More thoughts. First, a comment on columbariums, and their  relevance in these spaces. Look closely and you will see they are often added or incorporated, but are not what defines a church garden, even if the need for walls intiated the garden planning.  I have not included any memorial walls in totally paved surfaces with no place to sit and nothing to give shade. I also have not included enclosed but relatively empty grass spaces regardless of their potential. Garden spaces tend to need accomodation for people's movement yet some place to sit, some form of enclosure, seasonal adjustment features (sun or shade), and horticultural elements. This gets tricky because shade and enclosure may come from the presence of nearby natural trees, and perennials may suffice as the horticultural elements. Notice that sculpture and/or fountains often add a final touch but are never the only furnishing. In the end, I decided what to include by asking myself "would I read a book for awhile here?" or "would this be a good place to just think or talk with a friend?" 

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