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  Here is a picture of the bottom of the truck. After seeing the drawing in previous page, you can see a few of the essential parts. The blue plates hold the motor to the bottom of the truck, just to the right, you can see the on/off switch for the battery pack. A few of the gears that run the system are visible, but most of them are in shadow.
  The steering system is easy to see down here. Notice the traditional Lego 1x plates that go between the front tires are missing. They have been replaced by 2x’s, with the steering arm mounted between them. The large tires I used mount very far out on the axle, unlike real vehicle tires which mount so that the center turning point is in the center of the tire. The farther you move the tries out from the turning point, the more your tire moves, so the tires had to be mounted very close to the steering arms. If they were any further out, the wheel well pieces would not have fit well.
  The weight of this truck is enormous, so putting all of it on six axles concerned me. To help the axles out, I added the insides of some other tires to the frame. They take a little of the stress off of the axles. If you know what the back of a large Lego tires looks like, you may be able to discern where the other tires are in this photo. Even with this precaution though, continued stress will bend or break the axles, so I built a small platform that keeps the wheels off the ground. The truck stays on that platform unless I am showing it off.



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