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Everything in my life is effected by my beliefs, and Lego is no different. How can one not discuss that which means the most to him. It is impossible, it naturally flows. Jesus Christ has made such a profound difference in my life I can not help talking about Him.

Please do not feel that I am trying to push my “religion” on you. (Although, I feel that True Christianity in one sense, is not a religion.) I want to do no such thing, on the other hand, I would love for you to believe in Christ, and I would love to help you do that.



  Please, Do not think that I am speaking for Lego either. These are my personal beliefs. (See my disclaimer below.) Lego has done well (commercially speaking) by not giving credence to any one faith or creed. (Although recently, I feel they have broken this rule for the worse.)

  Lastly, I want to thank God Himself for using me. God is the inspiration of these stories, both through the Bible, and by guiding my pen. I know because I certainly could not write these stories.. 

Picture   The Gospel According to Lego

The gospel of Jesus Christ as told by our Little Minifig friends.

Proudly awarded Worst of the Web, by Mirsky’s Worst of the Web. (When it was still up.) Mirsky planned it for bad, but the Lord used it good, Praise His name!

Picture   The Good Bellvillite

Knowing the dislike the ancient Israelites showed the Samaritans, and knowing many people’s dislike for the Lego Belleville line. I could not help but to draw an allegory.

Want to know my beliefs? Visit my Creed Page!


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