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Hood Diesel


  Here is my design of a Hood Diesel-Electric like used on most of America's Rails. The engine started out as the old Lego Freight train.I made it longer, and move the cab forward a bit, and raised up the "hood". With all the room left over in the inside, I decided to make two Engines. I heard from a old employer that these engines use 12 cylinder engines, with a 1 foot or more diameter piston. That is massive, no wonder they can string 100 or more cars behind these things. To look at the engines from the outside I put a few old car doors, on the side. It turned out to be a pretty good model. If you like this engine, you should also see Will Chapman's Train Page. He has also built a good looking diesel engine.


  Trying to make realistic looking cars was a challenge all by itself. I went through a lot of different designs. I tried a box car, but the sliding doors soon became a problem. Yes, the old freight train came with a box car, but it was way to small for and engine of this size. It needed to be taller and longer, and have two more sets of wheels. I also tried a multiple level car carrier. Talk about hard to make. Lego cars are just to wide and tall, to make a realistic looking car. The log cars were my third idea. They are simple, easy to make, and do not require many pieces. See about 10 of these things hooked up to a train, and it looks awesome. And as an extra bonus I was able to use another classic building system - Lincoln Logs, as the wood for the train to carry.


Additional Note:
The Lincoln Logs are not mine. They belong to my girlfriends mother. After she gave me a hard time about using Her logs, and not mentioning Her. I decided to mention her here. Thanks Robbie, for allowing me to use YOUR Lincoln Logs. ;)
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