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  I don’t do too much spacecraft. But every once and a while I dust off the old imagination and give it a whirl. If you can’t tell by the model below, I am a trekie as it comes to space craft. (You can tell by the warp nacelles on my ships.)

Phantasm I

Phantasm - A perception of something that has no physical reality.


Craft: Phatasm I
Manufacturer: V-Aerospace, Inc.
Warp Cells: 2
Crew: One Pilot
Power Source: Matter-Antimatter reactor
Length: 16.5m
Height: 4.5m
Width (at wingtips): 30m
Fuel Capacity: 700l
Speed (no atmosphere): Warp 8.5*
Speed (1 atmosphere): Warp 0.8*
Strike Radius: 40light years*
  2 Phaser
  2 Photon Torpedoes
Defensive System:
  Auto reactionary computer

* unclassified

  The Phantasm I was designed to answer the need for a small dual atmosphere fighter for the Federation. It was produced with help from the Romulan Empire to answer the possibility of Borg entry into Federation Space.
  The Phantasm I has a unique cloaking system that not only hides the ship from others, but also can send multiple “illusions” of itself to enemy space craft. The space craft is safe then to carry out attack or defense while enemy ships attack the illusions.
  The Phantasm I is a unique combination of Romulan cloaking technology and Federation ingenuity.




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