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First a little about us.

I am 29 years old, and a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology. Go Jackets!!!
I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer and Consultant for Nitorco, Inc. We produce high quality software and hardware solutions for specialized industries ranging from Health Care to Government. This includes client/server and web development.

My wife, Terry, is a graduate of Kennesaw State University. She currently works at a toxicology lab at the University of Georgia and, having helped on two wildlife projects on islands off the Georgia coast, is headed toward graduate school to earn certification as a wildlife biologist. She enjoys reading (Christian fiction and good historical novels, especially) and cooking (isn't it great), and has lately resumed her interest in aquariology.

We live in Northeastern Gwinnet County, about 30 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Hobbies and Activities


Yes that's Lego®. If you haven't looked at them lately you're missing a lot. They aren't just for kids any more. You can do some pretty amazing things with them. Take a look at my Lego® Page.

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If you are into genealogy, check out my mom's page. She has done a great job trying to trace our origins back. Unfortunately she hasn't found out what is wrong with us yet! ;-)

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