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  Welcome to my dragster page. Quite a long time ago I saw a Lego set that had some pictures of Lego Dragsters in it. Unfortunately it had no instructions. But ever since that time I have wanted to build one of these awesome machines.

  You are looking at the my second dragster. The first was taken apart some time ago. I thought it would be neat to use the Technic bars to build the frame around the engine. But those things do not grip well. So that model continuously fell apart. It was much wider that this one, and used Technic beams a lot also. So it had a lot of holes in it. I just had to redesign it.

  The redesign turned into this guy. I used very little Technic parts in the front portion; I really did not have enough room to use them. The front section is only four knobs wide. That gave me just enough room to fit a steering rod through the center. The steering is rather limited though, the wheel does not turn very much. But I like that because real dragsters do not have much steering either. (Imagine going 300 mph, and jerking the steering wheel, You would be in the next state before you stopped. Well, at least into the grandstands.)

  The new tires also turned out to fit it very well. The large tires I used on my trucks, just seemed a little too skinny, but two wide of them looked too fat. The new tires are 4 knobs wide which turned out to look good.

  The engine does have 8 moving pistons, but you can not see them in this picture. I put heads over top of them. What an original idea! I have yet to see a real engine run with out them. If you have seen a real engine run with out heads please let me know. The front timing chain turns also. The fun thing with this model was that 4 knobs wide is way too small for a differential and the engine is mounted on a weird level compared to the rear axle. But with a few gears mounted in the right places it works just fine. The engine can be taken off of the body quite easily. I though this was a nice touch, since in real life engines are changed on these guys quite often.

  Oops, I almost forgot to tell you the size. His height is 5 1/4in (13cm), Width-3 3/4in (9.5cm), and Length-25in (63.5cm)

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