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Cass Railroad Shay #5

Built in 1905, Cass Shay #5 is the oldest engines in continuous service on its original line, and the second oldest Shay in existence. She has survived at least one wreck and cracked cylinders. Today #5 still runs tourist at the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park in West Virginia.
Here is some technical information:
Builder No.: 1503 Bore: 13 1/2 inches
Date in Service: November 1, 1905 Stroke: 15 inches
Class: C-80 Drivers: 36 inches
Trucks: 3 Weight: 90 Tons
The train is almost entirely black. From the pictures I have seen it is pretty true to the real colors. The front and back "cow catchers" were made of wood but even those looked black or a very deep red.

The front and back are pretty normal. The boiler is mounted out of center like Shays were. On the top of the tender there is a spotlight. The tender holds water, the wood is placed in the engine. Most Shays at Cass at least started as wood fired, some wood in the wood box reflects this.
The pistons are driven by a Lego 9v motor, the power is geared down several times for more realism. It is finally connected to the cam by a rubber band. I thought about using the regular Lego pistons, but the size did not work, and I could not get the realism I wanted.
The truck design was the most complicated part of the model. Unfortunately they are still not right. The design hangs over the rails to much to allow the engine to go over switches or power couplings.


Here is a few last pictures of the inside and the back. I hope you like the model. Feel free to comment or suggest idea to improve it.


For more information visit:
  Cass Scenic Railroad


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