Welcome to the home site for my attempt to share a special delight I have in finding small gardens attached to churches in my region of the world. If you wonder about the piano keys in the banner above, it is because I have been both a landscape architect and church pianist for a long time, and love of both gardens and music, as well as just plain curiosity, has helped me find these places and photograph them while visiting. I have attempted to capture some of the details over a period of time, in order to inspire the creation of more such places, or the renovation of any that have languished. I do not give locations or addresses as my focus is to encourage others by sharing what I have stumbed across that otherwise might not reach those who could use it. I hope this site will be an inspiration and stimulus for further enhancement of new areas for peace and reflection.

Click on the red button to read more, or the yellow button for a 4-page list of the photo gallery pages showing gardens on each page (helps if you are a returning visitor in search of a specific garden and know its number). You can also advance through the pages from 1-20 without returning to the list.
I also recommend another website devoted to labyrinths, which are a specific type of feature seen in a couple of these gardens. The world list of them can be found at this link: http://labyrinthlocator.com


I would love to assist churches with conceptual plans or general design advice. More information and amples of my own work are here.