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  If you have seen the Lego freightliner, you are probably saying. “This is just the freight liner with an additional car.”  You are almost right. I liked the old Lego freightliner. It looked like a good model of a Amtrak train. But a few things just did not add up.

For starters, it was electric. Amtrak trains are not. Secondly the passengers slept in the engine. I have never been on an Amtrak train, but I doubt they are built that way. And besides it looked to small. Something had to be done. I started by bying a second freightliner.



  The engine was redesigned first. I put a diesel electric engine in it, and removed the sleeper and the refreshment areas.

  I made the rear and front engines exactly the same. I don’t know for sure if Amtrak trains actually have two engines. But it seemed reasonable.

  In the operator cabin, I put a small control center and a small desk. For easy access two large doors open to see the engine, and the roof comes off.



  The two dinning cars I left the same as they were in the original freightliner.

  The next addition was a sleeper car. I wanted to put two rows of berths, but the minifigs just will not fit. Next, I tried one row off to the side, unfortunately the minifigs still will not fit. I had to settle for one row down the middle.

  A total of six beds are in the car, along with a row of storage compartments across the bottom. To allow easy access I made the roof come off the car, and made the top row of beds to fold up. To accomplish two levels of beds, I had to raise the roof of the car a little. The spare parts from two engines allowed it to have a consistent look with the rest of the model.

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