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  Just to prove the pistons are actually in there, here they are. All six of them right in a row. Talk about a tight fit! For a while I weighed my options - 4 cylinder truck with working pistons or 6 cylinder without working pistons. I didn’t like either option. So I continued to work. It did pay off, I fit all 6 in there. To do it, I left barely enough room in the front for my belts and fan, and had to cut back into the cabin a little. But the results look great.

  You can also get a good view of the steering system in this picture. The steering for this guy was a complicated matter. If you notice the wheel wells, they are the large arch pieces. They make a great wheel well for the large tires, but with the normal Lego steering systems the wheels are incorrectly positioned. Basically the hole in the beams needs to be under a bump, not between them. I had to create a system where the wheels were mounted so the middle of the tire is positioned with a bump. It turned out to be a more complex system than I first planned.




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