Hymn of the Oak.

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