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Rear Door




The rear door works like many dragster trailer. The door is connected by a hinge at the bottom and a chain.

To lower the door, first the motor raises the bottom hinge, while the change is fixed to a nonmoving piece of the frame. This lowers the top of the door at the same time the bottom of the door is raised up.


When the door is horizontal the motor is turned off. The operator then moves one chain at a time from a position fixed to the trailer to a piece that moves up and down with the door. Then the motor is started again. Since the chain and the hinge now move at the same time, the door can be raised and lowered while it is parallel to the ground.



To Raise the dragster, the door is lowered until it is sitting on the ground, the dragster is pushed on it. When the dragster is on the door, it can be raised to the top level (which is where the dragster is at in this picture to the left.)

The door moves incredibly slow, but it will pick up the dragster. I used eight worm gears, eight gear boxes, and a lot of flat gears to raise the door.


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