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Eight Legged Robot



    This robot is my second attempt at a walker. After a hard time with the gearing on the first. I decided that anything to simplify the gear would be a great benefit. This walker has eight legs move in a simple circular motion.
  In the picture to the right (3,4)-(7,8) legs are on the ground about to move up the other legs are about to be set down.

  Power is transferred from the engine to the eight legs via Lego chain links. These links in combination, with the sloppiness of Lego gears make this robot hang up sometimes. But he is much more reliable than my first robot.


  This robot could move much faster that the first robot, but the motion of the body prevents much more speed. In the midway position (when all eight legs are on the ground), the body of the robot is lower to the ground than any other position. As a result the motor has to work harder to lift the robot off the ground.

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