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     This picture of the back is a little fuzzy, but it still shows a few neat features.

    The first, an funniest I think, has got to be the mud flaps. The mud flaps are made of fake black suede that I got from some patches. They both have a picture of Yosemite Sam firing his guns into the air as he does quite often. Underneath him, are the words BACK OFF! I think this adds a little touch of humor, and is very much like real trucks. (I have seen trucks with something like this on them). Of course, I could have put a lot of other things on them, but I did not want to put anything offending on them.

   Yosemite Sam comes from a pack of Looney Toons stickers I picked up from Wal-mart. I changed what the caption below it read by printing a new caption on a label.

    This view also shows a good view of the entire rear cabin of the truck.


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